(Closed) What's your parent's "engagement story"?

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  • poll: My mom...
    had an engagement ring : (88 votes)
    23 %
    did not have an engagement : (50 votes)
    13 %
    was surprised by the proposal : (34 votes)
    9 %
    was not surprised : (53 votes)
    14 %
    got an "upgrade" : (23 votes)
    6 %
    Is still married to that guy : (109 votes)
    28 %
    Cant stand that guy : (26 votes)
    7 %
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    @MrsBuesleBee:  My parents grew up next door to each other and were high school sweethearts.  She had a promise ring for quite a while and then one day when they were at her house and she was playing the piano, he came up behind her and took the promise ring off and put the engagement ring on and asked her to marry him. 

    Not sure of the original ring, I think they’ve since melted it down into what she wears today.  His original ring had a stone as well and that’s one of the stones in her current set.  He now has a plain yellow gold band.  They’ve been married 39 years and still going strong.  ๐Ÿ™‚

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    My mom proposed to my dad (not on one knee or anything, just asked if he wanted to get married, and he did). They were both college students, they were engaged for about three months, she did not have an engagement ring. They both had plain gold wedding bands, which she wore for seven years until her pregnancy with me made her fingers swell, and she never got back in the habit of wearing it. He wore his until they got home from the wedding reception, and I’m not entirely sure they still know where it is.


    I asked her once as a kid (when I found out about what engagement rings are) why she didn’t have an engagement ring and she said “Well, I was only engaged for about three months, and I managed to just remember the whole time.” She did say during the period where I was shopping for rings that had they had the variety of styles and prevalent white gold when she was younger, she might have been more interested in an engagement ring. But my dad has since bought her lots of fine jewelry, including diamonds, and she almost never wears any of it.


    They’ve been married for 38 years and are one of the best-suited and happiest couples I’ve ever known. And I definitely inherited my dearth of romanticism from both of them.


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    After 4 years of dating, my mother was getting tired of waiting around.  She gave my father an ultimatum- marry her or she was moving on.  They will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in June.  They have been very happy.

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    My dad had the ring and was waiting for the right time, I guess. They were driving at night somewhere and they got lost. They ended up getting into a fight, because my dad continued to think he could figure out where they were going. Finally, they pulled over (still screaming at each other) and when my mom whipped out the map to figure things out, my dad asked her to marry him. They’re still married almost 33 years later!

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    My parents met at a wedding- my mom was the maid of honor and my dad was the best man. They started dating long-distance, and 6 months after they started dating, my dad proposed.

    She had been visiting for the weekend and was driving home (a ~5 hour drive) and he planned to fly and beat her there. However, because of weather his flight was canceled, so he had to wait until the next time they saw each other. He proposed with a .3-.4ct yellow gold solitaire with twisty prongs (kind of like if you grasped the head on a regular solitaire and twisted it 90 degrees). 

    They got married 6 months later and are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year! She still wears her original set, but my dad gave her a diamond anniversary band to add to it for Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Ooo I have a funny one!

    My parents got engaged when they were in college. (she was a Junior, he was a Senior. it was the 70s). I always imagine them to be like that couple in “Animal House”. She was the president of her sorority, he was the president of the “party” frat on campus. They got engaged and they, and all of their friends, went out to a bar and got pretty drunk. The girls went back to the sorority house to pass out, and the boys stayed out longer. My dad ended the night passed out OUTSIDE of the bar, in a snow bank! he got picked up by the cops and thrown into the drunk tank. One of the other boys called the sorority house and told whoever ended up answering to let my mom know that her brand new fiance was in jail, but not to wake her up, just wait until she woke up on her own, because they weren’t going to let him out until the morning anyway.  

    So my mom wakes up, hungover, and there is a nervous girl waiting right next to her bed to tell her. so the first thing she hears after waking up is: “J—‘s in Jail!”. so she had to go pick him up from jail the morning after they got engaged. 

    I don’t know if this is a “needless to say” or not, but they were married for about 12 years, divorced, they both re-married and my dad is now twice divorced. (although he did NOT get arrested the night he proposed to my step-mom. so he has grown up… a little)

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    No engagement ring. Planned the wedding in two weeks. Mom wore a lime green cocktail dress. They were married 7 years until she realized he really was a stubborn douchebag who wasn’t going to change and she left him ๐Ÿ™‚ We were MUCH better off just the two of us ๐Ÿ™‚

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    My parents met in veterinary school.  They started off as friends and then my dad finally got the nerve to ask my mom out.  They dated for several years, like 5 or 6, and even lived together (which was really out of the ordinary 30 years ago).  The story goes that my dad asked my mom several times to marry him (I don’t think he ever said “will you marry me?”, it was more “hey we should get married”), and she kept saying no, that she was happy with their relationship the way it was and didn’t “need” to be married (knowing my mom, I can totally imagine her saying that!)

    Then I’m not sure exactly what made my mom change her mind, but my dad asked her yet again, and that time she said yes!

    They had a backyard wedding at my grandparents’ farm house (where they also lived) and my mom wore a short lace dress with a hat.  Her hair was cut in the same exact feathered style that Princess Diana had (this was 1983 and my mom was obsessed with the royal family).  I think they only had simple gold bands.  When my grandmother passed a few years later my mom wore her ring for many years.

    For their 25th anniversary my dad bought her a beautiful diamond ring.  They are celebrating their 32nd anniversary this year and are still each other’s best friends and enjoy each day together.  I hope to have a marriage as happy as theirs. Smile

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    @MrsBuesleBee:  My dad told my mom from the beginning: if you make it 6 months, I’ll marry you.

    She made it 6 months. At some point after that he came over and they were talking and he said, “I suppose we should go look at rings.” Mom asked him if he was proposing, and he said yes. That was it, lol. She got a ring and they set a date soon after, and had a very small wedding with dance. Just a very small reception with  cake and some homemade dinner. They have been happily married for 31 years this May.

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    @MrsBuesleBee: I love that story!  My mom was kinda bitter when Fiance proposed to me, because she never got a “real” proposal (her words, not mine lol).  She married my bio-dad when she was 20 (she had a super tiny ring that I got when I turned 16 and wore everyday…now I wear is as a RHR with another gold ring she gave me) and when she married my dad she already had me and had just had my brother 8 months before so it was more of a I guess we should get married now type of thing. FI called both my dads and my brother to ask for their blessings before proposing… now my mom tells my dad he better plan on proposing to her the right way bc she wants to renew their vows lol (they just celebrated their 23rd anniversary last month)

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    My Dad took my mom for a ride in his truck, asked her to open the glovebox and there was the ring lol I love this story cause my Dad is a huge vehicle guy so it is very him to do something like this lol

    She was surprised and they are still married (they did seperate though for a little bit when we were kids but it was never legal).

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    @MrsBuesleBee:  I have no idea what the story is behind my mom and my real dad.  I don’t care, lol.

    But my mom and my stepdad had been interested in each other for about 8 years before they started dating.  They dated for about 3 months, then they just decided to go for it and get married!  To my knowledge, it was a mutual decision.  Mom didn’t have an engagement ring.  They just had wedding bands.  They are still happily married 19 years later.

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    @MrsBuesleBee:  Well, my parents were eating t-bones at their dinner table and my dad said “what do ya think about getting married?” so my mom said “sure”. After dinner they had to go pick nightcrawlers for my dads upcoming fishing trip. They later went to get her her ring. My dads pretty romantic.

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