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night0wl :  I’m 36 and have a bunch of white hairs, though I really believe 4 step kids, 2 of which cause massive stress has greatly contributed to it. I’ve given up, they are white like paper and don’t seem to accept dye and the last time I tried to color my hair I realky didn’t like the results, so whatever. It’s annoying that they don’t match but on thier own I think the color is pretty. Like the dragon queen fro  Game of thrones.

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night0wl :  for most of my 20s I had one white hair that would stick straight up on the top of my head lol! Id pluck it whenever I noticed it (ie when it was sticking straight up!)

Only recently (I’m 29) have a few more joined it, but they do not stick straight up thankfully.  Overall it’s not very noticable though.

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Found my first gray hair in my late 20s. For awhile I was finding a new one (literally one) every month. I was freaked out and trying to figure out what to do about it. My salon lady advised me to leave it alone for now, that my hair is light enough brown that they’ll blend in as highlights.

I’m glad I didn’t do anything about it at the time, because I stopped finding new ones after a while. I still only have like a dozen gray hairs total (I’m almost 31), so it’s not noticeable yet. So, don’t freak out yet! You may have years before you have enough gray hairs to be worth dyeing.

I still don’t know whether I’ll dye mine or go natural. I like the look of natural grays, but I’ve internalized enough misogyny to dislike when people guess my age older than I am… smh. Same struggle with my forehead lines too.

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When I was 19 😂 I had to seriously start coloring it at 20 because my roots where all gray. It’s a bummer (especially for my wallet), but I did find out that I look very natural as a red head 😄 and since I’ve been getting it dyed the same color every 4-6 weeks for the past 8+ years, no one knows it’s not my natural color unless I tell them! 

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I found my first grey (or white!) hair this year, I’m 25. Pulled it out as it was in my fringe and definitely stood out against my dark brown hair lol. I’m really hoping to avoid colouring my hair until at least 30…My mum did go grey early on though so we’ll see 

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Like many others, I had a few early on; I think that’s pretty normal. But I didn’t start to get noticeable grey until my mid 40’s. At that point, I changed the part in my hair (you get more greys in the parts exposed to sun) to hide it for a while, but that only worked for so long. It still isn’t too obvious until one is closer to me, but it’s definitely visible. I had a student tell me, “I don’t mean to offend you, but you need to dye your hair.” I laughed and asked him why he said that (he was in fifth grade). He said because he could see grey in my hair. I told him that I was so incredibly old anyway (I had teased students earlier in the year that I knew Lincoln personally), so why should I pretend I’m not? That stumped him.

I still leave open the possibility to colour it at some point (my mum thinks I MUST), but right now I’m not unhappy with it. Hell, I am 47. Who made the rule that I have to pretend that I’m not aging? Don’t misunderstand me: I still want to look good, but why does that automatically have to mean looking YOUNGER than you are? 

Oh, and I wanted to add that there was a woman who worked at the bank when I was younger, and her hair was entirely grey (not coloured that way artificially, as that wasn’t a trend 30 years ago), except she couldn’t have been more than 30 – younger than that, I’d guess. It was genetic, and I always admired her for rocking it, regardless of what anyone thought. There is beauty in individuality and being honestly yourself, IMO.

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I WAS fortunate enough not to go gray soon. But as my ex-hole suddenly came back in to our lives, kicked me and our 2 year old toddler out of the house in the middle of frigid winter with no family to go to, then stole all my money and jewelry, and then went motion crazy in court… yeah… I noticed a few grays. Then over the next several months of turmoil, some more of their gray friends showed up. cry This was last year when I was/am 36 (my b’day is in a couple of months.)

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! yell

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night0wl :  mid 20s. I don’t color my hair so I just pluck the odd gray I get. I’m sure I have about 30 gray hairs  now at 35ish but they are all located in the under layers of my hair and not around my part or hairline. I’m holding out as much as I can about coloring  my hair because my hair grows super fast and I have a lot of it….I know I’ll end up having to drop a couple of hundred dollars each month like my mum to keep my grays covered. 😞

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I’m 29 and have a lot of very noticeable grays- mostly at my temples but they’re starting to pop up elsewhere as well. I vividly remember my first – 3 came in right at the same time exactly where I part my hair when I was 19. Since then it’s gotten steadily heavier. Not enough to pull off a streak so I do dye them. It makes me so depressed to hear stories of ladies who aren’t gray well into their 40s/50s/60s. My mom is in her mid-50s and is definitely totally gray, but she dyes. Damn genetics!

My hubby is 28 and has more grays than I do. Of course the salt and pepper look is sexy on him… anyway, I guess our kids won’t have a chance of a gray-free adulthood as we both got them so young!

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In my teens! I first noticed a gray hair in GRADE 9! I started to get enough that it was noticable in Grade 12 (17 yrs old) and started highlighting to help hide them. Started to dye my whole head in mid 20s and still do to this day- currently 32.

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I had random grey hair here or there in high school. I’m a brunette. I just turned 35 and now I notice it more along my hairline in the front but it’s not all grey still a lot of brunette. I wouldn’t worry about coloring it yet if you found one. Honestly it’s the ones in the front around the hairline that drives me nuts. Get a sharpie and color it it will last until you wash it.  I use to do this all the time when I was younger and just had a few strands. Highlights can also help hide it when they really start coming in. 

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Nothing yet at 29 but I’m praying I grey like my mom did. She went less grey and more of a platinum blonde, nearly white. I could rock with that!

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I was 16 so yes I dye my hair haha. Mine is probably close to 75% white at this point. I have very dark brown hair so unfortuneately it’s quite the process to keep up with it but I do. I typically dye mine every 6-7 weeks. I will switch back and forth between getting it done at the salon and doing a box dye. My best advice is to shop around for hair stylists. They are not all created equal and some charge a crazy amount to dye your hair. My girl only charges me for a root touch up, but in reality she always makes up enough dye to pull it though anyways. I can not tell you the number of times I’ve gone to high end salons, paid a crazy amount and the dye didn’t even cover the grays. 

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I was finding gray hairs as early as 24. I’m 30 now and they’ve definitely increased. I have to dye my hair every 6 months or so and just pluck them out in between.

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