(Closed) When did you start showing? (And when did people start to "guess"?)

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Wow! People are so stupid. Anyway, if you get asked again and don’t want to lie, I would probably just laugh and say something like “don’t you know you aren’t supposed to ask that until a woman’s in labor??”. If they’re going to have the audacity to ask, I’m going to have the audacity to be a sass mouth. It’s only fair.

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I’m also wondering this. I’m 5’6”, 120lbs, pretty small in the stomach and we don’t want to tell anyone, including our parents, until 14 weeks, I’m wondering if that’ll be possible. People haven’t asked are you pregnant but ask “when you guys having a baby?” it feels like every single day. 

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Miss Mochaccino:  Yikes, that was so rude that that lady asked! Perhaps you should have a stock answer ready, like, “You can’t ask that!” (Ha, I just looked up and saw Runnerbride had a very similar suggestion).

I’m 5’4 too, and I’m about 55 kg (about 120 lbs) normally. Fortunately no one asked me before we announced. I showed pretty early, like about 16 weeks I think, but I felt like I was showing before that! I had to get maternity clothes pretty soon after that.

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When did you start to show? ~12-13 weeks I had a small bump.

How tall are you?  (Do you think height plays a role?) 5′ 2

Did people brazenly ask “are you pregnant?”  If so, when? (And how did you handle it?)

Strangers started talking to me on pregnancy ~21 weeks (e.g., is this going to be your first?). People that know me did bring up pregnancy when I was <12 weeks, and I just responded by saying things like “keep your fingers crossed!” or “we’ll have to wait and see” or simply “No, I don’t think so”. 

When did you buy maternity clothes?  I bought some pants ~6 weeks because of bloat, and tops & dresses at 19 weeks.

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Miss Mochaccino: My mom was 5’8 and like 125 pounds. My uncle asked when she was going to announce she was pregnant at 4 weeks. She didn’t even know she was pregnant yet! She did blow up during the first trimester (she looked 6 months pregnant at 4 months and then didn’t grow at all until 7 months). 

My one coworker is the same size and shape as my mom and it wasn’t clear until 4 to 5 months. I would have never guessed (other than her mood) until she announced.

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I was able to run around without anyone thinking I was pregnant until I was almost 5 months along. We revealed publicly when I was 18 weeks. However a co-worker (actually kind of a bitch) asked my husband flat out if I was pregnant around week 17? something I wore just tipped her off in thinking that I was pregnant and not fat.

I’m 4’11” and started off at at a low weight (too underweight for my doctor’s taste). However I gained 7lbs before I realized I was even pregnant and had nearly gained a cup size as well. My husband had an inkling that I was pregnant before I did.

As for people brazenly asking, it didn’t really start until his co-worker started it in the gossip at work and once that happened I started asking back “When are you due?” to the very rude people.

I started showing really like pregnant looking at 21 weeks where people who didn’t know me were like “Whoa, she’s pregnant.” I had the unfortunate event of having boobs that grew to their own zip code while pregnant. So for awhile there it was hard to tell which was growing faster.


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I’m 5’7″ so slightly taller than you, and starting off in my pregnancy weighed about 135.  I’m 24 weeks now, I’ve gained ~10-12lbs, I think it really still depends on what I’m wearing if people can tell or not. No one has just asked me out of the blue, one of my coworkers friends was in yesterday and when I told her she said she couldn’t tell from looking at me, but I also don’t see her often.I bought maternity pants around 19 weeks, still wearing my normal longer shirts/stretchy shirts. I’m going to live in cardigans and sweaters for the fall, hoping not to buy maternity shirts, just some additional regular cardigans to wear over maternity tanks.

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When did you start to show? I started to look pregnant around 20 weeks, but early on in the pregnancy (6-12 weeks) I was really bloated and looked fat, then from 12-20 weeks I looked like I just had been gaining weight. Now I feel like I have a baby bump at 21 weeks.

How tall are you?  (Do you think height plays a role?) I’m 5’5″, but don’t have a really long torso or anything, I feel like my abs played more of a role in holding that baby back.

Did people brazenly ask “are you pregnant?”  If so, when? (And how did you handle it?)No one has asked yet, I told most people fairly early in the pregnancy though and word spread to anyone I didn’t tell directly.

When did you buy maternity clothes? I bought them around 12 weeks, but I still fit into most of my regular clothes, except for anything that has zero stretch. My pants and shirts with a bit of stretch to them still fit fine. The pants with panels are just plain comfy though.


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Miss Mochaccino:  I’m TTC atm for my first, however my friend annoinced at 12 weeks she was expecting, about 4 weeks before this I had an inckling that she was pregnant as I saw a little bump (she had lost a lot of weight over the last couple of years and was the same size everywhere except her tummy, and I just thought ‘I bet she’s pregnant’). So she was only 8 weeks and I noticed it, I would never have said to her, I just thought we will find out in a month or so if she is, and sure enough! She usually wears fairly loose fitting clothes in general, just her style so don’t think she has anything maternity yet. I am on the larger side, so although I am 5″4 when/if I get pregnant I don’t think anyone would notice anything but me gaining some weight for a while!

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Miss Mochaccino:  my favorite response to any intrusive question is “why do you ask?” It works in a lot of situations and the only real response is usually “I just wanted to know (your business).” Use it!

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When did you start to show? 1st preg- 7 or 8 months Before it was super obvious. 2nd preg- 10 weeks it was obvious

How tall are you?  (Do you think height plays a role?) 5’2, not really, it’s more how you carry, for example my first pregnancy I carried towards my back.

Did people brazenly ask “are you pregnant?”  If so, when? (And how did you handle it?) no one ever asked, if I told someone once in a whole they’d say ‘I though so’ or something.  a stranger made a comment about me being pregnant around 8.5 months.

When did you buy maternity clothes? about 10 weeks the first time when my clothes started to feel snug, though it was mostly from big ol’ boobs and bloating

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I’m 5 weeks 4 days at this point and I can’t see anything in the stomach area, just that i never lost the 2 lbs of pre period bloat that i usually put on, so at 5’4″ i’m 121 lbs not 119 right now.  My sister in law joked that i must be pregnant when i said caffeine had been making me feel cracked out a few weeks ago (i had taken a negative test at that point), so I guess someone else guessed lol but no one has asked, and i expect them not to.

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mrs.joiner:  You have a beautiful smile 😛

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