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Darling Husband and I aren’t trying- yet. We’ve been married less than a week, actually a day before you and your DH!

I have major baby rabies, and have started numerous threads about financial questions regarding babies, so i’m excited to see how this thread goes. Darling Husband isn’t exactally ready yet, but he said that if it happens, we’re married- it’s okay! haha

My mother had me at 30, and I always feel like shes young for her age, but I still cant imagine being 30 and chasing a baby around so I want to get the baby ball rolling!

I think we’ll be financially ready when we have enough money saved where I can go part time at work. Darling Husband and I both work together, make the same amount of money (to the cent) and couldn’t live on just his. I always say I refuse to have kids until i’m able to be present in their lives. So until then, ..birth control ๐Ÿ™

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Fiance and I just decided to NTNT starting next month. My next fertile phase (not counting the one I’m in right now) takes place the weekend after the wedding, so we decided that we are going to stop avoiding and just let nature take it’s course for the time being.

We’ve been together for nearly 7 years, we own a home, and we’re financially secure and ready to be parents. Now I just have to clean out that spare bedroom so that we can paint when the time comes ๐Ÿ˜‰

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@Mrs Young and In Love:  I knew I would be ready shortly after we got married. So I quit taking BCP a month after we got married, and got pregnant a few months later. Already owned a home, traveled, have good jobs, etc. so I felt like all of our “to-do-before-baby” were done already.

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We just got married on Saturday (congratulations by the way!!!). We aren’t trying- but we aren’t preventing it either. I stopped taking BC the month before the wedding. We’ve been together 8 years and already have a house and as I always tell him- we aren’t getting any younger.

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We would like to get a house and get a bit more settled in our careers. The aging parents part sometimes makes me feel a little guilty (DH’s parents are 63 and 70) but I don’t think it’s enough of a reason for us to make a major life decision.

We’re 26 and 28 now…I think we’d like at least 2 years to ourselves to enjoy being married and travel a bit! We wouldn’t be upset if it happened before then, but we both agree that we’re not quite ready yet.

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@Mrs Young and In Love:  My husband and I decided to start trying right away.  He is 32 and wanted kids, like, YESTERDAY. I feel pressure not to have kids right away because of my age (I’m young), but for me, I’ve always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and go back to school later. I know it’s harder that way, but that’s how I want it because I don’t want to bust my ass for my RN and then sit at home doing nothing with my license and am on a four year waitlist anyway.  Neither of our parents are that “old,” but neither of them have grandkids. I think we are financially ready, we have more than 50% of our income is spending/saving money. When I leave work to be a mom, we’ll still have a significant amount of spending money…especially if it’s a busy summer!! =) I dunno, when you know, you know. Obviously, every case is different.  But with us, we can do well on his income, we own our house and are not upside down, we have good cars, good credit, and I’m doing nothing but waiting for four more years, plus it being our parents first grandkid, and both of us wanting it, we are ready. So that’s how I knew!! =) I hope you find your answer soon!!

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We talk about it a lot but I think the final decision will be made on our honeymoon. I think we’ll just decide to stop using condoms (yay! – we both hate them) and see what happens. Although I’m sure I’ll become slightly obsessed quickly!!

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When Fiance and I get married he will have a little bit of school left so were going to wait til he’s done with school so probably 1-2 years

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We’re starting TTC on our one year anniversary next month!  It gave us some “us time” right after being married, we were able to pay down most of our debt, and it worked out for us this way since he won’t be deployed when a baby first arrives.  I’m still nervous though…and wish sometimes that I had another ten years of just “us time” before we’d start a family (even though I have baby rabies pretty bad, I don’t know what to expect when 2 becomes 3!).  I’m turning 31 next month though, and Darling Husband is 28…so I’d rather not wait too much longer.  Best of luck to you and congrats on your marriage! ๐Ÿ™‚

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We decided because we ran out of reasons not to ๐Ÿ™‚

We’re in our early 30s, married 2+ years, together 9+ years, have a house, stable careers, good savings, we’ve traveled quite a bit, have a very supportive family, have common future goals. We don’t feel like we’re forgoing or giving anything up to start a family. Everything just fell into place. 

It probably isn’t like that with most people, but we’re very lucky.

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First, congrats on your wedding!!

Before our wedding we had talked about waiting a year before trying. We figured once our one year anniversary rolled around we would make ttc plans.That is now out the window. We always seem to talk about babies and then finally when we were on our honeymoon in March we felt like we were ready. Yes, we could be better off financially or own a home, but we can do that with a LO too. We talked about it and decided I would finish out my prescription of BC. I have one pack left that I start next weekend and then when it happens it happens.

The only thing that could be interesting is we have also decided to move back to our home province next spring as we want our babies to be close to our family. So we are hoping to have one on the way by the time we move back.


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We are starting to try late summer/early fall of this year. We feel ready because by then debt from my medical bills will be paid down which is really the only thing holding us back from trying right now. We’ve gotten a chance to be newlyweds, travel a bit, already have a house, etc. So we feel there is really no reasons left not to. I also have endometriosis so there is a pretty good chance that it may take some time to conceive which means the sooner we start, the better.

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