(Closed) When did you get bit by the engagement bug?

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Blushing bee

I met my SO in September 2010, we’ve been together 3 years (as of Monday) and I got bit by the bug in 2011 when my best friend got engaged. It was gradual at first, but people started asking me more and more about marriage (including my BFF who was engaged). It really hit a high/low point last winter. 

It definitely pops up around “milestones” and holidays, such as Christmas, our anniversary, my birthday (all 3 of which are in about a month, i.e. ann is 11/18, bday is 12/14, and xmas is 12/25) plus everyone starts asking me around that time if we’re getting engaged this year.

It’s really important to surround yourself with positive REALISTIC girls. A friend of mine really encourages me to voice my opinion, but to realize that my SO is on a different timeline than I am, and that in many ways I have a patience problem.

My high/low point was after last Christmas, I’d say, and I am not (at all) expecting a proposal this year (though I’d like one) and I’m not even really expecting one next year. HOWEVER, I’m in a different situation than you, SO and I are both early 30s and have not been together as long as you and your SO. I hope things work out!

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Blushing bee
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@Leatherandlace:  I started dating my Fiance June 6th, 2005.  My best friend started dating her husband June 25th, 2005.  They got married in 2008, and thats when I got bit by the engagement bug. 

Keeping in mind I’m 2 years older than her and we technically had been dating longer.  I think that it worked out for the best though.  We will be together 9 years by the time we get married!

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Met my Fiance when he was a senior in high school and I was a freshman in college. That was back in 2008. We ended up going to the same university and started living together in 2010. We graduated college December of 2012. I can honestly say the summer of 2013 was when I really started pushing for the engagement. We both wanted it but he wanted the timing to be just right. It was, it is…he proposed on Halloween 🙂 

Hope your engagement is around the corner! 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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My First Marriage I met my Ex in Uni.  I made up my mind that he was THE ONE after a year of Dating… he figured it about the 18th month mark (they say that is the norm for guys… 12 to 24 months in).

He bought me a Promise Ring just before we Graduated… told me he wanted to give me an ERing after he started his new job and got settled and saved some money for it (late summer)

— — —

This time round…

Mr TTR we dated for over 6 years… we are both Older (50s & 60s) and Encores… when we got together as a couple after being good friends we spent a lot of time talking to make sure that we were doing the right thing… as we were both badly scarred from our past  relationships.  Our TRUST was sooo damaged, that we ended up talking extensively for 2 people just wanting to date… lol, we carried a  lot of stuff from our past… and we were both certain that we didn’t want to date despite the incredible chemistry we had, if there wasn’t respect for who were were, where we were in time, and where we had come from.  Covering off soooo many aspects early on is what I attribute to actually making our relationship so easy and work right from the get go.

We talked about marriage, altho we were both very gun shy… we asked each other’s views on marriage.

Mr TTR said he’d be open to marrying again… BUT ONLY IF the girl was truly special.  Otherwise he’d had enough.  Lol, I was even less of a fan of marriage than he was… I said I couldn’t truly see myself doing that again, cause I didn’t ever want to be hurt so much again.  I’d like to think I could believe in marriage, but it would take a lot of LOVE & TRUST to ever get there again.

And so it was, and we dated for 5+ years without mentioning Marriage  again.  And we were extremely happy in this “no pressure” just have fun  style of a relationship.

We next talke about Marriage just prior to our 6th Dating Anniversary.

I told him I was ready… I told him my LIFE PLAN as I now saw it.  I  told him I wished to be married before the end of 2012 (about 1 year  away).  Mr TTR was amazed … and happy.  He agreed it was something he wanted to.  He said he would take care of the details.  I told him,  that if he wished to get me a ring, that I would like for us to shop together as that is something I did the first time round… and it is something that I consider important to do as a couple… and also because I have very particular tastes in jewellery.  He was surprised… but seemed to agree.  He  told me to leave it up to him, he’d take care of things…

And then I waited.  I wasn’t 100% sure he was doing with my “Waiting  Time”… I thought perhaps he was saving for a ring… or maybe he was looking  for one on his own (that worried me).  I knew as a guy he’d find a way to propose in his own way and time (Proposals are always ALL ABOUT THE GUY).

I waited.  I waited thru our Anniversary.  I waited thru Christmas  Eve, Christmas Day & Boxing Day.  I waited thru New Year’s Eve &  New Year’s Day.  I waited thru Valentines.  I waited thru my Birthday.  I waited thru our annual Winter Getaway.  And I waited thru  Spring Break and St Patricks Day.  Lol, infact if I add up all the minor “events”… I waited thru Robbie Burns Day – Ground Hog Day – Mardi Gras – Lent – and April Fools !!

Finally on our Eater Getaway I got my Non-Proposal… one afternoon when we were out for a walk on the Beach… a time that I was least expecting it for sure.

And it happened as we came upon a couple having their own Wedding Photos taken.   Just the 2 of them.  They had obviously Eloped, and were having a grand old time taking fun pics with their Photographer.

And that is when he said those magic words… not the ones that most girls would expect… but these

“That looks like fun”

And knowing that he isn’t that keen on posing for Photos…

I said “Really ??”

And he said, “Ya you should look into that for our next visit here”

I was confused… was this it ?  Did he just say we should get married in Myrtle Beach when we are back at Christmas ???

I looked at him… his face said it all.  He was dead serious… and a cute little grin.

I gave him a big old hug…

No bended knee… no ring.  Just the sweetest words that THIS GIRL could wish for… not the traditional “Will You Marry Me”… but ones that rang true for us.

And we spent the rest of our walk talking about getting married… and the vision that we had for our Wedding Elopement.  He had thought thru a lot of things in all those months… he had worked out a lot of details… he knew what he wanted… Beach Wedding just the 2 of us… Casual.  And he told me that I should go look at rings the next day while he was playing Golf.

It took us 6 weeks to find the ring.  In the meantime we came back  home… Mr TTR asked my Elderly Father for “His Blessing” (also a to die for moment).  We found the ring totally by accident on a weekend roadtrip, he put it on my finger, gave me a kiss and it was all official… we then invited a bunch of friends out for drinks, and announced the BIG NEWS of our engagement.  And it was official.  And that all was awesome too !!

As to my wish, we got married over the Christmas Holidays 2012… and our Elopement to a Destination Wedding was all that we wished & hoped for.

— — —

Ladies, as we enter once again into the Holiday Season… May I say that I wish for all of you that your “Holiday Wishes ALL Come True”

*NOTE – More men propose between Thanksgiving & Valentines than any other time of year.


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Busy bee
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I got bitten Dec 2012 when SO asked me my ring size and what kind of engagement ring would i like. All of a sudden all of our idle chit chat about the future became very very REAL! I got so Excited but he warned that he had a proposal plan and wasnt going to spoil the surprise so I might as well sit back, relax, and wait. And its been torture ever since. Lol! Im sooo ready already. Anyway, we shall see. He gave a firm deadline of no later than June 2014 but im hoping and praying for sooner. 

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It was subtle – we had been together about a year and a half and I just knew that it was a permenant thing.  We started talking timelines and when to move in together, start as family together.  So I asked him if we were going to get married – and he said yes he thought so, and after that we started looking at rings! 

He didnt propose for about 8 months though!

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Sugar bee
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@Leatherandlace:  I was ready to get engaged after my husband and I had been together for two years and living together for one. We had discussed that living together was the next step to marriage before moving in together. It took him a bit longer to get there (five months to be exact) but he did. 

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Buzzing bee

@Leatherandlace:  Well, I was sorta bit by the ‘I want to settle down’ bug when I was dating 3+ years ago, and I told my SO that ‘I am dating to marry…’.  I was dating a few guys at the time, and my SO was the best and I choose him.

I then got bit by the engagement bug VERY HARD in December.  It started to really bother me that we had been together 2+ years at this point, I made my expectations about our future very clear, and I was stuck waiting.

I’m still waiting, but I understand the reasons why and I know it won’t be me waiting forever. 

Hang in there!

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Bumble bee
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@Leatherandlace:  My SO and I have been together just over 2 years, but since I’m 28 I think I got the real engagement bug pretty quick – about 6 months ago… And it’s just getting worse and worse haha. Especially since he has asked my ring size, which moissanite is best (“what was that good kind called? Forever Beautiful?” “no dingus, Forever Brilliant!”) – It’s just painful!! 

Also, we don’t “share finances” per se, but we are both very open about everything, and will often report to each other about certain things… Like “almost paid off that credit card now!” etc. 

I know for sure that SO does not currently have the money for a ring, and also that he is not currently saving. So, basically I know it won’t be for a long while. We’re also planning to go teach English in China for a year starting in the fall of 2014, and I don’t think he’d propose while we didn’t have friends or family to celebrate with! 

Man…. I might never be engaged! Lol!

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Sugar bee

@Leatherandlace:  We have been together for 2.5 years. This past year has been so amazing and really great things have happened that brough us even closer. I got bit this year!! We are much more open about saying “our kids” and “when we get married” etc. But it was really one day we were driving and he randomly turned to me and started talking about how much he loves me and sometimes just thinks to himself “wow i want to be with this girl forever” but knows we arent in a rush and doesnt want to end up like everyone else (we know way too many dysfunctional married couples lol). and since then i found this site and its has got so much worse hahha.

I dont expect a proposal for atleast another year..maybe even 2 (although it would eb nice if it came earlier hehe)

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Busy bee
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I think I really started wanting to get engaged soon after going to my best friend’s wedding. A few months after that, now-FI and I had a serious talk about getting engaged. At that point we had been together for about 4.5 years. We had known for a few years that we were going to get married, but we were also in no rush, as we started dating when we were 18 and 19. Our serious talk was in November of 2012 and we got engaged in October of 2013 (after 5.5 years of dating) – so it took almost a year to happen. During that year, I drove myself kind of crazy at points (especially the last few months), but all the waiting and agonizing was definitely worth it!

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Sugar bee
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I started dating SO in April 2011. Was a bridesmaid Aug 2012, July 2013, and now my best friend is getting married Sept 2014. I have known I wanted to marry SO for a long time now, but it was when my bff got engaged I really got bit hard. I got swept up in her wedding fever and thats when I found the Bee. 

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Busy bee
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The bug hit me about 4 months ago. We went on a super romanitc vacation to the carribean for our anniversary and we talked about our future more than we ever had before! As soon as we got back one of my best friends got engaged and it made me want it even more at that point. All I really want to do is marry the man, he could say lets have a wedding on a beach just you, me and the preist and I would hop right on that!

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