When did you start feeling better?

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Prettysmile40 :  ugh I am so sorry you are still sick! I am 17 weeks, and it was about at 15-16 weeks I really started to get over the constant nausea/puking/constipation and exhaustion

However I do sometimes still get waves of nausea and still drink prune juice a couple times a week to keep things moving. Overall though I feel much, much better. Hopefully you will too! Hang in there!!!

Also maybe try taking your prenatals at night so maybeyou miss the stomach burning? Can you maybe switch your brand?

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About 15 weeks or so. I coldn’t handle my pre-natals for a long time, so I took the gummies at night–that helped. The second trimester was such a welcome change–more energy and far less nausea. The third however… tired again, only bigger, and my nausea is back (though not as bad or frequent). 

Hopefully you get some relief soon! 

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I’ve done the gummie prenatles since well before I was pregnant. They taste good and go down easy, so I felt no need to switch once I was pregnant. I’d suggest looking into those. I usually do the Target brand or Nature Made.

As for sickness I was one of the lucky people that didn’t have it very long. The first few weeks I was sick (never throwing up though) and just felt nauseus all the time. The worst for me was the exhaustion. I was SO SO SO tired I felt like I hit a wall everyday at 2pm and would have to take a nap. Thankfully I’m self employed and work from home so I could do it, but it was crazy. I started to turn a corner around 10/12w where I didn’t feel bad.

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Prettysmile40 :  Honestly, I just went with the Target brand. Otherwise I’d been taking the Rainbow Light plant-based, blah blah fancy ones. But I was so tired of spending money on things that made me sick, I went generic. The ingredients met what I needed them to: folic acid, DHA, etc. 

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I hate to be the downer…but I am almost 29 weeks and I have really felt very mediocre the whole time. It was debilitating from 5-8 weeks before I started Diclegis, and then I felt mostly well enough to eat normal stuff and resume all my responsibilities probably starting around 15-16 weeks, and now I am still taking Diclegis and feeling like maybe the morning sickness is getting worse again because I have had several yucky-feeling days recently. Thankfully I haven’t been terribly constipated or had headaches or bad heartburn so I am grateful for that, but the upset stomach/nausea/bad taste in my mouth/etc. has been consistent from the beginning. Needless to say it’s kind of the new normal but I very much look forward to feeling like myself again! 

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Busy bee

Wondering the answer to your question, too, OP! I am halfway through my 15th week and have felt okay, besides exhaustion, but threw up this morning out of nowhere. I thought the second trimester was supposed to be smooth sailing! As for the prenatals, mine has a probiotic which I think may help keep things moving. Hope you feel better soon!

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Sorry to hear this OP. My queasiness went away at about 14-15 weeks for the most part. There are some days that it’ll creep back in if I don’t eat regularly enough, but eating is definitely a challenge for me in these last few weeks. 

I haven’t had any constipation during my pregnancy, so I can’t help there. I do take a zinc, calcium, magnesium tablet to help with swelling, so not sure if that’s partly why I haven’t had any constipation. 

I take my prenatal at night, for what it’s worth. I have the NatureMade brand form Costco, and it hasn’t upset my stomach, whether taken with or without food. 

Sorry, not much help. Fortunately, I haven’t been sick during my pregnancy. I’ve been suuuppper sore and dealing with swelling of my arms mostly.

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Sick as a dog from 6 weeks all the way to the present, at 18 weeks. It’s actually gotten a little better, but I still wake up insta-puking a few days each week and am using anti nausea meds pretty regularly. 

For the constipation, try magnesium oxide and probiotics. I swear that’s the only reason I can go at all. My OB GYN recommended both. I’ve tried colace and miralax, but they seem to make me really bloated.

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I was sick as a dog from 4 weeks until 17 weeks. Once I hot 17 weeks it was like magic. I had extreme nauseau and vomitted alot. No heartburn at all though.

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I’m another downer 🙁 26 weeks and still gagging like it’s the first trimester. I take diclegis religiously and without it I can’t eat and feel like I’m going to die. With it I can eat but still very nauseous. We’ve tried 3 or 4 different meds with 0 luck. Probably going to ask if there’s anything left to try at my appointment tommorow before I just give up lol.

 I definitely suggest maybe switching the time you take your prenatals though like the others said. And maybe switch to a gummie too. They had me try that in hopes that it might work since the iron in them tends to upset stomachs alot. But just because I feel terrible still doesn’t mean you will. Hopefully you get less sick soon! 🙂

Edit: also I don’t know how you feel about coke or fizzy things but I’ve found if I have a can of coke it helps me stop being sick long enough to do whatever it is I need to do. Usually for me it’s do errands and make dinners and I’ll get a can of coke in the middle to temporarily settle my stomach. Sprite could be an option too. It just doesn’t work for me. Just coke/pepsi

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