When a jeweler ruins your rings, and everything else that can possibly go wrong!

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Busy bee

I’m sorry you’ve had such terrible luck. It’s the worst when we work so hard on things and then they still go wrong. It’s not whiny to be upset the most important moments and things in your life have gone awrie.

As far as the rings, you have a few options- call the BBB, report it to your insurance, file a credit card dispute, go to the newspaper, heck go to the police. Just make a scene. You don’t have to accept it- this woman is so intent on bullying you because it’s cheaper for her if you leave it be. It sucks to have to place your trust in someone else for such a valuable and sentimental object but sadly it’s a risk we all have to take and things do go wrong

For now, I recommend buying some very affordable jewelry on Etsy because you deserve to show the world you’re married and to have the joy of seeing a ring on your finger, even if it’s not THE ring right now. You could also have David Klass or another custom designer replicate your rings and use the stone out of your current ring. You may be surprised how affordable it is. 

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Buzzing bee

You don’t need a lawyer to take her to small claims court in your city. You need to also get your deposit back from the caterer and b&b

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Helper bee

Wow. I am stunned. Good on you for not having a total meltdown throughout this entire ordeal. I don’t know if I have any good advice about the jewlery other than that if theu can’t fix it to how it was they should offer to make you new rings. It is bullshit that they ruined them. It sucks because it sounds like a one store business so there isn’t really upper management to go to. Start posting very accurrate reviews all over every review site possible? Tell this story, maybe they wil be swayed? I don’t know that could make her more angry….have you tried going back with your husband and demanding money or new rings? I would be livid and devastated. I’d probabaly camp outside the store and tell every person walking in my story and show them the rings. If not, I really hope you get a ring of some kind that you like even if you don’t love so your fingers don’t feel naked and you can focus on the fact that you married yoyr lovely husband and survived this epic wedding fiasco! I know it seems awful now hopefully in 20 years you can look back and laugh ….also maybe you could have your dream cake made for your one year anniversary and the both of you get back in your wedding day attire and cut the cake and make beautiful photo memories….I’m so sorry this happened. I am angry and sad for you. 

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Busy bee

Don’t ever put yourself down for your profession. Our professions do not define who we are. 

If you can save up $600 I’ll cover the rest.  PM me

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Blushing bee

Most of the time, if you can just get a legal notice of intent to take them to court they will do what they were supposed to do in the first place without actually going to court. And don’t just report them to the BBB, go there and tell them because they refused to fix your rings you’re going to report them to the BBB if they can’t right their mistake. You have to be a little bit agressive to get people to do the right thing sometimes, but she’s banking on you not standing up for yourself. If you tell her you’re gonna fight then she’ll probably back down rather than face greater consequences.

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Helper bee
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Sweetie… you don’t sound ungrateful at all. I am so sorry for everything you went through during what was supposed to be a very special time. Be sure to get those deposits back and report that jeweler to the BBB. I think a notice of intent to sue might be a good idea too. I know you are devastated and I am so angry for you. You survived! 

Also… you should never feel shame for working hard in your profession- whatever that may be.

Take care kiss

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Worker bee

Where do you live? The rules for small claims differ regionally. For example, in NYC it’s $10-20 to file and you’re not even allowed to bring a lawyer. The proceedings are also public, I believe, so you can just go and watch a few cases to see what they’re like.

I know court seems really intimidating, but I would encourage you to consider it. It’s not going to be court like one would typically picture a big trial. Small claims is super laid back.

$1200 is a lot of money to anyone. In NYC small claims, it is in the highest bracket ($1000 is the cutoff). I have considered suing for $300 (a mover caused damage that I would owe to the apartment building, but he eventually paid).

Yes, she can technically countersue, but it sounds like she has zero grounds for a countersuit.

One thing to note— the concept of “good faith” vs “bad faith” is really important in court. If you plan on pursuing this legally (and you definitely should!), you should avoid doing anything antagonizing towards her and her store. Judges are incredibly humane for the most part, there’s a lot of legal gray area that is up to a judge’s discretion, and being able to say “I’ve done everything in my power to resolve this amicably (and she hasn’t)” is worth a lot towards a good verdict.

Bring the negative reviews about her. It’ll probably help build your case. πŸ™‚

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Bumble bee

Wow I’m so sorry about everything! 

I think you should consider suing the caterer as well. What a horrible position she put you in. Your husband is clearly a wonderful problem solver tho! 

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Bee Keeper

OMG bee I’d be freaking out! Good for you for taking everything in stride. I just want to give you a great big hug! I hope everything works out for you. I agree with the PPs – reach out to the BBB and definitely consider small claims! No lawyer required. 

Also, please don’t put yourself down for your job. You worked incredibly hard to get what you wanted – that is NEVER reason for degredation! 

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