(Closed) When buying dress/ring/etc did a salesperson goof/act rude and lose the sale?

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  • Wedding: October 2015

Ring… The lady actually asked me if I was old enough to get married! I was so insulted I dropped the ring on the counter and walked away.

Venue… The guy was super disinterested and at the end said, “if you don’t go with us for your wedding, consider us for your rehersal dinner.” Just seemed like he didn’t care one way or the other if we actually went with that venue. Ugh.

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  • Wedding: September 2015

I have a very modest ring with very micro paving in the band… I took it to kays to have it cleaned before e-pics and the sales lady refused to clean it bc she said my pavings prongs were bent on one of the side stones and would not handle even being brush cleaned and quoted me for about $100 to have it fixed.. I had also planned on looking at bands But, thinking that price was crazy for unbelivebly small the flake of diamond was let alone the prong I took it back to a local store and they told me it was perfect and that people come ti them from kays all time with bogus repair claims and that even if I had needed it fixed we were talking like $20 …. so they cleaned it the machine and made it all sparkly and kays will not be getting my buisness ever again. 

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When I went shopping for my wedding dress, a saleswoman told me that I was too fat for the dresses I tried on and maybe they would fit me better if I lost weight. The only reason I went back to that store was I loved the prices and selection. I told the manager and she handled it very well. She also complimented my “voluptuous” figure, which was nice even though I think voluptuous is just a polite word for fat. 

A friend and I walked into a jewellery store to look at rings. Not one salesperson would even acknowledge us. I guess we didn’t look like we had money. I pulled out a few hundred dollars and loudly said “I guess I’ll have to spend this somewhere else.” One of the saleswomen walked from behind the counter with a smile after that, but I told her that we didn’t want anything from them. 

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  • Wedding: June 2015

A salesgal was rude to me at the shop (there was an emergency in my FIs family) and told me that if I was going to talk on the phone I should go and she can get ready for her next appointment.

Considering I was literally ready to pay for the dress between calls, that was a loss of a definite sale on their part.

The good news is I found 2 more dresses that I like even better when I went to other places.

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  • Wedding: March 2015

I was told at one dress store that I was “larger than [their] average bride”.  This store weirdly had all of their samples in a size 6-8 (that’s street size 0-2) and I couldn’t even try most of them on becasue they were way too small.

I also had a person at what used to be my favorite local jewelry store treat me horribly when I came in asking about getting my ring cleaned.  I bought it from a dealer in LA but I figured that a local place would be able to clean it.  When I showed it to them they gasped and said “You know this isn’t a diamond right?? You didn’t pay for a diamond right?” And generally would not stop talking about how it was not a diamond (I know it’s not a diamond, its a white sapphire, which is what I wanted and paid for).  Then they refused to take it for cleaning without getting it appraised since in their words “We have no idea what this is, it could be glass for all we know!”  They generally made me feel really crappy and just kept asking if I really knew it wasn’t a diamond (even though I repeatedly told them I knew it wasn’t).  They not only lost my business for getting a wedding band for myself and my fiance but lost all my parents business for any future jewelry purchases as well.

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Rings – Several stores mocked my fiance to his face with his requirements – stone even with band or bezel set, using the stone he had, solitare, platinum; palladium based 10K white gold or titanium AND a plain band for him (as is the norm in Sweden and Finland where he’s from) – so he walked out the door. He decided to go online and realized how hard sizing me was.  So we’ve been engaged since summer (with our gum wrapper rings, hehe) and just now finalized the order for my rings. The single place that helped him – they admitted they didn’t have what he wanted but recommended the site we used – I’ve commissioned 10K palladium white gold versions of our gum wrapper rings. 

Dresses – Three mocked my lack of ring, so I walked out the door. Never even tried a dress on or gave them my budget (ornate dresses suit me best, fit with our wedding, and I’ve got an insane budget because I’m a slightly spoiled princess to my dad and grandparents) As I cosplay, I was seriously thinking of sewing my dress. I went to the store I was terrified to go to after the mocking as I needed to order a bridesmaid dress. My best friend/MOH was also ordering her dress, and her daughter’s dress. Her daughter found a dress and begged me to wear the princess dress. It’s so not traditional and it’s exactly perfect.  It was an awful fit and I was crying from happiness. I may have twirled around a few times while hugging the kid.Then I picked out a reception dress because that skirt won’t bustle well on me. I may have gone back to the evil stores with my paperwork for a reception dress and a less than cheap wedding dress and gone neener neener.  Because I am a petty brat like that.

Bed BBath and Beyond had the audacity to say I should require Dear Fiance to Americanize his last name.  Hateful morons. 

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  • Wedding: August 2015

fionalouise:  Wedding band….went looking at different styles at a few different stores, and at a couple I was completely ignored, at one they told me I couldn’t afford what I wanted (a simple curved band? hoookay), and at one they refused to let me try on a band. Definitely lost out on all of our wedding jewelery purchases and any future jewelery purchases. 


At a bridal show, quite a few dress vendors laughed at my budget ($1000) because ‘there just aren’t any dresses worth anything with a budget less than that’. Excuse me? I did end up finding a vendor there that was fantastic. At the same bridal show, some jewelery vendor looked at my ring and went ‘oh. well.’ Wha? 


A caterer we were very interested in refused to schedule a tasting, then called me back randomly a month later to see if we wanted to sign a contract because someone else wanted the date. When I called back, I got hung up on 3 times. I finally got to them to say ‘NOPE not interested’ followed directly by another hang up, and then they called again a week later to ask if we were interested.  

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It was while we were still “looking” at rings, The boy and I walked into a store to have a look at a ring as i liked it and was curious about the style on me and the cost, the salesperson showed me the ring I was interested in (a cushion halo white gold ring) and then procceded to tell me that i should get the complete opposite (2 stone, round cut rings) because i was young and may not know what the best investment is, I was 29.

needless to say i never went back and we eventually got the perfect ring elsewhere…

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  • Wedding: September 2013 - Ontario, Canada

Rings – I had a saleslady tell me that I couldn’t get an eternity band with my OMC diamond because it would look awful together as old cut diamonds “don’t reflect light very well” and basically saying old cut diamonds are crap and that with the size of my solitaire I would be better of with a plain band anyway so it wouldn’t look gaudy. Ehm ok way to insult me, my SO, my e-ring and loose a sale…

We also had someone tell my SO that making a plain white gold band for him would cost at least $5k as his fingers where abnormally big (he is a size 12) so we went somewhere else and found a lovely unusual one with detailing on the inside and guess what? It was $600.

We also had people ignore us in some stores or try to sell us the opposite of what we wanted when looking at e-rings so big loss for those guys.

Dress – The first store I went to the saleslady kept saying how I should not worry about how the dresses looked on me compared to pictures of it as the models are sooo skinny and gorgeous and a dress would never look like as good on me. Gee, thanks. I was a size 6 at the time and I am tall and athletic so I didn’t really have a lot of body issues nor was a comparing myself to models. However, in my mind if you are trying to sell me a wedding dress you should try to make me feel beautiful in it, not the opposite so I never went back there…

I also had an appointment booked at Pronovias flagship store in London (UK) booked for 2 months (long waitlist) to have them call me a week before saying that on that date they were just showing the new collection so I would not be able to try dresses and that I would just have to wait another 6 weeks for a new appointment. As it happens my dad was flying in from abroad to come with me to look at dresses so I had booked it specifically for that, but they had no sympathy and wouldn’t even try to accommodate me so I told them not to bother and didn’t rebook.

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  • Wedding: August 2013

Definitely rings were the worst. (Shopping for wedding rings) Maybe they could tell I wasn’t quite ready to buy yet? But if they had been nice to me I would have come back! I ended up going to the place I heard was the cheapest since if no one was gonna play nice, at least we could get a good deal. Which we did.

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The first dress shop I had an appointment at was disappointing. Although I loved their designs, the sales lady was rude and impatient. She even started arguing with my bridesmaid about which style I should wear. My friend and I got out of there as fast as we could.

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Makes me so glad I did all my shopping in a less materialistic country…no problems. Love our country but this aspect of commercialism is absurd. It seems like you’re not allowed to like something if it’s not the most expensive 

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It happens all the time with me, and not only wedding planning related. I tell everyone that after passing 50, I’ve realized I’m completely allergic to BS. Last summer it happened at a gift shop in    the town where we have our beach house. The owner was rude to me and I just said “I can tell you don’t value my sale, I’m sure I can get it somehere else. Don’t worry, I won’t darken your doorstep again.” I then found the same item at a store down the street, for less. A group of ladies left just before me and I heard them saying they were disspointed in the invenoty. I added “Yeah, and the owner was just rude to me. I’d recommend to people I know to stay away.”

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  • Wedding: April 2015

fionalouise:  When we went to look at wedding bands for Fiance, the sales associate was a total moron. We said that we wanted platinum, and she said that they were out of stock and then proceeded to go to her computer and PULL UP PICTURES ONLINE for us to look at. If I wanted to do that I could have stayed at home!! Lol. So we finally convinced her to at least let us look at white gold options, and she kept making off-handed comments about how platinum is SO MUCH MORE expensive and white gold would be better for us (implying that we couldn’t afford it). THEN she asked to see my ring and made me turn it over so she could inspect it for scratches!!! We didn’t even buy my ring from that store!!! It was so bizarre and frustrating. Needless to say, we left emptyhanded and will be taking our business elsewhere.

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