(Closed) What’s your weirdest quirk?

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  1. I won’t even touch beets. When I was little I thought a can of pickled ones was olives and freaked out when my hand turned purple from the juice.
  2. Fiance can’t sleep if there is anything on (ie: lights flashing on computer, stereo shows on, etc).

I can’t think of anything else at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll think of more things later on. Haha!

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@Melissabegins: actually, I usually just get up an hour before I have to leave (if it’s something low-pressure like going to class or doing errands etc)!  45 mins in the shower with brushing included, then I just comb out my hair, get dressed, put on some light makeup and I’m out the door.  You would think spending that long in the shower/brushing would indicate a general trend of a high maintenance regimen, but no.  I need next to no time once I’m done in the shower.  

@LittleAudrey: yeah, commercial mixes are creepy! I only eat preservative/creepy chemical ingredient free foods anyway, so telling me to be lazy and make a sub-par flavored pancake or cookie with those ickiness-filled box mixes is just going too far haha.

@rachaelrobin: I kind of understand your fear about Home Depot.  It reminds me of my fear of being in those theaters where your seat is reclined and the picture goes all the way up onto the ceiling!  I remember when I went to one in DC or something and they put backlights on at the beginning to display all the equipment behind the picture we were seeing.  Imagining tons and tons of equipment suspended above me was enough to convince me to run out of that theater in horror.  You couldn’t drag me back into one.

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@vegan – impressive then, my friend!! Watch out in winter – when i lived in PA my hair always froze ๐Ÿ™‚

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Busy Beekeeper
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I am slightly OCD, and its so hard to explain. I have to mentally organize and order words and word/letter sequences (like license plates). I hope that makes sense, its the best way i can explain it. No one knows that i do it, and as hard as I try not to I can’t help it.  So, for example suggested, I mentally change it to deeggsstu. And sometimes I will move my finger in the air as if the word was hanging there. Wow, I have never told anyone that, and hear I am putting it on the bee…


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I like when evrything is clean

I hate cooking big meals.. in fact I hate cooking

I love coffee

Everything has to be the way I left it.. in its own place


Is a tornado.. every where he goes there is a mess

Loves looking… but makes a HUGE mess that i wish he would pass on cooking and maybe we will just do take-out

Always rushes me when i’m getting dressed telling me “we are late” even if we dont even have plans yet

Hates coffee


Yet we love each other sooo much ๐Ÿ™‚

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Busy bee
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Toffee-  I remember my babysitter’s boyfriend, when I was 3, giving me a raw beet and telling me it was a cherry. I bit into it eagerly and then just bawled. It tasted awful. So yes, I will join you in your hatred of beets.

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I have ridiculously intense and crazy dreams. If I get woken up in the middle of one it can take a good 30 minutes or so to adjust to real life. I kind of stay in this haze where my head is confused, my heart is racing and I can’t seem to fixate on what is actually real. Sometimes my crazy dreams just lead to crazy behavior. Like a few nights ago I launched onto my Fiance in the middle of the night because a camel with blades on its hoofs was trying to smash/cut up his legs and I needed to protect him. Luckily the really crazy stuff is rare, and mostly I just have very funny stories to tell in the morning. I love the look my Fiance gets when I say “Hey…so I had this dream last night…”

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Hmm, quirks. I have a few.

If I laugh too long and hard at something, I will eventually start crying. Not just ‘crying with laughter’ but full blown sobbing, shaking, tears, and the ugly cry face. Then I get really sleepy and need to go have a nap.

I hate being woken up in the morning, but I can’t stand Mr. Roux sleeping more than 1/2 an hour longer than me. Even if he got home late the night before, once I’ve been up for half an hour I need to go wake him up or have a cuddle in bed.

I cannot cook meals in quantities for 2 people, even though there is only 2 of us to cook for. I always cook for 4-6 people, and have a freezer full of frozen home cooked meals.

If I get stressed out, I go grocery shopping and buy pasta. We have a ‘pasta cupboard’ and probably about 10kg (20lbs) of dried pasta in different varieties.

Mr Roux’s quirks

He must sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door.

…I think thats it for him, lol I’m the weird one.

Although our ‘couple quirk’ Is probably our negotiation skills. We use far distant future things and random things to negotiate. eg.

Me- ‘Honey can we get chickens for the back yard?’

Mr. Roux- ‘only if when we buy a house we can get a dog and call it Ewok’

Me- ‘can I give Ewok a nickname like ‘precious puppyface?’

Mr. Roux- ‘As long as I can name one of the chickens Lunch.’

Me- ‘ok, deal’.

This conversation actually took place last week.

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Busy bee
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i have hound dog hearing and smell.  i can hear wispers in another room and smell things that other people dont smell for another 10 minutes or so (like a skunk) i can smell a meal and tell you what spices were used, wine vs sherry, etc.  my brother showed up at my hosue to surprise me last weekend and came in while i was in the shower.  i didnt even open the bathroom door and knew he was in the house becuase i could smell him.  and he wasnt wearing calogne. its kinda annoying sometimes.

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thought of more quirkes

i cant open those pillsbury rolls that are in those pop cans.- they scare the crap out of me when they pop. lol

i am a clean freak when it comes to personal grooming- i shave everyday-(i havent missed a day in YEARS)  if i dont,  i feel gross, like i havent showered.

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Sugar bee
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my number one quirky thing is that i am most comfortable in the fetal position… and/or “monkey position”

i sit on top of our bathroom counters when i put on makeup or do my hair. i sit like a monkey on the floor if im cutting my toenails or pretty much doing anything sitting on the ground.

Fiance thinks its weird, but weirdly loveable at the same time ๐Ÿ˜‰

FI’s quirk is that he is the ultimate catepillar with his clothes.

any room he changes in… the clothes he had on are exactly how they would be if someone had some POOF disappeared from that spot and left their clothes.


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I break wine glasses like it’s my job.  We just got a new set from C&B last week because I broke all our other ones…and I knocked one over last night!               

I’ll put my high heels on before blowdrying my hair or doing my make up, I can’t stand feeling short…

I hate laundry so much that I’ll literally wait until I have no clothes left to wear beforeI do it.

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I cannot concentrate if my kitchen isn’t clean. Like, if I’m about to cook and the kitchen hasn’t been cleaned yet, I have to clean, then cook, then clean again. It’s pathetic – sometimes I clean the kitchen 3 times a day! 

I, also, refuse to use cake mixes. I make almost EVERYTHING from scratch. In fact, the other day my friend and I were making homemade cupcakes and used canned icing and I felt sooooo guilty. I really wanted to whip up some homemade icing! 

I’m really weird about the placement of cds and dvds in their cases – my Fiance laughs at me because if we get a new dvd, I immediately open it and make sure the dvd is facing the right way – like, the picture on the dvd needs to be right side up. Even if it’s just a little turned to the side I have to fix it.

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