(Closed) What's your (ridiculous) phobia?

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Helper bee

There are certain fabrics that if I touch them, I feel extremely uncomfortable….weird I know lmao

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Honey bee
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Thunderstorms. When I was younger it was a full fledged phobia where I lost sleep and got really anxious. Now I still get a tiny bit anxious, but it’s getting better every time. I had to work on it a lot.

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Sugar bee
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@Arshim:  That when I go in a stall in public bathrooms, a zombie will reach out from underneath the door and grab my legs/bite me. 

Beyond strange, I know. 

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Sugar bee
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i refuse to shower with the door locked or when nobody else is home. i’m deathly afraid these two things- 1) that the floor is going to give out underneath the tub, and i’m going to crash into the basement and 2) that i’ll slip in the shower and hit my head and nobody will be able to get in to save me.

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Bumble bee
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I don’t think it is a phobia….maybe it is, but I ALWAYS have to check behind the shower curtain when I use the toilet….because….maybe a murder will attack me while I am taking a piss??? Weirdo. 

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Busy bee
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@Arshim:  Grass…. I cant put my feet in the grass. I can climb trees, walk in fields of tall grass i even clean the grass off my lawnmower…thats fine but my feet in grass HELL NO…my friend found this out in highschool, he ran up to me picked me up threw me over his sholder as he ran he took my shoes and socks of and sat me in the middle of the football feild…i sat on my ass with my feet in the air… i can occasionaly put my hands it in but it kinda freaks me out. not as much as my feet but i cried in the middeld of the football feild…yeah they left me there got lunch came back and i  was still there 🙁  been this way sence i was a child, my dad told me dont sit in the grass or the ants will craw up your paints…i was sitting next to an ant hill…freaked me out… im not scared of ants tho… ???


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Sugar bee
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@Arshim:  Being chased.  I can’t even hear people walking on the sidewalk behind me without freaking out.  I could never live in an urban area!

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Bumble bee
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Exoskeletons.  Not just bugs, anything with an exoskeleton.  Ladybugs and fireflies get a pass, but that’s it.  The absolute worst for me are scorpions.  There’s a fake plastic one in the hallway at work and I get chills every time I look at it.

Not so irrational: being pushed onto the subway tracks, drive-by shootings (even though I live in a safe neighborhood), that if the packaging on food I bought is at all damaged someone randomly poisoned it at the store.

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Helper bee
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spiders… esp encountering one while driving.   It’s still dark outside when I leave for work in the morning. I use the flashlight on my phone to check my car for spiders/webs before getting in.  



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Busy Beekeeper
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Sharks in pools


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Busy bee
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I’m trypophobic and I have an irrational fear of frogs. 

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Bumble bee
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Knees. Having my knees touched, watching someone touch their own knees, talking about knees, thinking about knees… Even typing this out is giving me chills. 


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Worker bee
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@Arshim:  I watched that one as a kid and was terrified too! It’s just so creepy and those kids thought they were going in there for chocolate and candy wonderland and then they DIED.  That one and the new one both kind of give me the willies still. 

But my actual irrational fear is of outer space.  I just don’t like thinking of it – it’s so expansive and where does it end and blackholes and the end of the universe. It just freaks me out.  Sphinx loves all of it – Science channel shows about space and black holes and Morgan Freeman’s “Through the Wormhole”. I do not join in.  Someone suggested going to see Gravity in 3D Imax and I looked at them like they were crazy. 

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Busy bee
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Needles are my most bothersome phobia.. I am absolutely petrified of getting them. I have to have a topical anesthetic before anyone can come near me with one.


Funny enough Im in my clerkship years at medical school and alot of my patients tell me im the best blood taker/ injection giver theyve ever had… Go figure lol

I have sooo many others though. I went to some amusement park in florida and there was a “ride” about some hitchcock movie where the girl was stabbed in the shower… I cant close my eyes while in the shower anymore… Even if theyre burning with shampoo!

i was also scared to use the toilet for a while after watching harry potter where the snake thing would come out of the toilet… Yup.

when i was a teenager and was left home alone i would have to have a pool cue or butchers knife with me at all times, all doors would be locked and often i would put furniture in front of the doors…

Im also afraid of sliding glass doors when its dark out… I heard a ghost sotry as a kid where some girl saw a guy outside the glass door and she called 911 and when the police came there was no footprints outside, and they were actually inside and she was looking at the guys reflection and he was actually behind her. Yup.

when i used to open the office at 6am and it was still dark out, i would keep my motorcycle helmet on until i got into the office and had all the lights on lol


ya.. Im one of THOSE people…

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