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@hogoboom2012:  i love free weights! I hate using machines! I feel liike it works my muscles out a lot more. I just downloaded the nike fitness app. I havent used it yet because ive been doong bootcamp for the past 6 weeks 3x a week. But the app looks really cool gives you routines and lets you choose of you are beginner or advanced. It also lets you pick target areas and has videos as well! I cant wait for bootcamp to finish to use this app! go check it out

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most gyms will give you a free intro to weights.  at least the last 3 gyms i belonged to did.

the gym i belong to currently is the YMCA.  they set me up with a weight routine.  i can ask for it to be adjusted anytime. 

do you belong to a local gym or a chain gym?

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@hogoboom2012:  I second the nike app! It’s a huge app and requires a lot of memory, but its excellent!

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I do free weights and cardio in the form of krav maga and HIIT.

Monday: Squats and OHP, abs, HIIT. 

Tuesday: Krav maga

Wednesday: Barbell rows and accessory lifts (dumbbell bench, curls (bicep and tricep), etc), abs, HIIT

Thursday: Rest day (maybe a bit of cardio if I am up for it)

Friday (my favourite day!!): Deadlifts (love these SO much) and bench press! Abs, and HIIT.

Weekend I might go for a walk with the SO.

It also helps that I walk a LOT in London, to get to uni etc. So it all adds up 🙂 

Free weights are amazing. But if you want to do them, LEARN GOOD FORM. I cannot emphasise this enough. Because otherwise you risk serious injury. And these can be horrible. My Fiance taught me (he was a world champion powerlifter in his age category who held a world record). I’ve been doing it on and off for a year but past 3 months I’ve really knuckled down and am getting it done. Made some awesome friends in the gym too, hardly see any women though. 

Also do NOT use the smith machine for squats. The form and technique is completely different. No fitness model/bodybuilder/powerlifter/anyone who knows what they’re doing uses that. Machines are for the most part a no-no, unless they are of the Hammer Strength brand (a proper bodybuilding brand). Compound exercises are your friend, once you have those hammered down then it would be good to think about accessory stuff (like dumbbell things etc). Also forget all those ‘light reps/low volume’ rubbish, you want to aim for heavy weights and keep progressing each session. That’s the best method for hypertrophy.

Good regimes to start off with = Starting strength, or Stronglifts 5×5. 

Get that protein in, I aim to get about 100g-120g a day. Don’t be scared of food, you won’t build muscle if you don’t eat, it’s as simple as that. Eat big, lift big or go home is my motto! 


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When I’m really into working out (which isn’t right now since my life is consumed with the wedding! Eek!) I usually make sure my outwork varies.


First, I always begin with streching. I have awful joints and stay pretty tight all the time.


Then, I try to always start the actual workout with weight training. I’m not 100% sure, but I had a personal trainer for awhile and they told me that it prepares your muscle to burn fat. So I’ll work a different part of my body on different days with different weight machines. I really love the ones that you put a code into and show you your range of motion and count down your reps for you!


Then I go into cardio… the ellipitical is my favorite since I have a bad knee (I’m waiting for time off so I can have surgery). But I’ll use the stair climber for a little bit, the bike, treadmill… it just depends on my mood and what’s available. I really like to swim too (except I always feel like I’m starving after!)


Some mornings or nights I’ll just strech and do a workout class like Zumba or Spin. I tried belly dancing and I just felt silly… lol


For food I usually try to eat over 1200 but less than 1500. I’m 4’10 ish” so that’s usually pretty good for me. I also eat a lot of protein versus fat. And I try to eat good fats like nuts. 🙂


 ETA: I also love going into the sauna after… I’m not sure if you have one. But holy goodness it feels SO good! Just make sure you stay hydrated! I love it because as I said, my muscles/tendons are really tight so it helps loosen me up!




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Get an app to tell you weights exercises you can do for each muscle! My routine this month is:

monday – chest and biceps

Tuesday – RPM

Wednesday – back and triceps

thursday – legs

friday – shoulders and calves

saturday – big cardio session of treadmill intervals, inclines etc, stuff like burpees etc. 

most days I will finish off with abs too. I used to do machine weights but have moved onto free one and it’s great!

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