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My fiance (boyfriend at the time) was going to go study at a military academy to become an officer. Military academies in the U.S. are really intense, so that was pretty much the deciding factor for us.

Since he was going to move states away for intense training/schooling, we both knew that doing long-distance without an end goal was going to be pointless. I don’t remember how, but somehow we ended up deciding that I was going to move with him and go to college in the same town as the academy and we would get married 4 years later after he graduated. I remember meeting so many amazing ladies who lived in that town to be with their cadet boyfriends and they all were in very similar positions. Something about military academies tends to make or break couples, I guess!

Funny thing is, Fiance decided not to go last minute. That year was quite the roller coaster, but things worked out how they were supposed to. We’re getting married next year. 🙂

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As corny as it sounds, I knew that my fiance was the one on our first date!

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We knew the moment we became best friend but at the time I was still sloving my issues with my ex. I knew I wouldn’t work out with my ex because our family belifs ( he did not want a child unless he could shower anything the child wants, but he was not doing anything to improve his career,a  job from bartender). He said he wanted to marry me, but I don’t see how it could work out. He also wanted me to drink all night and hang  out with his friends in their late 30s, I was only 20 . He wanted me to go out few times a week when I was full time student ( i had tests..) He also loves to make fun of my friends because they work desk job and never worked a physical job, so they are spoiled. Nothing was right!!! 


But, I knew my husband was the one when he moved and sold everything from SF to NYC to help me coupe with depression and through my mom’s chemo

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I knew my boyfriend at the time was not meant to be when our city had a major ice storm. I had no hot water, no electricity for a week. This coincided with his birthday. I couldn’t plan a big suprise for him, but suggested a movie and dessert. he was furious I didn’t plan anything and not having internet or anything was absolutely no excuse. lol So didn’t take him out on his birthday, I stayed at home in the dark, while he texted me the details of his wonderful homecooked meal his mommy made for him. lol Coworkers and cousins invited me to their places during this storm. Did my own BOYFRIEND? Nope. At that point I realised this was not somebody i could rely on in bad times.


Disclaimer: This is a dude who always said he doesn’t celebrate birthdays and never once planned a birthday or Valentines for me … I always had to initiate.

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The first time I met Fiance I knew he was meant for me because of his tattoos. He had logos for my two favorite bands on his arm one above the other. That sounds weird but I looked at his arm and it was like a sign, I just knew right then and there that he was meant for me.

Little did I know, before he ever approached me a few hours before he had been driving through the parking lot of this music venue we were at. I had just gotten out of my car and was walking across the parking lot while he and some friends were driving through to go to the store. He saw me walking and told his friend driving he had to stop the car right then. His friend stopped the car and he tells me he just stared at me until I was out of view because he knew the moment he saw me I was going to be his wife.

We of course didn’t share the stories until after we started dating.

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I knew he was the one a few months in to dating and a little before we exchanged, ‘I love you’ … we were both working in a bakery (how we met) and he was doing the baking so he would start early morning/ before midnight and come home in the morning. I had stayed the night at his place and he had left for work during the night as usual. The next morning I woke up to breakfast in bed that he had made himself after working hard all morning. I realised then that I loved him. Haha, I know it’s totally bizarre but thats when I knew ^_^

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  • Wedding: February 2017

We met online, we talked by email, then over the phone, then a week later went for coffee and a wander round Glasgow. I ended up almost missing my last bus home. I went back to work and my friend asked how it’d gone and I said it was terrifying because I knew if we carried on wed be together long term. 


He is the best person I know, kind, ethical driven, hardworking, non judgemental, loving, fair, and also I wanted to tear his clothes off as soon as we held hands for the first time. 


He’s not perfect, but then neither am I, he is however perfect for me and he always makes me think of the film where Sandra bullock is a witch and has made the list of all the things she wanted in man and her suitor freakishly matches everything. That’s my oh, when my ex and I split 11 years ago I remember thinking I’d never commit again unless the person was for keeps, many first dates later here we are. Sorry-so soppy. 

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There was no precise moment I can point to where I realized my Fiance was the “one.” It was a gradual process. But I think the final “test” was bringing him home to my parents’ house for the holidays after we’d been together about a year. Seeing how well he meshed with my family sealed the deal.

With my ex it was a sort of straw that broke the camel’s back situation. A close family member passed away unexpectedly, and he didn’t come to the funeral. I had been trying to conceal from my family for ages how bad things were with him, but after my bf of 3 yrs didn’t bother to show up to this funeral the cat was sort of out of the bag once and for all. That was it for me! Good riddance.

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  • Wedding: August 2016

The One: When we weren’t even officially dating yet and I was already practicing introducing myself as Mrs. His Last Name. 


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Immediately. My last marriage was horrible. Abusive. Manipulative. He cheated with anything that moved. I learned at a very young age what I did NOT want or need in a partner, and my boyfriend was everything that I needed and wanted in one 🙂 We dated for just a little while and I knew he was the one for me. Of course he still wanted to take things slow, so now after 3 years he’s finally gonna pop the question any day now ^_^ 

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