(Closed) What’s your weirdest quirk?

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Fun Post:

1. I am loud – I don’t have volume control

2. I am an open book – literally, if you know me you know everything about me

3. I am brutally honest (sometimes it’s bad :-()

4. I hate eyeballs and I am an anatomist that deals with cadavers

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I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  Everything has to be in it’s proper place.  Even if it’s proper place is on the floor.  When I was a kid, my parents could hardly walk into my room it was so “messy,” but I had it organized so I knew where everything was, it just happened to be organized on my floor.  They still don’t get it.  My Fiance has no organization.  He’ll learn soon enough.

And ILikePink, I also have to have my clothes color coordinated, it’s easier to what I want when I want a certain color.

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I am sooo impatient, like I would rather do things myself because I would do it quicker!

I am so honest it can be a little mean sometimes, but I always apologize!

I swear I have Add, I cannot focus for longer than 5 minuts…oh and I Can’t follow conversations lol keep it 3 sentences or less!

I am so messy and unorganized

He eats his fries before his burger, like ALL his fries first then the burger…

He moves and thinks a little slower than I would like lmao but that could just be my impatience kicking in

He is so clean and organized haha

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I can’t fall asleep to silence either. I think it started when I lived on Addison, a super-busy street with lots of bars, etc on it. Moving out of the city will make that awfully difficult! 

If R and I are somewhere apart for the night for whatever reason, I have to talk to him or text him to make sure he’s safe. My family has had really bad luck with car accidents (including a death) so I get really paranoid about those things. 

I won’t bake from mixes. Seriously CANNOT do it. To the point where Future Sister-In-Law asked me to make something for a bake sale for her rescue and mentioned she had a bunch of mixes. I just kept saying, “oh, no, I have all the ingredients right here. I swear!” even though I didn’t, and had to run to the store. 

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1. Must have coffee every morning

2. I brush my teeth all the time!

3. When I’m nervous or antsy I pick at the skin by my fingernails

4. I am not efficient at most things I do: getting ready in the morning, driving somewhere, eating, etc haha

5. I set about 5 alarms in the morning because that’s how much I don’t like waking up



1. He doesn’t like chocolate!!! At ALL! Ahh!

2. He loves fruit as much as most people love sweets. I guess that’s a good thing haha, so I’m happy for this!

3. He is a management major, and therefore is definitely a pro at being efficient no matter what!

4. He does his laundry more than me haha

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I cannot go to sleep if I feel the slightest urge to pee.  So if I go to bed before I’m completely exhausted it ends up taking forever to sleep because I get up to go to the bathroom constantly!

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Here’s mine:  I am obsessed with keeping my floors clean.  Nothing grosses me out more than dirty carpet.  It’s strange to me that many people wear shoes in their home.  I mean, think of all the dirty/nastiness that is on the bottom of the shoe that gets grinded into the carpet of where you live!  Used a public restroom that day?  You probably have other people’s urine on your shoe that is being put into your carpet.  Ewww.  Sorry to be gross, but these are literally the thoughts that go through my mind 🙂

We take our shoes off in the foyer and never wear them in the house.  I make some people that come into our home remove their shoes, but if it’s someone I’m not super close with, I don’t say anything, and then I just *cringe* when they are in my house with their shoes on.  It totally skeeves me out.

I don’t get as grossed out if the shoes are on wood flooring.  There are areas of our house that have wood flooring, but the stairs, hallways and many rooms have carpeting.  I told my Fiance that in our next house, I have to have all wood floors if he wants me to be less psychotic about shoes in the house!


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I live for my cats, and everyone thinks i’m crazy because i love them so much.

but i’ve got FH loving them too!

To be fair, they are OUR cats. We got them together. But they do the sweetest little things, and it makes me so happy (even if that sweet thing just ruined the sofa!)


But seriously…I can’t drink milk if it’s been open more than 2 days.

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This is gross, but I can’t stand black heads. I will lean over my sink and get really close to my mirror and go to town until I am satisfied… lol Yuck I know…

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Wait, needing coffee in the morning is a quirk? Because I’m evil without coffee, hahaha. 

@ILikePink – right?! I totally agree, but I couldn’t tell you why. I’m also a crazy perfectionist with my cooking. It drives R crazy because he’s okay with just tastes good. 

I think over half of the things said apply to me… I live for my animals too! We get their food from Whole Foods even when we can’t afford to shop there. (We do anyway, most of the time. But hey, we don’t eat out!)

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