(Closed) Whats your worst restaurant experience?

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Blushing bee
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I personally haven’t had experiences like yours, but we’ve had a waitress that just was suddenly disappearing, we had to ask another waiter for more drinks, silverware, parts of our food. -_-‘ Fiance only tipped the waitress 2 cents so our bill would be an even 40$.<br /><br />Another time a friend took me out to Red Lobster, and we apparently weren’t as hungry as we thought. The waitress made a comment how we barely touched our pasta (which we took home), but were able to eat our dessert with no problem!

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Sugar bee
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allyfally:  yikes! I can’t believe you didnt complain to a manager about the pop incident. I would absolutely not have paid for my meal if the waiter spilled pop all over me and didnt replace my meal. Even then they should have replaced it and not charged you

I don’t have anything that bad, but at my older brothers rehearsal dinner one of the waiters dropped a tray of champagne glasses on my little brother haha. Most of it missed him but he did get a little wet. Wasn’t a huge deal, he just wiped it up with a napkin and was fine ( hes 23).  I did feel bad for the waiter I think he was super embarrassed lol, and couldnt have been older than my brother. 

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allyfally:  Omg this reminds me. One time I tripped and spilled a pitched of ice tea all over a 5 year old birthday girl. I think I cried more than she did. Her parents were so nice, but I felt HORRIBLE. I’m sure that they would include that as their worst experience. 

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I’ve had bad restaurant experiences (due to service and being served undercooked foods) but the one that is sticking out in my head happened many years ago. My sister and I were out eating when we started to smell something horrible, I mean the worst smell you could think of. Then my sister’s face turned into disgust and she dropped her fork so I immediately looked  behind me. Somehow, this elderly gentleman’s colostomy bag fell (I assume it fell–not sure how) burst, and was splattered on the ground. Obviously it wasn’t his fault, but the smell of feces while eating and then seeing it splattered on the ground…yup appetites were gone. I felt horribly for him because it quickly turn into a ruckus as janitors tried to clean it. 

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Oh yay, I love these kinds of threads! 

My worst restaurant experience was kind of also my best because it could have been worse, but it wasn’t. To explain, everyone knows after a night of clubbin’, the 20 somethings go to the pancake house! That’s where my friends and I were, and it was in the wee hours of the morning. We were watching a table of drunks loudly talking about how hungry they were, until one of them decided social justice needed to end his hunger immediately. 

He stood up, proclaimed he was absolutely starving, and staggered over to the table behind him. He started pleading with the table to let him have a piece of toast, or a bite of eggs — *anything* to shut his rumbling stomach up. Unfortunately for him, the table he was pestering did not speak English, and were confused more than anything. When he got louder and more insistant, the woman he was bothering picked up her butter knife, and weilded it in the drunk’s general direction. Everyone thought she was literally going to stab him with  a dull knife, but luckily it didn’t exactly come to that. The drunk got upset, snatched some toast, but receded back to his table, calling the table a bunch of racial slurs, and giving them the stink eye. 

Surprisingly, no one did anything about it. Good thing no one was stabbed, and he didn’t resort to violence to snatch the toast. 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I can honestly say that i’ve never had a bad experiance! Maybe I’ve just been really lucky, but we don’t eat out a whole lot. I tend to have worse luck at fast food joints than I do at restaurants.

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Honey bee
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I can’t recall having an atrocious experience at a sit down restaurant. Lackluster? Sure. But nothing super memorable.

I did have a horrible Jack-in-the-Box experience though. It was actually on our honeymoon. We got into a small California town late, and only fast food was open. We went inside this Jack-in-the-Box and the shift manager was the only one taking orders. She seemed so sour to begin with. Absolutely no greeting, no smile, nothing. She just stood there and stared at us. It was a bit off putting how cold she was acting, but I figure everyone has a bad day, so I shrugged it off.

We begin ordering and then one of us changed our minds, so I had to slightly amend the order to getting just a burger+fries to a meal. The manager asked if I still wanted to keep those seasoned fries – apparently she meant did I want to keep the extra fries, but I thought she meant did I want the fries with my meal to be the seasoned kind still. So I said yes.

After she rung it up and I looked at the receipt, I realized there was an extra fry. I stood at the register while the order was being done, and while she did look over and see me, she never came to the counter. She stayed in the back, doing little.

When the order was done and my extra fry was sitting there on the tray I finally was able to tell her I didn’t want it. I was friendly and said it was just some miscommunication and I was sorry I wasn’t more clear. She just huffed at me and sighed, and gave me the nastiest look. She took the fries away began refunding the charge, still not saying a word. Finally she put down a receipt I needed to sign – AND THEN SHE THREW THE PEN AT ME. Like, it didn’t hit me. But she threw it across the counter at me. I was stunned. I signed the thing and left.

Then I promptly called the Jack-in-the-Box customer service and gave them all the information, which was hopefully reported to her higher ups.

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allyfally:  We only go out to an actual restaurant maybe once every 5 months, and that’s really pushing it! We only do fast food maybe once every two.. we both prefer home cooked meals.

We never really go to super fancy places.. normally just denny’s, oilve garden, dave & busters, ect. We like more “fun” type places than serious business type places [if that makes sense?].

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We’ve only had one really bad restaurant experience and it was our first Valentine’s Day (my 18th birthday). We went to an Italian Chain Restaurant in our town and we were one of two couples there. We got there first and about 15 minutes later the other couple showed up. We waited about 20 minutes for water and then another 20 for our side salads. We were pretty annoyed, because we were missing our movie, but didn’t think our food would take that much longer. There were literally four people (including us) in the restaurant. About an hour after we arrived the waiter put our pasta in front of us and we were about to start eating when he came back, took them away from in front of us, went over to the other couple and put them in front of them!!! I couldn’t even believe it and we asked them when our food was coming since we came before the other couple.. and he said ‘sorry it’s not first come first serve, your food should be out in about 15 minutes’. We were so frustrated that we missed the movie and wasted so much time just sitting there that we left without paying for the salad. We actually tried to pay for the salad at first, but we couldn’t get the attention of our waiter aha. We went to McDonald’s for our first Valentine’s Day since we weren’t going to try another restaurant that night 😉 My Fiance did give me a promise ring from Tiffany’s that night though, so it was still a nice Valentine’s Day/Birthday and it was still fun spending having that annoying experience with him (:

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Went to a restaurant with friends. Ordered and 45 minutes passed and we didn’t get any food.  We told our server we were leaving so to cancel our order.  She said ‘oh…you ordered somthing?”.  She was high as a kite. 

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