(Closed) When did you first say 'I love you' to each other?

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Oh geeze, lets see….

It was the night of my birthday party at my friend’s house, we were curled up fully clothed on the top bunk together in the wee hours of the morning with several of my friends on the bunk below us and around the floor and in other rooms (everyone else had long since passed out), and we were talking, and for a little while we were silent, and then he quietly tells me that he thinks he’s in love with me. <3 !!! Well, I was in love with him too, and we’ve been crazy in love since six years later.

We had known each other for about a month and had been “officially” dating for a whopping two days! When you know, you know!

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We had been dating about 6 months, things weren’t going well so I decided to call things off. He told me he loved me and I wanted to say it back to him but I knew that we needed some time apart. We didn’t speak for 5  months after that. ๐Ÿ™ Thank GOD we were brought back together!!

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Sugar bee

We were dating almost 5 months and it was Easter. We went to spend the day with his grandma….had lunch, played wii and just hung out with her. After we got back to his house we were sitting on the couch listening to music and talking about a lot of stuff. He got really quiet for a little bit and just listened to me talking and after I was done with a response, he looked at me and said “Nicole, I love you.” <3 At this point though, we had already talked a lot about the future and looked at e-rings online a month or so before this. After Easter, he told me to go get sized and we’d start seriously looking at rings. I’m still waiting for one but it’s coming ๐Ÿ™‚

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It was about 5 months into the relationship, when we first both seriously said we loved each other ๐Ÿ™‚ I remember we were chilling, just enjoying each other’s company on the couch watching youtube videos and such, and we were talking about what it is we were so happy with each other about, and why we truly just love each other. ๐Ÿ™‚ Was great.


Best part is, after having said that, each and every day was more of a testament if you really do love the other..because as the storms came by, and we overcame them, it was a great testament to our love for each other. We’re not yet engaged, working on it (actually just waiting on rings and money to get them), but by God’s grace, we’ll soon be engaged and then married, and I couldn’t be happier. We’re each other’s best friend and confidant.

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We got together in mid August, we both knew within a few weeks (I had the feeling but I was still suspicious of him being too good to be true so I tried to hold back my feelings for fear of him not being the man I thought I was). For about three weeks I kept trying to tell him, started by hinting at it and worked up to me trying to get the words out and freezing up… He would just watch and smile because he knew what was going on. Finally as I was leaving for work on October 20th I managed to get the words out, he smiled and hugged me very close. On the 29th we were out with friends and he suddenly pulled me to the side (and away from everyone) and told me he loved me. It was wonderful. He was 32 at the time and had only said it to two other people in the past (both times they said it first and never as early into the relationship as we said it).

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It was our 2 year anniversary and he wrote it in the card, then after I read it, he kissed me and said it for the first time. 

I had said it a few times in a joking/sarcastic way before then, but that was the first sincere ILY we shared. 

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These stories are wonderful! I want to hear more! Here is mine:

We said I Love You the night we started seriously dating! It seems very soon, but we had some history (friends first, then casually dating, broken heart (me), dating other people, confessions of love(him), reconciliation – it was like a movie).

Anyway, we were kidding around and he laughingly said ‘we’ve been dating 3 hours and you’re already busting my chops!’ and I said ‘no, you know I love you’ and then he said ‘I love you too’ and he grabbed my hand and kissed it. I didn’t intend for it be THE MOMENT when we said I love you, but we just felt it. It is how we came back to each other.


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Worker bee

I had been dating my Boyfriend Stu for 5 months and he was away for a fortnight. He was spending a week in London with his family and then a week at Glastonbury festival.  We would text every day. I text him asking what he was upto. He replied saying how he was at his Nana’s house and cleaning out his old bedroom and had come across a box of love letters from his ex and he said it was wierd seeing it all.

I messaged him saying something like ” What?.. Why would it make you feel weird? Look Im going to be honest with you and you should know that I have fallen deeply in love with you but if you have some old feelings for someone else than maybe we should rethink things, I don’t want to get hurt”.

He replied with something like ” haha don’t be daft I don’t care about my ex. It’s just wierd seeing how young I was back then”

I then started to worry as I had told him I loved him and he hadn’t said t back and I decided t ignore it.

A couple of days later when he was at the festival. He phoned me up and it went like this

Me ” Stuart I can’t hear you”.
Him ” Can you hear that I love you?”
Me ” What?”


It was pretty sweet xx

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We said it about two week after “officially dating” but we had really been dating for 3 weeks prior to that, and had met online 3 weeks before that, and talked a lot! We knew we were right for each other right away. Our wedding will be our 10 month mark of “offically dating”.

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6 months in on new years eve at midnight at the waterfront!

it was perfect

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Man, I wish my story was cute, but it isn’t. I first said it the first time we had sex, and I didn’t even love him yet! I had gotten out of a relationship with the guy I lost my virginity to. It had been 10 months since the breakup and I found myself sleeping with my now SO, which was very unlike me. Then I blurted it out during sex. Ugh. Actually, I still loved my ex at the time. Eek.

Then next day I firmly informed SO that I don’t “do” one night stands and we’re a couple now, because I refuse to be a one night stand. Oh the joys of love, lol.

Our relationship has really evolved into the love it is now, though. It’s been 8+ years and we’re marrying on our 10th anniversary so it all worked out.

I have no clue when he first said it to me.

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My husband said it to me first (he wont let me forget it either!), he actually said it 4 days after we started dating. I was shocked, But he said he wanted to ask me out for 2 years. I was everything he wanted ๐Ÿ™‚

It took a month before I said it, We were just driving around and I was looking at him & i just blurted it out. He made me say it 3 times before he believed he wasnt dreaming. lol

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4 months of dating.  We had just had a great ski day.


Hmm, we got engaged while skiing too!  I didn’t connect the ILY til now!

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Uhm… we didn’t wait a long time. At all.


We started dating on December 4, and we said I love by January 16th. We both meant it, obviously. We were laying in bed together, cuddling. He said it first. (: I didn’t want to say it first!

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I didn’t know if I could say it out loud, but I had to tell him, so I wrote him a love letter that was 7 pages long! He now has a stack of love letters from me – a very large stack after 7 years – and in each one I have written, “I just had to tell you I love you.” I had been friends with him for 3 years, after we started dating I told him with-in a day or two.

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