When did you *know* you were pregnant?

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Busy bee

I have literally never told anyone this except my husband because I’ve never heard anyone mention it…

I was just standing there, talking to a co-worker and suddenly felt this odd ‘pulling’ feeling inside my belly button. It was sharp and uncomfortable, but only lasted about 3 seconds. For some reason, I just knew that I was pregnant, as we’d just started ttc a few weeks before. 

Confirmed a few weeks later. 

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Helper bee
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I didn’t know until I got a BFP. In fact, I was pretty darn convinced that I hadn’t gotten pregnant that month, so it came as a huge surprise! AF wasn’t late yet at that point and the only symptoms I’d had were typical for me right before a period, so nothing clued me in.

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Helper bee
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I can’t say “I knew that was it” but it felt as if something was scratching my uterus around implantation. I remember googling ‘scratchy uterus’ and really nothing came up. I logged it in my ttc app but I honestly didn’t think anything of it until I got my bfp as I had plenty of other symptoms before (that were more obvious) that never amounted to anything. As a matter of fact the day I got my bfp, i had been googling about ivf that morning…so definitely didn’t know 

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Sugar bee
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cocobee91 :  when I took a test lol. Been pregnant 3 times, never knew beforehand. 

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Helper bee
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After I’d taken about a hundred pregnancy tests, because I was on birth control damnit, these tests are clearly faulty!

The day I found out i was pregnant with my son (the only time we actually tried to conceive), I had started crying because my daughter was just SO cute and i couldn’t handle it. I’d gotten a BFN that morning, but I went and took another test and got a faint line, haha.

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Buzzing bee
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First pregnancy that I lost to an early miscarriage: I noticed my left boob suddenly seemed huge.

Second pregnancy that resulted in my daughter:  I started crying uncontrollably in the car because of a Christmas song.  

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Buzzing bee
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i temped and track like crazy so techincally i knew before my missed period. But a day or two later i went into work (im a chef) and i COULD NOT stand the smells! everything smelled like rotten food or overwhelmingly strong, if i hadnt tested a few days before that work day it would have been a dead give away that something was up.

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Busy bee

This is my 4th pregnancy, 3rd baby. I knew (suspected) very early the last two times, before I could get a positive result on the pregnancy test. I think the biggest/most obvious sign for me this time was tender/sensitive breasts. 

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Bumble bee
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First pregnancy, my boobs killed and I just knew.  Second pregnancy, I felt no symptoms and took an old expired test just for fun and was shocked when it was positive.  Both times I found out way before my missed period. 

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Helper bee

I felt a weird PING in my uterus one day. I was walking out of my office and remember the moment perfectly. I just knew I was pregnant. I’m pretty sure it was implantation. A few days later I got a very faint positive. But for my real symptom, starting the day before my BFP and lasting for a week or two, was being intensely cold all the time. Definitely a weird one – but not unheard of. Who knew?

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Blushing bee
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I was feeling kind of off the other day and was brushing my teeth before bed when I randomly vomited. The next morning I was feeling kind of unwell still and even though my period wasn’t due for another 6 days I took one because I was feeling paranoid. In my mind I knew it was too early but I am a worrier so I took it anyway.. haha. When I saw it I was shocked and just kind of sat in the cubicle at my work for about 15 minutes. Then I cried for another 15 because this timing is terrible.. hahah. I’m excited about it now though! I think I peed on about 5 tests that day because it didn’t feel real. It still doesn’t feel real and I am in that worried phase that something is going to go wrong and my period is going to show up in a few days!

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Bee Keeper
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cocobee91 :  We were trying for 9 cycles…. I was tracking everything. I had pretty much lost hope, so I decided to not test unless I missed my period. I was 13dpo, and my bbt was STILL high that morning. My bbt always dropped by 13dpo at the latest.  I still refused to test because I was so sick of the disappointment. When I was at work that day, I noticed I had been ravenously hungry the past few days, then I noticed my breasts were sore… Not just PMS sore, but a different sore.  When I got home, I rushed to the bathroom to test. I used every type of test I had – all three were glaring BFPs ❤️

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Worker bee
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I had a bfn at 10 dpo and figured that was it, but the next day dh and I were out shopping and I got so tired I eventually couldn’t even get myself to get out of the car. Based on that I decided to test again the next day and sure enough, bfp :). The tiredness was my only unusual symptom, and that started only the day before I got a positive. 

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Helper bee
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I didn’t know until I had a positive pregnancy test, and we were actively trying for over a year. Early signs of pregnancy and PMS are pretty much the same. There were months that I swore I was pregnant, and was not, then the month I was I just felt regular ‘period signs’ and was. 

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