(Closed) When did you start officially waiting?

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  • poll: When did you start officially waiting?

    When I knew I wanted to marry him (no input from him)

    After we discussed our future/marriage the very first time

    After a few positive discussions about marriage and/or our future together in general

    After he started dropping hints a proposal was close either consciously or unconsciously

    After we looked at rings together

    After I knew he had bought the ring (or we bought the ring together)

    After an amount of time that I personally believe one should become engaged if it's serious

    I never officially waited, he surprised me!

    Other (please explain!)

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    I chose “other”.

    I knew I wanted to marry him 3 weeks into dating, but I definitely wasn’t “waiting” then or anytime near then!!

    We had talked about it lots, but I was in no rush. He told me in May (16 months into dating) he went ring shopping in Feb but was clueless, so asked if I would go look. That same week (weird coincidence?) my grandmother asked if I wanted my great-grandmother’s ring now or through in heritance for my engagement ring….. she said if I wanted it to tell Fiance it was there for him when he wanted. We were getting our house the next month, so definitely May/June, I was anxious as heck!

    The bugger surprised me (I nevvvvver get surprised, he did SO good!) July 16th with my great grandmother’s ring which was nothing like the one I picked in the store!

    My great grandmother’s wedding anniversary is actually coming this week (date is engraved on the inside of the ring!) Jan 27th, 1951!

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    Though we had discussed it a little before moving in together in February 2010, once we were living together the heat was turned up.  So I guess I’ve been waiting almost a year (but knowing for sure he was working on the proposal for about 6 months).

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     I have been waiting officially for about a week! lol.

     We have had many talks about marriage , and have known it’s what we want for about a year now, we have just been saving for ring money. We decided to get married this August 🙂 , the  ring just hasn’t been put on my finger. I have a feeling he has already talked to my dad because my dad is already started paying for a wedding (put down money on  venue, ready to put money down on a dress) soo, I am just waiting for the ring .

    As of last week, his savings finally hit the  4 digits mark, and he said once he could save up a thousand dollars for it , then he would go ring shopping. So all in all it’s not a suprise, but I still don’t know what this ring will look like or when and where he will propose. But I am extremely excited because he is a creative very romantic guy and I can’t wait for it to be official! <3

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    I know I officially started waiting September 1, 2010. That was our 3 year anniversary & Jon always said he wouldn’t propose until after 3 years. I knew I wanted to marry him probably around March 2008, I was in love and he was the only person I knew that could deal with me and how annoyed I can get by certain things/people and honestly, he is no exception. Jon drives me up a wall, but he is the only person that doesn’t make me want to run, even when I know he’s driving me crazy on purpose.

    We had talked about marriage in general after being together only a few weeks. I’ve always felt like it was a casual conversation, not sure why. I think we discussed where and when we’d get married after being together about a year. I knew the date maybe 6 months before he proposed. And trust me, he knew what kind of ring I wanted & that I insisted on having pictures (I am a picture freak! Seriously.)

    So on December 3, 2010 (his birthday) we went to a place called Santa’s Wonderland in College Station, TX with another couple and while we were on a carriage ride throughout this gorgeous display of Christmas lights he asked the driver to stop for a minute & he got down on one knee! *That was the most intense moment of.my.life!*

    Oh & the day before he’d actually gone to my parent’s house and asked my dad’s permission & even showed my mom, dad, and brother the ring!

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    I’ve been waiting since I knew I wanted to marry him, but I’ve been officially waiting since about 3 years together because that seems like a good amount of time to be together before a proposal.

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    Once I knew for sure that he was shopping for the ring. 

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    I am in the 10 percent of bees that didn’t have to “wait” I had no idea that he was going to propose. We went on vacay and he popped the question 8 months after dating!

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    We first discussed marriage at 6 months and after several casual mentions and conversations that followed that is when I considered myself “waiting” (11 months into our relationship). That was close to Christmas 2009 and I had hoped for (but not seriously expected) an engagement then. I am still waiting but think we are very close since he has made comments alluding to a ring being in the works and we have discussed taking a honeymoon this year.

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    I would say when we had a few discussions about marriage and the future.  We plan on buying a house in two years and he knows I won’t do that without being engaged.  I guess I “officially” start waiting next year since I’ll be done with school and looking for a job.  I’ve been bringing up engagement rings lately and he hasn’t been shying away from the subject so that’s good.  Althogh he still refuses to give me a timeline.

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    I’m not really sure when I started waiting, but the last year and half or so (we’ve been together nearly 6 1/2 years) I’ve been getting really antsy about getting engaged already. He never really said anything about getting engaged until recently but every holiday/anniverary/etc I got kinda disappointed that I still didn’t have a ring. He recently mentioned looking at rings without me nudgin him so that’s a start.

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    I jumped the gun and I started waiting when I realized that I wanted to marry him. I was with him for 3 years at this point and I have always wanted to be with him since day one I always thought that he was the one but around 3 years it really hit me that marriage was a possibility and that he was the person I wanted to marry. I was okay with waiting untill May of last year, when people started talking aout us getting engaged/ married.Because other people noticed that we were not engaged yet it really really got to me and I had haaaaard 6 months of waiting.

    So about 2.5 years of waiting. 2 years were ok, but the last 6 months were hell.

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    After a crap load of therapy, I finally came to terms with alot of childhood pain. It was such a blessing to finally start to really deal with my emotional blocks. Once I worked thru (and i’m still doing work, it takes a ton of time) I can honestly say, yes I wanted to be married vs. the “well its the obvious next step” because we’ve been together so many years. Once it clicked for me in my mind, it linked up with what my heart has always known.

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    I’ve not been waiting long, a week or so ago we wondered into a jewelry store and he asked what I liked. I picked one out tried it on and he was approved for store credit so he bought it right there! I guess now he’s just waiting for a romantic moment? Valentines is just around the corner… Sealed

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    I started waiting the first time we walked through the mall and he pulled me into a jewelry store and said “We have time to kill. Let’s look.”

    …A year ago. Haha:)

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