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I knew about 3 hours into our first date. I went from being one of those people who thought just knowing was crap to belieivng. We were having a conversation about kids and I voiced a very unpopular opinion about babies that I thought would end our date instead he agreed with me entirely; I probably cant have more kids and adoption was a consideration for me at the time but I wouldnt take an infant. The rest of the date I found out how much alike we were we stayed up till 3am talking.

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Mine’s a little strange because it was actually 9 months before we started dating (we were friends for a year before we began dating and I was in a very unhealthy long-distance relationship at the time). We were playing Apples to Apples with our friends at college and I was having a really bad night and my now-fiance was just making me laugh hysterically: he was so clever with each card he played and we had a really good banter going on, and at that moment I thought, “Oh crap, this is the one.” And then I forced it out of my mind for 4 more months while I dragged on the other relationship…and then we still didn’t date for 5 months while I was getting over that relationship…but now we’ve been together over 2 years! So it’s a little convuluted, but I definitely knew 🙂 

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One day when we had been dating about three months, we took a drive to the beach. On the way back, we talked and talked in the car. Darling Husband started talking about plans for the future, and how he wanted us to be together for many, many years. He didn’t say forever or marriage, but I had a feeling that was direction in which he was moving.

When we were almost home, we came to a stop light and we knew our date was coming to an end. Darling Husband took my hand and got a little misty. He started saying how thankful he was to have me in his life, that he loved me and he didn’t want to be with anyone else, ever. I told him how much I adored him and we both got tears in our eyes as we hugged and kissed. Then the light turned green and we kept driving. That was the moment I knew he was the love of my life, and that he was going to be my husband.

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My SO and I had already been talking about the possibility of marriage, but it was still in the hypothetical phase. When I try to picture the moment that I felt 100% secure that this was someone I wanted to spend my life with, I always think back on a night about 5 months into our relationship. We lived about 2 hours apart and I had gone to a concert with a friend halfway between where we lived. I was very sick, but I knew it was important to my friend that I go to the concert with her. After it was over, I went to my SO’s house rather than back to my home. My first sign was that he wanted me to come to his house so he could take care of me, rather than go home and be sick by myself. When I got to his house, he had the sheets on my side of the bed pulled back, had a space heater going to warm them up, and had made me hot chocolate. He sat with me in bed while I drank my hot chocolate and was feeling generally miserable and unsexy and held my hands and told me how much he loved me. It was very sweet. 🙂 

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I didn’t know when he was “the one” but I did know when I was so obviously in love for the first time for real (as opposed to a strong bond of love- this was different) I knew that at about 2 months in that he could be it.

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We were LD for the first few months of our relationship, 4 hours and two states away from each other, so we only got to see each other every two or three weeks. Well, on one Sunday during his visit, we were both so upset because he had to get back home to go to work the next day. I saw him off on the train, and immediately went home crying. He called me 15 mins later and said that he arrived at Penn Station, but ended up missing his train, and asked if he could come back. Obviously I was like, “yeah, dude, I’ll pick you up!” so I did. Later that night when we were talking, he told me that he didn’t want to leave, so when he got on the train, he called his boss to tell him that he’d be missing work.

It was probably the sweetest thing he has ever done, and that night, I just knew he was the person I wanted to spend forever with and not a second less.

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I want to say I knew after the news that my Bro passed away and the way he took care of me that moment solitified for me that he is the one who will be with me and for me in whichever way I need him to be. He is so amazing.

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I can’t pinpoint the exact time and place but I do know that the SO was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with when I realized that he was not just my boyfriend but my best friend. I was doing things with him – simple innocuous things like cuddling and spending lots of time with him and not getting sick of it – that I had never been able to do with previous relationships. I could let my guard down, I could be myself and he is able to love me for everything I am… and my lawd, that just got sappy, I’m so sorry lolTongue Out

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We had been together maybe 6 months at the time. I had been reading engagement stories and saw one where a guy rented a bunch of puppies and surprised her with them when she got home. I was telling him the story and said “If you ever bring a puppy into my house, I better get to keep the thing. That is just cruel.” He said “I would never do that!” At first I thought he was going to say it was cheesy or stupid, but his explanation surprised me. He thought it was cruel to rent out puppies and not give them the chance to have a real home with people who would love them after they grew up and said something along the lines of “What do you think happens to those puppies once they are too old to be adorable enough to rent out? How many do you think get placed with a family?” I was so surprised, I just stared at him for a minute. When he left, I immediately called my BFF to tell her the story and said “I think this is one of those moments people talk about later where something just clicked.” I was still gunshy about saying I was “in love” and she told me “it’s time to admit it already. YOU ARE IN LOVE. This is one of those moments people look back on and realize they were in love.” 

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@2bliss:  Okay EVEN I love your SO for saying that! Any man who can care about animals like this is a KEEPER! Good for you! 

I knew my Darling Husband was the one when we were star gazing and he was just holding me and pointing out his favorite constellations and explaining to me their stories. 

But I feel like my soul knew he was the one before my brain did. I know, I know… cheesy… but we took math in high school together (10 years ago) WAY before we started dating. He was teasing me and my best friend asked me about him. I said, I don’t know but I’m probably going to marry him or something! She was a little shocked! Haha! I don’t know why I said it either, it just came out! 

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I think the first time I thought to myself ‘yup I want to be with him forever’ was when he went away for work far down south for a couple of months. We had been together for 3 months when he left, and we missed each other like CRAZY! We spoke on the phone anytime we had free time outside of work and all night long. Basically, before SO, if a bf of mine went away I never felt sad or anything. And with my ex’s, for some reason I just started getting sick of them/got over the relationship after a few months etc.

But with SO it has been totally different. I fell completley in love with him. Weve been together 4 years and I can’t keep my hands off him haha.

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First post! And I figured this was probably an appropriate thread for it as I’ve lurked for a while.

SO and I have been together for just over 7 years (since I was a teenager) and while I have always considered what it would be like to marry him, it wasn’t until last year when he got incredibly sick and had to have emergency life-saving surgery that I could say without a doubt he was the one. 

Throughout our relationship he had been always been MY rock, and when he got sick the tables turned and I got to be his. I remember realizing that if we ever got to say vows to each other, we would actually know what they meant and I think that’s pretty cool. 


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