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allyfally:  I went out for Mexican. Got shredded beef enchiladas. Tasted awesome until I got to something I couldn’t eat and tasted like dishwater. It was a ton of cooking twine they used to truss the meat. It tasted AWFUL and I declined compensation (I hate being put on the spot) but EW.

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Some experiences whilst I was a waitress were my worst…

That being said, I’ve had some doozies as a patron as well.

DH and I went to eat one evening and recieved raw chicken wings. When notified, the waitress replied, “Well, they can’t be raw, they come pre-cooked!” They were visably bleeding and raw. Eventually she said, “well, I can see if we can get them removed from the bill”


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allyfally:  OMG, my last birthday.  

All I wanted was fried chicken from Cracker Barrel, some dumplin’s, maaaaybe cobbler.  I’m super health conscious so I spent a week modifying my diet so I could enjoy myself without doing too much damage.  To make a long story short, my chicken was raw.  I took a bite and immediately made a face of disgust b/c the consistency was really weird.  I looked at what I had cut and it was completely raw.  Without saying anything I ran to the bathroom, spit up and rinsed my mouth out.  Totally skeeved, the poor waiter did everything he could to make it right.  Spoke to a manager, the whole nine.  I did reorder something but now, everyone else’s meal had come and to add insult to injury, everyone’s sides were cold!  Mine, FI’s, my mom’s, his mom’s, it was AWFUL!!  

At least my mom had picked up from my absolute favorite cupcake place and we were going back to her house for cupcakes and coffee.  Don’t ask my why, but she put the cupcakes in the refridgerator?????  These once airy, light, delectable cakes were now cold and stale tasting.  The frosting was hard.  They sucked.  Ugh!  God that whole night was awful…!!   

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I remember one time the absolute worst dining experience of my life.

It was wing Wednesday on Whyte ave in Edmonton. It’s a busy street near the university. Restaurants should expect to be packed on Wednesdays full of students wanting beer and wings. Simple really.

Apparently, not so.

There were 8 or so of us. We ordered a few jugs of beer, and basically 8 baskets of wings. The waitress could not get it through her head that we wanted half salt and pepper wings and half hot. She brought us the wings with BOTH toppings on them. On top of that we waited about 25 min after she brought the jugs of beer for some mugs. We asked her multiple times to bring us the mugs, but it wasn’t happening. Finally I decided to approach the bar and ask to speak to the manager. The bar tender looked at me real intimidating like and said “I AM the manager”.

I told him our predicament and all he did equated to him rolling his eyes and brushing us off. 

It was ridiculous. All we wanted was beer and wings for crying out loud!  

I don’t think we tipped a single penny that night. 

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No raw chicken here (eww), but a raw salmon incident! So I was out for lunch with a friend that was pregnant at the time and we went to a sushi place and she ordered a dish with cooked shrimp on it. She made it clear to the waitress that she was pregnant, just in case there would be any raw fish added (the menu was rather bare bones). The waitress told us she was in control, just shrimp, and no raw fish. Well, of course my friends’ sushi was stuffed with raw salmon. She’s not a confrontational person, so I flagged down the waitress and explained that there had been a mistake. At first she plain out refused to do anything about it. I then told her that we were both going to take our business elsewhere if it wasn’t corrected and she took out the plate with a huff. When she came back with the new plate she slammed it in front of my friend. Came time to pay, she actually tossed the plastic tray on our table. It was very uncomfortable and I know that my friend never went back to that place.

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One :

There is a Mexican restaurant in my city that was featured on a popular Food Network show in Canada. We decided to try it a while after it aired. I didn’t think the food was that great, so I didn’t really want to go back.My fiance liked it though, so when he found a groupon deal for them he bought two coupons….the first one we used we had to wait over 30 minutes for drinks and almost 2 hours for food (with very few drink refills). The food was still only ok, not worth waiting that long for.

The last coupon we used (I begged him to not take me) we took his sister with us, who is a vegitarian. Again, we waited a long time for our one drink, over 2 hours for our food (timed it this time) and it tasted even worse AND his sisters food had meat in it, even though it was a vegitarian dish! I am never going there again. 


A korean restuarant opened, we wanted to try it, 30 minutes after being seated we were given a menu, 20 minutes after that we got water, we ordered our food, 30 minutes later got mine, fiance’s food didn’t come for another 20 minutes after I got mine! I now refuse to go there for dinner, but they have a pretty good lunch, and thats only because its a buffet!


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Oh, I have one.

It was on our honeymoon in New York. I have been a Bobby Flay fan since the 90s when he had a cooking show on Lifetime. Loved him. I mean, hard core. I had always wanted to eat at one of his restaurants. I was so excited to finally have the chance to. I made the reservations the moment it was possible to do so (two-months out, I think). Stalked the on-line menu a bunch of times really excited for the experience. It was going to be one of the highlights of our trip. I was really pumped. That dining experience was hands-down the worst I have ever experienced in my life.

From the moment we walked in, we were treated like lowly tourists and thus very unimportant. Hostess was rude. Waiter was rude ten-fold beyond that. I have a tomato allergy and politely asked if the dish I was interested in had tomatoes in it. I have to ask since there have been a couple of times even when the ingredients were listed on the menu, the dish was garnished with tomatoes. He scoffed, rolled his eyes and said very condescendingly, “What does it say on the menu? Does it say tomatoes? No, it doesn’t. So there aren’t any.” Our food took forever. It was cold. The serving sizes were laughable. It was mediocre flavor wise. No one checked on us after the entree came until they plunked the check on the table. Never asked about dessert or checked to see if we needed another drink (I had finished mine during the appetizer). But, the kicker came after we left. We discovered that they had charged us for our lunch and for the table of six next to us! We discovered it right after we left and we went to an ATM to get some more cash. When we called, the managers refused to talk to us. It took several phone calls with two major asshole managers to even get them to admit they made a mistake. They told us to take care of it with our bank when our bank was saying they needed to hear from the restaurant. I am normally never aggressive, but I flipped. They finally said they’d get to it dealing with it in a few days and hung up on me. I really flipped then. After several phone calls, they finally got the charge reversed but it took a few hundred dollars off of our card for two days. Thank God we didn’t need it. We were almost snowed in and wouldnt have been able to buy different plane tickets with that money blocked off. Come to find out from people I talked to afterwards who had been there, that they had very similar experiences. 

The good news is, a year later we went to TruLuck’s here in Austin for our first anniversary. It was the best experience I have ever had. It was phenomenal. Wonderful customer service. Amazing staff and attentiveness. A gorgeous dessert to celebrate our first anniversary plus a card signed by all of the staff. Made up for that clusterf*ck in NYC. 

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I will never forget this one:  We went to an incredibly expensive restraunt on our vacation for my birthday.  We were in our mid twenties and it was the first and only time we’ve been to a restraunt like that and we were looking forward to it so much.  When we first got there the hostess asked if I wanted a wrap because it was cold.  I tell her no thank you.  She asked again “are you sure it’s REALLY cold in there?”  No thanks.  We sit down and she gives me a LOOK and says “I really think you might want a shaw in here.”  She’s staring down at my boobs (I’m in a strapless cocktail dress that went below my knees and showed almost no cleavage, hardly what I’d call revealing).  I’m incredibly embarassed now and finally say sure just to get her to go away.  

 The menus were personalized with our names…except they weren’t our names.  The waiter brought us the wrong menus and congratulated us on our 25th anniversary…not sure how they could’ve made that mistake given our age, but whatever.  They eventually brought the right menus.

We ordered the tasting menu and wine pairings.  When we ordered wine we got carded.  Okay, little weird to be carded when you’re paying that much for the food and wine but we both look young so I get it.  Waiter holds our IDs up to the light and says he “needs to see these in a better light” and disappears to the back. My SO used to be a bartender and knew exactly what he was doing, holding them up to a blacklight.  REALLY???  At a 200/a plate when you add in the wine pairings restraunt you think we’re coming here with fake IDs???

By this time we were extremely pissed off.  The meal was fabulous but it got off to a terrible start and we felt like we were talked down to the entire night by our waiter due to our age (we were easily the youngest diners there).  SO still left a generous tip but if it were up to me they would have gotten nothing.   If you treat us like teenagers, you’re going to be tipped like a teenager would tip you!  

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