(Closed) When did you know you wanted a baby?

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Helper bee
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Ive always known I want to be a mother, and I think it’s once we’ve been married a few times we just feel it in our bones. We will start probably in a year because I am finishing up with grad school. I guess it’s just a feeling 

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Bumble bee

I’m 26 right now but I don’t want kids until at least 30. I want to travel, I want hike to Machu Picchu in Peru, wander drunk in England, and visit the cat island in Japan. But if I happen to get pregnant before then, it won’t be the end of the world. But I don’t feel that need to have kids yet. I have plenty of kids to play around with and not bear the responisbilities of having one. Plus my cats and dog is already enough responsibilities. 

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Busy Beekeeper
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I never thought I wanted kids. Like seriously never. I even had the talk with my mom to inform her that she probably wouldn’t have any grandchildren.

Then, when I was 28, I started dating my now Fiance. One of my friends who had a baby came over to meet him and brought her infant daughter with her. When I saw Fiance interacting with that baby something just clicked. Ever since that day I’ve known that I definitely want to have kids with Fiance. I think if it hadn’t been for him, I probably never would’ve changed my mind. My mother was the same way. She never wanted kids until she met my dad (and she had been married before). 

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Helper bee
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I knew I wanted kids when I met my fiance; specifically his kids. I don’t want to actually give birth to them for another 3 years lol

I guess I knew I wanted them when he just really took the reins when it came to making me feel safe and protecting me against a lot of crap in my life, and the fact that he’s amazing with the dogs lol and oh, other kids in our family. He’s a kid at heart sometimes so I just really want to have a child so we can be a little family and have both of us combined in one little human!!

But for real, I can wait on all that because those things are expensive as hell, and I am still working. When I become a mom, my fiance and I both agreed that I will be a stay at home mom. Also, I like my sleep, and babies ruin that for moms, so that’s anothe rreason we’re holding off lol

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Sugar bee
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I knew for sure at 28-29… I think it was that whole impending doom of hitting 30. I wasn’t too influenced by friends. At 33, I’m one of the very few in my group of friends with a child. 

We had our first at 31, second will be at 33 (I will be just shy of 34 when I deliver).

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Buzzing bee
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I’m 31. We want kids now but aren’t ready financially. I know what realistically we never will be, but money is really bad right now. We want to start trying around the time that we get married, which we hope will be in December next year. If it takes us up to 6 months to conceive, I’ll be 32 when I get pregnant and 33 when we have our first child.

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I have wanted to be a mother all my life. My husband is 10 years old then me (I’m 25) and we just got married last month and we are trying right away. Partly because of his age but also partly because we both want one. Do I want to travel the world? Yes! But there’s always time for that when the kids are grown. Plus I personally feel that being  parent is one sacrifice after another so I can sacrifice my travel dreams for 18 years lol (Not saying anything against anyone who is traveling now, kudos to you because part of me wishes i am lol). Maybe you may never know you’re ready. lots of people have unplanned pregnancies and they love their kids just as much as those who have planned pregnancies 

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Busy bee
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DH and i just got married in September If it were up to me and we had the finances for it I would have kids right now (we are both 23) I know thats very young but I’ve always known I wanted to be a mom and after seeing DH care for my neices and nephews I can only imagine the joy I will have when we get to care for our own kids!


Realistically, we’re more likely to wait until we are 24/25 to TTC/have kids that way we have time to save up for our dream home (we are currently already saving and hope to have a hefty down payment for our future home within the year) In addition to saving up for our home I’m working on getting rid of my student loans. I’ve already paid off one completely and am currently working on two more. Latest I would like to have my first child would be 26. 

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Helper bee
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Megbee617:  when I found out I was pregnant. Lol. I was pretty ambivalent about it before, but then when we found out, we’re like, “okay, ya let’s do this”. Definitely the right choice. Love my little bean.

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Sugar bee
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We both knew we wanted kids one day.. and we were married when we were a little older (28 and 32) so we knew we wouldn’t wait too long after getting married. So we loosely set a time frame of a year after we got married, then my sister got engaged and planned to get married a year and a half after we got married and I didn’t want to be pregnant at her wedding.. so we put it on hold for a little longer. And literally one day I randomly said to him “I’m ovulating this week.. want to just start trying” (it was about a month before the wedding). And we started trying, took 4 months, so I wasn’t pregnant at the wedding.. but I’m glad we didn’t wait much longer than we did. I don’t think you’re ever “truly ready” you just gotta bite the bullet and do it, if you know you definitely want kids ones day.

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Sugar bee
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When I fell in love with my now husband.  He always wanted kids, but was willing to give that up for me (because he realizes nothing in life should be taken for granted and take things one step at a time), who was totally unsure.  The thing is, is that he totally would be an amazing dad, and I wanted kids once I realized I would have the most supportive, loyal, and helpful person ever to raise them with and that my kids would have the greatest dad.  

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Helper bee

I met my DH when I was 17 (25 now ) we got married this June and bought our house last year . That’s when the baby fever hit hard , settling into our house . I remember this moment last year when a coworker announced she was pregnant , I was so happy for her but I felt like I got kicked also . I wanted that . We are 5 months into TTC and my DH will randomly ask if I took a test . Even when there is no possibility so I know he is just as ready . 

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Busy bee
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I wasn’t in the 100% YES column until my DH (then BF) and I discussed our desire to have children. At the time I thought it would be nice to have them, but that a LOT of things had to fall into place in my life to be ready to have them, biggest of all was having not only a willing partner, but someone who was highly enthusiastic about having them. And now that I have that, I am excited to get the show on the road 🙂 I feel that finances and everything else will fall into place, so I’m not too concerned with that aspect.

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Blushing bee
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I’ve always wanted kids. I’m one of four kids and nearly finished my teaching degree. I’ve had times during our relationship where I’ve been really clucky but my fiancé wasn’t ready and to be honest I wasn’t ready either. Although, as I’ve heard from so many others, you’ll never be completely ready. Baby fever hit me hard after our wedding. I really wasn’t expecting to feel like that and it didn’t help all our family and friends have been asking when we’ll be having a baby. My husband and I have discussed it a lot and he is finally feeling ready (or as ready as he’ll ever be lol) to take on parenthood. We are in month 2 of TTC now 🙂 Are we worried? Yes! Are we scared? Yes! But our desire and want to start our feeling is outweighing the what ifs 🙂 

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