(Closed) What's your preferred form of BC and why? (POLL)

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  • poll: What's your preferred form of BC?
    The pill : (24 votes)
    32 %
    The patch : (0 votes)
    An IUD : (18 votes)
    24 %
    Condom : (15 votes)
    20 %
    Other (explain!) : (18 votes)
    24 %
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    I’ve heard really great things about the IUD, but everyone’s experience is different.  It is definitely the most effective form of birth control and most cost efficient.

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    I like Seasonique.  It’s a pill though.  I also liked Depo provera but I did gain weight.

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    BurlapnLace:  I am on the Pill right now and have been for quite awhile. I would love to go off it too but we aren’t ready to TTC yet so we need something. I was considering the copper IUD but my doctor suggested I wait on that until we are done having kids because our health care provider will only cover the cost once. No sense in having that done now if I’ll have to get it removed next year when we want a baby. I am still iffy on the IUD anyway for the same reasons as you…don’t like the idea of a foreign object inside me and I’ve also heard that the process of having it inserted can be very painful, especially for women who have never given birth.

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    I prefer condoms because I don’t really like the idea of hormones or foreign objects in my body for extended periods of time.  

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    I’ve been on the pill for many, many years. I finally decided that I didn’t want to be on so many hormones anymore so I’m getting a Mirena on Wednesday. It’s still hormonal but the level of hormones is so much lower and it’s only progestogen unlike most pills that contain progestogen and estrogen (which is typically what causes so many problems). I can update afterwards and let you know how it goes if you’d like.

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    BurlapnLace:  I had a very similar experience. Like, almost identical. I switched to the Mirena and haven’t looked back. Once you get over the ick factor of having something foreign inside you, it’s been great for me. The insertion kind of sucks, but it takes all of 45 seconds. I had what felt like bad menstrual cramps for about 24 hours after, then nothing. It’s very small so you don’t feel it or anything like that. There are strings that hang out your cervix and into your vagina–the doctor would use them to remove it and you are supposed to check monthly to make sure they’re still in the right place. My husband said he can’t feel them at all, and I’m not aware of them unless I’m feeling for them. (which, honestly, I don’t do anywhere near as often as I should) And a bonus–I have had no periods since the month after it was put it. Every 6-8 weeks I’ll have some breast tenderness and food cravings, I might see a bit of light blood on toilet paper once when I pee, that’s it. More sex, no periods. I love it. Just my perspective.

    My understanding is that the copper IUD can make your period heavier, which I didn’t want. Mine was always very heavy even on the pill so I wanted to avoid it, plus I wanted the libido boost from the hormones. I have friends who have the copper one, though, and love it. I also have a friend who has the implant, which she likes. That might freak you out more though as you can actually feel the implant under the skin if you push and on some people you can see it.

    sillysillybee:  That makes no sense. Even the copper one only lasts 10 years–would your insurance cover replacement? What a dumb rule. That sucks, I’m sorry.

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    I like the pill because it cleared up my skin. I hate the pill because it occasionally makes me nauseous, darkened my upper lip skin, lowers my libido, and may be giving me eczema.

    I don’t mind condoms but obviously Fiance prefers not to use them. We always ended up in a pull out situation too, which is why I finally went on the pill.

    tried a diaphragm, was messy and hard to get out.

    tried a sponge, was messy and HUGE.

    considered a IUD, but I read and heard too many horror stories about punctured uteruses, bleeding in active people, and very painful insertions.

    BC is a huge pain in the ass and I can’t wait for a male pill to come out so I can have a breat for once!

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    Read Taking Charge of Your Fertility. We use the Fertility Awareness Method in tandem with condoms, and if you do the method properly, then you only need to use condoms ~1 week per month. It’s a lovely compromise, and it’s great to know exactly what your body is doing!

    I was on the pill for many years before TTC and having Dirty Delete. Then I had an IUD for a while, but I hated it and it didn’t agree with my body at all, so I had it removed and we’re back to condoms. FAM is much smarter than just using pull-and-pray, and you don’t need to do condoms every time. Works great for us!

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    BurlapnLace:  We use the FAM too, works great for us! I love knowing what is going on with my body and by charting I am able to tell if my hormones are getting out of whack.

    I was on BCP for about 7 months a couple years ago and it severely screwed up my hormones. It has been almost 2 years since I stopped taking it and my libido is just now coming back. It took 13 months with an endocrinologist to finally get my hormones straightened out.

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    BurlapnLace:  the book guides you through all of it, from figuring out your cycles to figuring out what your fertile window is (which is when you need to be using condoms). Plus, when you do decide to TTC, you may find it a lot easier as you know exactly when to get it on to maximize baby potential 🙂

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    Before TTC we just used condoms.  Like others said, I just didn’t like having all the extra hormones in my body.  Also your body may need some adjustment time when taking hormonal BC before TTC to get back on track.  I liked that I was just able to start TTC and not have to worry about that.  My cycles were already pretty stable.  

    Now that I understand the ins and outs of trying to get pregnant, when we aren’t TTC, I’ll probably just use FAM with condoms during my FW.  I feel like it’s hard enough to get pregnant when you are trying, it should be fairly easy to not get pregnant when we aren’t.  

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