(Closed) What's your reason for not smoking?

posted 7 years ago in Wellness
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    I don't smoke because of all the health risks associated with smoking : (176 votes)
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    I don't smoke because of the premature aging/loss of skin elasticity/etc. : (89 votes)
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    I currently smoke, but I'm actively trying to quit. : (1 votes)
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    I currently smoke, would like to quit, but haven't started actively trying to stop. : (8 votes)
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    I currently smoke and have no plans to quit. : (3 votes)
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    Sugar bee
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    I’ve got an undiagnosed breathing disorder (believe me the doctors have tried) and severe allergies. A few minutes of a smoker standing near me at a bus stop can have me on my knees gasping for air. It drives me nuts that the smokers near me are completely oblivious to my very loud attacks. I make this wheezing whistling sound that reminds me of a tea kettle; it’s not a sound you can fake like some people do to shame smokers. (btw I usually can’t speak when having an attack so it’s not easy to ask them to move away). The last time I managed to ask a smoker to move away (he was a college student) he gave me this horrified look, I guess he had no idea he could trigger other’s medical conditions by smoking at a bus stop.

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    Bumble bee
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    My reason for not smoking? My stroke. 🙁 Yes, I was a bad girl, smoked and took birth control pills. Who really reads those inserts in the bc packs? Happened 10 years ago, and though I mostly recovered (sometimes when I get nervous, my speech goes all whack-a- doodle) Ive been tobacco free ever since.

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    Many reasons- my grandmother died from smoking related lung cancer, I have mild athsma that would make it very difficult to breathe and smoke at the same time, it’s gross/smells bad, and it’s a lot of money for something I don’t need or want.

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    @MrsEdamame:  Many reasons. I’m in my 20s so basically my whole life I’ve been bombarded with anti-smoking propaganda. My dad used to smoke but I was never tempted, and I was told how bad it was and I guess the scare tactics worked for me. I’ve never smoked a cigarette before… so I can’t even inhale lol. I have a puff of the occasional cigar but that’s about it.

    The aging thing really does does it for me. And the smell. And it’s expensive. And from the health point of view I know some people can smoke a pack a day and live to 100, but I wouldn’t chance it.

    I suppose the fact I never started makes it easy for me to say all these things. I can’t understand why people my age or younger smoke… like aren’t there enough reasons not to? It isn’t cool. And it’s harder and harder to smoke… it’s not like anywhere indoors lets you smoke anymore, or even 15 feet from buildings when you’re outside.

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    I usually only smoke when I drink, because I like to. =D Also sometimes when I’m stressed out and need to relax.

    I look younger than all of my friends who are younger than I am and I drink and smoke so I wonder why that is. Not everyone that smokes smells like it either, I worked with a lady that had no idea I smoked and said I always smelled like laundry and lotion hahahah.

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    I don’t smoke because its just plain GROSS! Everything about it is gross, and cost a ton of money!

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    This one’s easy – my mom is a heavy smoker and I grew up listening to her hacking smoker’s cough. After you visited her house you’d have to wash everything in your suitcase whether or not you wore it because it all smelled so bad.  She’s had both breast cancer and colon cancer; now to top it off she has Alzheimer’s – she asks for her cigarettes and lighter constantly (at $80+ a carton)  and has managed to set her house on fire twice. Any teenager seeing her 108-lb skeletal self take a drag would never take that first puff!

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    I don’t smoke because I have asthma, but the health risks would be huge for me even if I didn’t. 

    I think the reason the visuals on early aging are a lot more effective because it’s change that people can actually see, instead of a vague threat of emphysema (and a lot of kids probably don’t know anyone who has it). I think it’s just that you can see how terrible cigarettes are for you.

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    Honey bee
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    I don’t smoke for all of the reasons associated with it being unhealthy, from cancers that can develop, to yellowing teeth, to aging, to everything else.

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    I think it’s gross.  Smells gross, tastes gross, and people look gross doing it.

    Also, my Dad got lung cancer from second hand smoke (never smoke a cigarette a day in his life) from his parents.  He had a laryngectomy and has spoken through a hole in his throat for the past 15 years. 

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    I only smoked for about five years and mostly just at work (the only way to get a break), but I quit because of money.

    I decided it wasn’t worth spending $5 a week for something I didn’t really enjoy all that much.

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    Blushing bee
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    Gosh, this post really hit home! Darling Husband and I quite smoking 2 weeks ago and although every day is a struggle, I know that we have made the right choice for our future family and for ourselves! I never thought I would be a smoker, ever! But, stress got the best of me and although I knew the risks, I gave in. Anyway, everything seems so much better when you are a non-smoker. We are newlyweds and want to start off on the right foot, so that is exactly what we are doing! So far, so good. It’s not an easy choice to follow through on, but it is incredibly rewarding. Things are much harder for Darling Husband, but he is holding strong and I am so proud of him.

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    I don’t smoke because it’s stupid and pointless and there are no benefits. there are no good reasons FOR smoking, but a billion for not. I wonder why people smoke other than peer pressure!!

    unfortunately I recently started working in a smoking environment and I just want to punch all the smokers in their face for spewing their toxic breath indoors. it’s just not fair.

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    Bumble bee
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    Growing up witnessing my mothers cigarette habit left such a permanent disgust of smoking that I’ve never had the desire to even put one to my lips. I didn’t want the constant smokers hack, yellow fingers and teeth, premature aging, loss of smell and taste and all the health risks.

    Smoking is expensive too. If I smoked 1 pack a day @ $5 a pack for 50 years, Do you know how much that comes to? It’s $84,000…YES I said $84,000. I’d rather buy a few cars with that!! It’s also time consuming. If it takes 15 minutes to smoke each of those 20 cigs a day that equals to 5 hours each and everyday I’m wasting by stopping what I’m doing to puff my life away.

    I know cigarettes are highly addictive and quiting is very hard. The longer you smoke the harder it is but just like anything if you want it bad enough it’s possible.

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    Sugar bee
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    I’ve never been interested in it.  My parents did a good job of convincing me as a small child that it’s a stupid thing to do.

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