(Closed) When did you start feeling "normal" again?

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Pappy8:  around 13 weeks I was feeling pretty good. I also got the horrible headaches and it was suggested that I have a cup of caffeine a day, and I do and it helps the headaches significantly!! Go buy a couple maternity clothes, you’ll feel more comfortable!!! 

I also had horrible horrible exhaustion(like couldn’t get outta bed)… Thankfully that went away too. Keep your chin up, as crappy as you feel.. Just remember- your growing a BABY in you!! 🙂

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I’m sorry you are having such a hard time. I’m almost 12 weeks and have had a variety of symptoms, but they seem to come and go. I did have 2 weeks of excruciating lower back though. I really struggled with my husband and his apparent, “lack of supportiveness” during that time. I just don’t think guys get it. My midwife says he won’t really understand until there is a baby in his arms. Hang in there and I’m hoping the next trimester goes easier for you.


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In both my pregnancies I felt the best in my 2nd trimester. Then it went downhill again at the middle if the third trimester.

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I’m 10 months PP, and any day now…

I didn’t get rid of my morning sickness until I was 17 weeks, and it came back in the 3rd trimester.

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Pappy8:  I felt the best at the end of my 2nd trimester and into my 3rd. I was great the first trimester for the most part, and then I paid for it at the start of the 2nd.

As far as your husband, you have so many emotions running through you that no matter how hard he tries, it may never be good enough. I don’t mean that disrespectfully, but that is what I experienced. Darling Husband actually did quite a bit, but I didn’t feel like he did enough thoughtful stuff, especially when it came to how excited I would get over things. It is a really tough thing for men to understand. My husband become a dad the minute our son was born and really not a second before. He was supportive and happy, but once our son was born, that was when Darling Husband really stepped up.

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i had my daughter 3 years ago aand i still dont feel normal LOL

seriosuly though, around 5 months i felt great


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I’m 18 weeks now, and have been feeling pretty good for the past few weeks.  For the first five or six weeks after my BFP, I felt pretty craptacular, then slowly started feeling better.  

Headaches can be a symptom of low magnesium.  Or even just muscle tension/stress.  I had some lovely headaches myself, (the first one we had to go to the gas station at 1AM to buy some Tylenol, since it was the only place near us open at that hour).  Massage really helped with that, (if you book an appointment, be sure to tell them you’re pregnant when you book; not all therapists do prenatal massage and you don’t want to show up for your appointment only to have them not be able to do the massage!).  

My husband is mostly sympathetic, but now and then when I complain, his response is, “Well YOU wanted this!”  I want a BABY, Sweetie, I don’t want to feel like rubbish!  That’s just something women put up with in order to have children. 

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Pappy8:  i didn’t feel ok until week 20ish-33ish. that was my sweet spot. before that, i felt big in all the wrong places, nauseous, and just out of sorts. after week 33, i just felt very pregnant. <br />i couldn’t lay down comfortably, or get up and do things on my own without my husband moving me around.

my husband was extremely active during my pregnancy. he did most of the cleaning. i was ok with cooking on most nights (i know that’s rare). and he rubbed my tummy or my back while i cried about feeling so crappy and cried about crying lol (darn hormones).

pregnancy just transforms your body while you’re carrying a baby. i’m 2 weeks post partum after a natural vaginal birth and i feel so much better. my feet look normal, i can sleep on my tummy, etc. so just know that if you take good care of yourself during pregnancy, you can return to “normal” pretty quickly after childbirth.


ETA: EVERY pregnancy is different. i tried to gather data to compare myself to other situations all the time but it was impossible. you just have to go with what’s going on with YOUR body. check in with your doctor to make sure you’re making the right decisions (nutrition and fitness) and just take it one day at a time.

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Pappy8:  Well I’m almost 15 weeks and still with there with ya 🙁 I am definatly not as bad as I was a few weeks ago but still waiting for my beacon of “thank you god” to happen lol. I felt REALLY crappy this morning….ugh. I can eat more quantity now but food aversions havent gone away yet. Fatigue = max….no energy at all….I can barely make it into work which is brutal. Grey hairs coming in…. you name it!

My hubby has been great actually. Aside from the occasional “joke” that “oh it cant be that bad” followed by an immediate retraction lol…. he is always making sure Im ok, and asking how Im feeling, and helping out more around the house, and asking what he can do to make feel better/more comfortable……Im definatly thankful for that. He says I can never understand what your going through so whatever you need I’ll do it lol



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I think it is hard for husbands to really appreciate what you are going through when you look the same to them and they can’t tell anything different is going on. My husband started becoming really attentive the bigger my belly grew. It also helped him to hear it from the doctor at our prenatal appointments – she would say things like “expect to feel awful until 13 weeks” and to me it made it feel like my husband believed that I wasn’t just making things up and napping just because I could get away with it.

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So sorry you are feeling so awful.

In my first pregnancy, the morning sickness and fatigue was mild and was completely gone by 16 weeks or so. Mind you, I had kidney complications, so that made up for it. lol

This pregnancy has been so rough. Not only do I have kidney issues again, but I had AWFUL morning sickness and draining fatigue that didn’t completely go away until 26 weeks. I am still drained of energy and quite uncomfortable (36 weeks). I am hoping you don’t have a pregnancy like this one has been! It’s certainly been a challenge.

My Darling Husband is good…I mean, he doesn’t expect me to do things when I feel sick or keep up around the house– but he also doesn’t pick up that slack, he just waits for me to feel better and then I will clean and tidy up on my good days. My problem is that I cannot handle a messy house, and with a 3 year old running around, I need to clean nightly for my mental sanity. lol

He’s been really good with everything else though, when I’ve needed rest or couldn’t manage Dirty Delete, he steps in without me asking. He takes me out to supper a lot so I don’t have to cook too.. lol That always gains points in my book!

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I experienced queasiness and extreme fatigue (slept for about 12 hours every day) from 7 weeks until 12 weeks. At 12 weeks the queasiness started to go away and was gone completely by about 14 weeks. Around 13 weeks I started to feel less tired a few evenings a week and at about 17 weeks I felt like I could actually do things in the evening again. I still go to bed pretty early and feel tired without 9 hours of sleep (I’m 20 weeks now).

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I had morning sickness/sever exhaustion (felt like I had mono), and right about the time I started the second trimester, it changed SO much for the better!

I’m now at 29 weeks, and Darling Husband really started to step up after my bump got visible/it was more obvious that some things were physically difficult. (Ex.- “could you please carry this heavy XYZ down the stairs because my balance is off.”)

Have you bought maternity pants yet? They’ll make you feel better, I swear. 🙂

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I felt best in my 2nd trimester, both times!

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