(Closed) What’s your weird pet peeve? (Kind of long)

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I have one… and it’s people eating loudly. It bothers me SO MUCH, and I really wish it wouldn’t. It can ruin a meal time for me when people eat loudly, or with their mouths open.

I suffered a lot when I spent a couple of months in China (I don’t want to offend anyone, I know it’s a cultural thing and in most asian countries the norm is for people to eat loudly, and not the other way around). I had to take an mp3 player with me down to the hotel restaurant, just to get through breakfast time!!!!


(I know what you mean about people saying random, silly comments and then chuckling as if it’s really something!!!)

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I totally understand the repetitive comments pet peeve. I feel the same way… sometimes I just want to grab people by the shoulders, shake them, and say “why aren’t you understanding that you’re annoying?!” Haha

My biggest pet peeve is people who walk slowly and have no perception of people around them. I live and work in Chicago, where millions of people are going millions of places and everyone is in a hurry. When I am going somewhere, I walk fast (always have) and just want to get there. Every day, I’m stuck on a sidewalk walking behind some group of people walking slowly taking up the whole width of concrete not even bothering to see if they are blocking the flow of other people trying to walk around them. If you are walking in a group of 2, 3, or 4 people, you should be aware that you’re not the only ones on the sidewalk and the world won’t follow your slow pace.

Rant over 🙂

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My weird pet peeve is when I comment on someone’s Facebook status or send them a message and they totally ignore me yet they make a point to answer everyone else.

Double points if they say about 5 days later “Oh, I’m so sorry I didn’t message you back. I have been sooooooo busy” yet they had the time to post a new status update about every 5 minutes.

Random and petty I know, but still a pet peeve.

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chewing loudly. being too close to me (hello personal space) i mean come on  you know if you are too damn close to someone, people that insist on trying to talk with you even though you clearly dont want to talk (hello cleaning dude that insists on trying to make convo with me daily, just change the trash in my office and leave, we are not nor will we ever be friends, you actually sort of creep me out, sorry) people who say the same things everyday like the guy who sees me at the same time everyday and says “nice day eh?” every. single. day. it could be raining, snowing, freezing, windy, whatever and he will still say it. wtf. people who dont take the hint in the car when i turn the music up that i effin like this song and dont want you to just talk louder than the radio so i can hear your useless small talk, and really what is wrong with silence for once?! the person in line in front of you at the gas station that has been in line for 10 minutes just like you adn then gets to the counter and is like “ummmmm hmmmmm ok gimme……3 packs…no two packs of marlboro reds….2…no 3 packs of newports…..2 lighters……no make it 3….ok no forget the newports…..i also need 10 on pump 4….or…wait lemme check real quick *runs to the door to look*  ok no its pump 6! my bad!!  ok and lastly i need some lottery tickets too”   really?!  wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!! first of all you had 10 min to decide on your cigarette purchase, you should have had that order in your head by the time you got to the window, and know your damn pump number its not that hard, and just as a sidenote i hope you dont win the lottery simply because you are annoying. this last one (gas station guy) just happened this morning ……ok i think im done….for now 🙂

i should probably mention that I am crabby today lol so these all easily came to mind.

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Loud chewing, slow walkers, rude people, people who dont walk on the right side of the sidewalk/escalator

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@Legallyblondiebride: Me too!  Like, what makes it ok to be rude just because it’s online and not in person?

This is going to make me sound like a pernickety grammar nazi, but I’m really not.  However, I CANNOT STAND when people say (or write) “would of” instead of “would have”.  The reason it’s “WOULD’VE” is because of the word HAVE.  It’s not now, and never has been “would OF”.

Honestly, there are a lot of other grammar offences that I can easily let slide.  I understand that (for whatever reason) many of my friends never learned the ever-complicated differences between your and you’re and to, too, and two.  Commas and apostrophes apparently cause greater confusion than 4-way stops and I get that – ok I don’t really get that – but I’ve come to terms with it.  For some reason, I just can’t seem to get over the “would of” thing.  I would feel like a condescending jerk if I ever corrected anyone, though, so I usually just take a second to grumble about it in my head and move on.

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I am totally with you on people repeating themselves, it drives me nuts! I’m not as polite as you though, I’ll say something – well, not if it’s like a coworker or IL, but DH or my family will be told that they’ve already told me that a million times. It’s become a bit of a point of contention between DH and I because he hates it when I tell him he is repeating himself and tells me it’s polite to let him finish anyways and that he doesn’t tell me when I’m repeating myself and that I’d get mad if he did. My response was to be like, “Well start telling me, because I hate that!” So he has started telling me, and I never get mad, I just apologize for repeating and change the subject, so that one kind of backfired on him.

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@Juliepants: I’ll admit that one’s a bit odd to me. I’m also fairly picky about grammar, but even I tend to slip and say would of instead of would have. I really never thought about how we say would’ve because, well, I don’t think I really ever hear anyone around here use that term.

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I grew up in the city, so slow people annoy me. Not so much old people (though I avoid some old people drivers like the plague), but people who just meander all over the sidewalk. Maybe you’re not in a hurry, but could you please move to the side if you’re going to take a leisurely stroll down a busy crowded sidewalk, or through the mall? And it’s like they have freakin radar, these people, because as soon as you try to dart past them they move in front of you. Argh!!

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@KatyElle:  lol yup! My mom and I were at the mall 2 nights ago and this was exactly our situation. I dont get it!!!

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VIN number, ATM machine, HIV virus, etc.   Hate that!

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when people miss giant hairs from shaving (I know this is totally strange and I’m totally guilty of it, but I just want to go over and pull them out!)

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I hate it when women reach over and pick stray hairs off my jacket. Men never do it. it’s always women and it drives me nuts. Leave me alone.

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