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Sugar Beekeeper
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I’m friends with a lot of my coworkers – as in, we actually do things on weekends. I think it makes work more enjoyable! 

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Helper bee

It takes time to get to know your co-workers and I try hard not to tell them too much. I always end of telling them too much but I know I shouldn’t. I try to practice being friendly without telling them anything that really matters.

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Buzzing bee
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Very quiet and professional and very positive. I work with geologists who r very intelligent so I try not to be myself bec I am not anywhere near their level.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I tend to stay out of the cliques. I eat lunch in my classroom and talk to my grade partners. Everyone else it’s just a hi how are you kinda thing. 

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Bumble bee
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@missjewels:  I have a couple of friends at work, but I don’t socialize with anyone from work, outside of workl  I have a strict rule work is work, home is home.  I don’t blur that line hardly ever.  I seem to have less problems if I stay to myself.  I don’t have to listen to all the gossip, and that helps me to work with everyone if the need arises.   But I am very professional, and don’t stray too far from following the rules.  I try to be nice to everyone.

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Sugar bee
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@missjewels:  Honestly? I am very anti-social at work and prefer it that way. As long as my work gets done and I’m on my boss’ good side, it’s all good. I am polite, but HATE small talk hence you will get that awkward silence out of me. I also don’t trust co-workers b/c at the end of the day, everyone is out for themselves hence I limit what I tell them. 

I work in academia where it’s predominantly female. However, in my division, there are a lot more males. It is the norm for me to be not only the youngest but the only female at my meetings. I definitely hold my (metaphorically speaking, lol) own though. I never cry or show that I am upset. I’ve been working in professional office settings since I was 18 so that’s 12 years of experience under my belt. 

Weirdly enough I have found that I became good friends with coworkers AFTER I quit the companies where I had those coworkers. It’s easier for me to befriend someone and talk to someone when I don’t have to keep my guard up.

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Sugar bee

@missjewels:  I am a busy bee, but I still do work. I’m bubbly, happy, friendly and talkative for the most part. When I started working there several people said it was awesome and they needed someone like me around. I do not discriminate and I will treat everyone as “friend-worthy” from management to the stock room. I do not discuss too much about my personal life though because I had learned that lesson long, long ago. My boss (who’s desk is directly across from mine) just figured out I’m engaged (got engaged June 24th). I didn’t tell her because I know how badly she wants to be engaged and her bf is a…mess. Yes, mess is the word for it. I have to be friendly to customers, of course, but I really just like relating to people. I am not really friends with people at work though and I never talk to them outside of work. I work in a business office in a furniture store.

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Blushing bee
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I’ve made the mistake of opening up and thinking I could lean on co-workers, and let them know things about my personal life (nothing SERIOUS but still personal!!) and I learned the hard way that people are nosy and they don’t usually ask you things to get to know you or because they care-but because they want something to gossip about. I think if you want to be “friends” with your co-workers, and go out for happy hour, maybe get together for wine and cheese at their place on the weekend, go to a movie or a festival….whatever, then fine but don’t expect REAL CLOSE, sisterly, we share everything, I’ll tell you about the problems my husband and I are having, oh my goodness I bought some new lingerie….type of friendship. It’s work, and even though you may spend 70% of your time there you need to be careful who you let your gaurd down to.

Be friendly and pleasant, agree to go out to lunch, but don’t forget, these people are not your family, they don’t love you, they are random strangers and when the shit hits the fan 99% of them will NOT back you up.

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Honey bee
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I can go an entire 8-10 hour work day without speaking to a single person; and if I do, it’s over our companys messaging system to ask a question.

I see a lot of lollygagging around and gossiping amongst the other women. I choose to stay out of it entirely.

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Busy bee
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I hang out with people from work outside of work.  They’re fun people.  A few even came to my bachelorette party–but we all interned together and we’re around the same age, so we all felt the same pain (going to college for engineering + working at the same time).  Plus I see them really often and we work at a really big company so it’s not like any of us are competing for the same job or work for the same boss, etc.

I also married one of my coworkers.  That worked out pretty nicely 🙂

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Busy bee
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My job is different, because I work shift work, and there are only two other guys on my shift. One is my boss, and one has the same job title as me, although we are responsible for different things. They’re both old guys, my boss is 49, and the other guy is 64. We get along surprisingly well. My boss is like a second Dad to me. I guess that before I started working there he was very quiet and didn’t really talk a lot to anyone. We talk pretty much constantly though. Our manager says it’s hilarious because he can’t hear the words we’re saying from the office, but he can hear our constant chatter. He didn’t know that my boss was even capable of talking so much, lol. We don’t see each other outside of work though, that would be really weird.

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Helper bee

I’m pretty social at work. I love talking about my work and hearing about other people’s work – it makes me better at what I do. I don’t understand how people can not talk about their work.

Although I don’t enjoy it as much, I also try to keep abreast of office politics and present myself as a trustworthy person to whom people can tell their concerns about the company’s personal dynamics.

I don’t look to my coworkers for any kind of support or insight that isn’t directly related to work tasks. I don’t bring up personal stuff, although it doesn’t bother me if someone asks me, because I only tell them what I’m OK with the whole office knowing.

But it makes my day a heck of a lot more pleasant to know my coworkers somewhat, and be able to talk to them about general topics like books, music, TV shows, cars, dwellings, animals, food, etc.

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Honey bee
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People at my work gossip like crazy. I try to stay out of that. There are a lot of people that haven’t been promoted, even though based solely on their resumes they would have gotten them the job. There are no secrets in my office and it becomes a big problem for a lot of people. I have a few coworkers that I’m social with, but most people would probably consider me a quiet employee that goes to the office, gets my work done, and goes home.

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