(Closed) When did you start saving for the weddin and how did you do it?

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  • Wedding: October 2013

@veryberry13:  We have had a little over a year engagement (wedding is Oct.19, finally!). The beginning is a little messy because you don’t REALLY realize how much things cost. 


What is more important to you? Intamite wedding or large wedding

Write a rough draft guest list to get an idea of what you are looking at 

Find a venue that fits the needs of your guest number

Look at local caterers and get a quote for the cost of your guests 

this will help better shape your buget!

What is most important to you? Great DJ, flowers, ect. ?

look up local listings and create reasonable budgets 

Add up the costs of all you found and see what your ~total

Look at your monthy bills and payments and figure out how much a month you can put towards the wedding

PLEASE prepare for emergencies or unexpected events!!! (we did not due this and when my SOs deployment was moved up we had to push forward the wedding and weren’t prepared)

Finally make a date!

Find a month you love and a time frame that will allow you to easily pay for your wedding



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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: September 2014

We started saving as soon as we got engaged. Basically, we just diverted the money I was contributing to the household to a joint wedding fund. At my current rate of saving $500 a month, engagement to wedding I will have amassed about $10K towards the big day. My parents are contributing some and I figure we’ll just pay cash out of pocket for the rest. Our biggest expense so far is the caterer at $15K. Since we’ve had to put deposits down on everything and already pay some money out, I feel like the big sting at the end won’t hurt as bad.

Unless you want to wait 2 to 5 years to get married, have the wedding you can afford sooner than later.

Oh and saving for kids? One step at a time, girly.

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  • Wedding: December 2014

@veryberry13:  Sometime 3 years ago, I figured out that I should be saving for either a wedding or a down payment.  I set up a separate online savings account (that way it’s harder to take the money out) and direct deposited $200 every paycheck.  I pay rent and bills out of my main checking account and at the end of the pay period, any money leftover in the main checking account gets swept to the online savings account.  Bonuses and tax rebates go into the savings account too. 

I also have a separate checking account where I give myself an allowance each paycheck, so that I have a fixed amount of “fun” money.  If I run out of “fun” money, then I can’t do anything fun until the next paycheck.  Fun money includes budget for meals since I think eating is fun.

We have a wedding budget now that we are engaged, and between what we have now and what we can save until the wedding, we should be able to get there without incurring any debt. 

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  • Wedding: October 2014 - Restaurant

We figured out when we wanted to have our wedding (in about 14 months) and then sat down and figured out how much we could realistically save in that timeframe.  (Life happens too… broken down cars, emergency room trips, unexpected vet bills, etc…and you have to budget that into your figure). 

We figured we could easily save up about $11,000, so we are having an $11,000 wedding.

I know it’s stressful and overwhelming when you start to add it all up, but there are alternative ways to lower the cost if you really don’t want to wait.  We are having our ceremony and reception at a local restaurant, so that saves on venue costs because you just have to pay for the food and booze. 




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  • Wedding: July 2014

Weddings are expensive, that’s for sure, but you can certainly plan a beautiful wedding for much less than $30,000. Ours will likely cost about $13,000 when all is said and done (and that includes things that aren’t necessities, like a country club venue, open bar, etc).

Fiance and I didn’t start saving specifically for our wedding until we got engaged. At that point, we opened a joint savings account and deposited a certain percentage of our paycheck into it. We did not join our finances at all until we were engaged. 

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  • Wedding: April 2014

It’s never too early to start saving!! That doesn’t mean you have to book vendors and buy your dress. I wish I had started saving earlier. We don’t want to put anything on credit either so I’ve been paying deposits as they’ve come up and then divided the rest of the budget by the amt of months left and put that away into savings each month. It will be so worth it when you do get engaged and have your wedding planned and the money is just there and ready to go!! I will be so happy when the wedding is over and I’m not looking at any balances due or a pile of credit card bills!! Of course I am not rushing the wedding to pass me by, but you get what I’m saying. 🙂

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Helper bee

I already have money saved and I am not engaged yet (as you know) because it will either be my move on money or my wedding money.  Having some money saved never hurt anyone!

ETA: In terms of how I am doing it, I know how much I want to have saved by a certain time so I just did the math as to how much that means a month that I should be saving. I do my budget months in advance with a plan all if all goes well and no extra money and a plan b: if I get extra money from work etc.

So I budget for how much I am going to save and have a bare minimum I want to save (ex 250 a check) and a best case scenario (1500 a month).

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  • Wedding: September 2014 - Turf Valley

We are putting away $XXX/mo and started saving 17 months out.  We are planning on having a little more than we actually need, and will be using the extra money as a Honeymoon fund.  We opened a new checking account and have money transfered into it each time we’re paid. 

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  • Wedding: October 2009

I started saving for my wedding right out of college because I knew my parents wouldn’t be able to contribute much, plus I actually wanted to pay for my own wedding. My husband (then boyfriend) is a saver by nature so his savings went towards my ring and honeymoon. 

But, since you are looking to start saving now, you can do what we do which is to take a chunk of money right after you are paid and put it into savings. We did a budget (inclduing entertainment) and came up with a number that we knew we wouldn’t miss & put that into savings. 

In addition, you could try to plan a more budget friendly wedding that will allow you to get married sooner if that is what you both would like to do. 

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Helper bee

@Payless:  My first wedding was about $3000, and I paid for it myself.  I saved $500/month during our 9 month engagement, and some of it paid for the wedding, and some of it payed for our first apartment.

My best friend just got married, and they spent about $15,000 for the wedding and honeymoon.  They saved about $800/month for 15 months of their engagement, and their parents chipped in about $3000. 

My advice is to just start saving as much as you can, and then when the time comes, decide how to spend it.  If you have $30,000 saved in 3-4 years, you might look at that and be like, “Do we really want to blow this on one day?”  I’m saving $400-600/month (depending on the month), and I’m sure that in a few years, when I eventually marry again, I’ll remember all the years of savings, and I probably won’t want to spend it ALL on the wedding.

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  • Wedding: May 2014

Before we were even engaged we started researching to see what prices were for different things in our area. Based on averages we decided what we thought was crazy and could forgo and what we absolutely wanted (example we are not having a florist, i did artifical flowers and our centerpieces are flowerless) We also came up with a rough guest list so we had an average number of people we would like to have (we would have cut if we needed to). We then talked about what we would have to save each month to not go into debt if we had our wedding at certain times ie 6 months, 12 months etc. We also talked about where we could save what we could do to save more. We also did not count on any gifts from parents etc so we knew if we could do it on our own or not.

Ultimately we decided to not rent/but a house until a few months before the wedding thus minimizing our bills (we live at home with mom and dad) and allowing us to save even more. 

We are estimating our wedding will cost around $20-$25k for around 175-200 people. We will have been engaged for 11 months. Our savings plan is to save $3k a month, we put this into a joint account. We had to decrease that 1.5 months because Fiance had surgery and was out of work for that time, but because we are ahead of the game we’ll be alright. We will have everything paid in cash and we already even received a very generous gift from my parents. We are also expecting a few bonuses from FI’s work. We both also started doing little jobs here and there (scorekeeping hockey games, umpiring baseball) so we will have even more! 

I also started buying stuff for the wedding before we were engaged, even my dress (I got it at a sample sale 50% off!) I think as long as you are committed and on the same page with wedding plans then why not! 

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  • Wedding: April 2014

Saving £300 pcm for wedding purchases. I’ve also stopped buying takeaway coffee each morning, we take lunch instead of buying it everyday. We only buy new clothes if really needed. We buy cheaper versions of tolieties & groceries that are on offer. 

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Bumble bee

We are very very budgeted. Guest list is small and our venue rental was $500, DIY. That is where we saved our money. 

We are buying things here and there, and also using our tax return checks.  Plus, I have a side business, I use my extra money for that for wedding costs.

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