(Closed) What's your pet hate?

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Bumble Beekeeper
  • Wedding: September 2011

– people who think leggings and dress shirts = business appropriate attire. We have clients on the floor daily and it looks really unprofessional, plus I don’t want to see it. High net worth clients and fund managers should not be forced to see that.

– people who won’t budge when you are trying to get off a packed train or those who barge on while people are still trying to get off!

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Buzzing bee
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when people say Pacific instead of Specific 

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Sugar bee
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My pet hate is people with entitlement issues.

The world owes you nothing! There is no luck, only hard work, dedication and drive. 


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Blushing bee
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@KatNYC2011:  OMG, ditto on the train bit. Just move out of the way! The conductor will not leave you stranded, I promise. >:(

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Busy bee
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I am really not trying to be snarky…but is pet hate the same as pet peeve?  When I saw the title, I thought people were going to be bashing on poodles or something 🙂  I have honestly never heard of this phrase. 

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Bumble bee

@ImagineDragon24:  OK I thought the exact same thing from the title.. I was thinking.. uh pet snakes? haha

Mine would be cars that accelerate as slow as humanly possible once a light turns green. Put your foot down!!!

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Bee Keeper
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@mrs.stormylove:  I agree about the acceleration thing too…it’s pretty bad when the four year old in the back seat starts saying “Green means GO people” 

That and people on the ramp to merge on the Highway going 40mph … I KNOW they are trying to kill themselves and everyone behind them if they think we can merge going that slow.

annnnd .. How noone in the Baltimore/Washington metro area can drive in RAIN nevermind the snow. 

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Bumble bee
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People referring to their pets as their babies.. Sorry, I have both and a pet is nothing like a baby. I know I’ll get some hate for saying it, but it really bugs me.

I know there are more, but I can’t think of them right now…


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Helper bee

  • When drivers park on the pavement/sidewalk it bugs the hell out of me I just think of those people in wheelchairs or push chairs and the elderly, makes me wanna key their cars lol! ( i wouldn’t do that tho i am far to much of a goody goody)
  • People who are late!
  • People that drive too close behind me
  • Cycleists taking up all the road space
  • When you order an Orange juice and it comes with bits in ergh!
  • Sales calls!
  • PPI calls!

I have loads haha!




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Bumble Beekeeper
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@ImagineDragon24:  LOL I thought it was “things your pet hates”

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Bumble Beekeeper
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@ImagineDragon24:  I assume she’s English. Just like a “pram” is a stroller if anyone was wondering 🙂

I always get ticked at bad grammar. Typos don’t bug me so much, but it’s not rocket science to use the right their/there, your, you’re, etc. I feel RAGE when people write “should of” intead of “should have”. I get mad when women refer to their MALE fiance as “fiancee”.


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Helper bee
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Misplaced apostrophes bug the hell out of me!

“We have Christmas tree’s”

“Merry Christmas from the Smith’s”

(Really, any spelling/punctuation mistakes get me going.)

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Honey bee
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– People who are late

– People who chew loudly with their mouths open

– Bad drivers, in general

– People who hold conversations in the middle of doorways or hallways

– People who cut in line!!

…I have so many more.  I should become a recluse.

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Sugar bee
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@MissLittleChicken:  Speaking of people who park on sidewalks. I was walking to work and instead of pulling up the the 4 way stop and doing the stopping thing this car just pulled onto the sidewalk and started driving on the grass. I was about 4 feet away on the sidewalk they never looked and they almost ran me over. I was wearing fluorescent orange too, I was very visible. It really freaked me out because you just don’t expect a car to do that. uggh people are just idiots during the state fair here.

I’m going to go with the state fair here. I hate it because I live and work at opposite corners of the fairgrounds and the traffic and sidewalks are ridiculous for 3 weeks and all I’m trying to do it get to work. They also do fireworks every night for two weeks and it’s ALWAYS the moment Fiance and I get into bed.

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