What's your weird pet peeve?

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Worker bee

When two seconds are left on the microwave and someone just opened the door and took whatever out without clearing the timer. 😋

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Helper bee

The feeling of certain types of ceramics/crockery – it depends on the glaze, but similar to when pottery hasn’t been glazed and fired yet. Just very dry and scratchy, and it reminds of a chalk on a blackboard. Really can’t touch it, it’s horrible!

It sounds super specific but i’ve somehow encountered it quite a lot.

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Bee Keeper

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sstella :  Omg I hate hearing eating sounds on the phone. Call me after!!!!!   Arghhhhh

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Sugar bee
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In movies, when they want to incapacitate someone by injecting them with something and they just jam the needle willy-nilly into the person’s neck or even the arm… and the person immediately goes unconscious. That’s not how that whole thing works. Dumbasses.

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Blushing bee

Selfies on Facebook! I can’t stand on those! 

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Blushing bee

The phrases: “bear with me”

“ATM machine”

“PIN number”

“Could care less”


When coworkers throw a ball at a wall or the floor over and over and over again.


Shitty drivers

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Worker bee

When people order lattes or cappuccino on a TV show or movie, which is ready and served within a few seconds. As in, before the character has finished saying their next line quick. That does not happen in real life. I’ve noticed it the most in Gilmore Girls and Fraiser and I point it out every time. 


Drivers slowly cruising in the left lane. The left lane is for passing. If you’re not passing a car/truck, get out of the lane. 


Drivers going too slow in the left lane. Instead of flashing them or tailgating them, you try to pass so they can continue their leisurely stroll in the wrong lane. As soon as you try to pass, they become armature race car drivers. Example – I tried to pass someone who was doing about 50mph in the left lane (when the speed limit was 65mph ). I moved to the middle and sped up to go around instead. This dude went from 50 mph to over 85mph just so I would not pass him. If you don’t want people passing you, either speed the hell up or get the hell out of the left lane!!!!!


When people don’t listen. If I have to repeat the same thing over and over, then expect me to become meaner/nastier every time I say it. Don’t like my tone? Maybe you should have listened the first 8567451761585 times I said it. 


I can’t tell if any of this makes me “mean” or whether it’s just the New Yorker in me smile

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Busy bee
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I hate seeing a woman driving with a guy in the passenger seat. It’s sexist I know, but it bugs me. I think it’s because my SIL always had to drive on trips so that her ex-husband could get drunk. Because he was just that entitled.

I hate those stupid things you have to clamp down on when you are getting your teeth x-rayed.

I hate how my co-worker in the next office chomps ice all day long. 

 Edited because this just happened…when my boss emails me something and then either immediately calls me about it or comes to my office to say basically the same thing. I haven’t even had time to open yet!

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Helper bee

Bad medicine on TV shows/movies. 

No, you don’t shock asystole (flat line). No, people don’t magically wake up from CPR totally fine and bounce off the floor ready to go. No, you cant just stab that needle wherever you want and expect it to go into a vein. No, you dont intubate people with a foley catheter/NG tube/suction tube(I’m looking at you GREY’S!). No, a mental hospital in a show set in the present does not have 5 point leather restraints they put on willy-nilly and then just leave the hero to bust out of them dramtically. Restraints require constant supervision! No, the rich hot doctor doesn’t magically get a transplanted organ in 2 days. No, your doctor is NOT the one who will walk you around or help you to the bathroom or give you medicine. No, we don’t magically get results on super obscure labs back in an hour. 

It really kills me because people get these super unrealistic expectations of what medical care/hospitalizations look like and are all pissed off when it doesn’t work how it did on House, Grey’s or ER. 

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Bumble bee

In movies:

When someone gets a karate chop on the side of the neck and they fall unconscious. 

Any movie where the hero fails or crashes from a height or gets severely beaten up eg. James Bond and never seems to have a broken ankle or sprained wrist or anything else that would hinder him for the rest of the movie.

Women in movies that stand and gasp while their husband/ boyfriend/ friend is getting pulverised by the villan and do nothing to help.


People that think “a lot” is one word. I see this everywhere and don’t know why it is so common.

Drivers that think cyclists don’t count as people on the road that deserve respect and have just as much right to be there as they do.

People that litter or throw their cigarette butts or spit out gum on the sidewalk.

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i really hate it when someone clears the phelgm on their throat then spits it out in public. yuck! @[email protected]

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