(Closed) When did you start to go "waiting crazy?"

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We always knew we eventually wanted to get engaged and marry but we wanted to be done with school and started jobs in our career. I started to seriously think about it as soon as we both landed jobs which was the beginning of this year (Dating 5 1/2 years and both 26 at the time). I only went *waiting crazy* in the summer since I knew he had actually purchased the ring. But the last couple of months since summer I stopped the craziness and have just decided to relax and enjoy our relationship as I know this moment is likely coming sooner than later πŸ™‚

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futuremrscrow:  we were together 5 years before we got engaged.. And we were so unbelievably happy that it didn’t bother me. We talked about it Here and there but I didn’t expect it anytime soon (money related mostly!) we were just enjoying being us!! I did start to get irritated by EVERYONE his family, my family, and friends asking when it was going to happen or commenting on every post I put on Facebook. It just got old because I just wanted to be happy it wasn’t about that because I knew it would come with time. Then he surprised me out of nowhere! And now we’re married expecting our first baby in December! I couldn’t be happier πŸ™‚

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I’ve started to go a bit crazy now that we’ve had a conversation about buying a house together. In my mind I know there’s no pressure because ultimately it’s what we want for our lives together (hell, I’ve never even been the “marrying type”)… but the pressures brought on by social norms and seeing others in our friend group partake in these rituals and institutions, combined with the uncertainty about our future re: no specific timeline and the realization that I’ll be turning 28 in a few months, has been adding to my anxiety.

I’m worried I’m eventually going to lose it on him. I’m becoming a person I didn’t think I was… I never cared about getting married or having a ring, but now that I’m two years into this relationship it occupies my mind so much. It’s all silly because I know our relationship is great and that we’re committed regardless of whether or not we sign a piece of paper and go through the rigmarole of a wedding.

Only on the brink, but I have a feeling within another year’s time I’ll be fullblown mad!

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I’m not really waiting crazy, I want to graduate before I get engaged, but my SO has already graduated and HES going crazy waiting. It drives him nuts, haha. But we have been together since I was a freshman in high school, so we’ve always known we would get married and the wait doesn’t exactly kill me. 

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I wouldn’t say I am ever going to go “waiting crazy”. I think to better describe it is “excited for the future”. We have always talked about our future and our timeline. The timeline got thrown off by his parents (longg story) and my sister getting engaged with a short engagement. We have been ring shopping twice and he has told me that I wont be his girlfriend come February at my sister’s wedding. 

Sooo..,. just sitting here patiently waiting lol. And pinning… lots of pinteresting. 

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I started struggling when I felt ready and he was still uncomfortable with the topic. It wasnt about the wedding, as I’ve never dreamed of a big wedding… It was mostly my insecurities, and me thinking that maybe he wasnt sure about me (and deep down, the fear he didn’t love me like I loved him).Β 

When we did get engaged, my Fiance apologized for making me feel like that. He said he didn’t know what held him back, but he’d always pictured getting married in his 30s, and he just had to wrap his head around the idea. I was so scared to push him, but I needed some commitment… But he would never do something because of pressure and now that we are engaged he is 110% on board and helping with wedding planning.Β 

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We have been together for over 9 years. Obviously we discussed marriage as something that would eventually happen but I didn’t start going wedding crazy until this May when he mentioned that he’d like to start saving for a ring. Now I’m very impatiently waiting. I know it’ll happen either this month or next month but it doesn’t make the wait any easier. 

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I started thinking “Hmm, I wonder when the time will be when he’s going to propose.” about two-ish years into our relationship. That was nearly 2.5 years ago. He still has yet to propose, we live together, and he has set several deadlines for himself based on taxes, jobs, etc. Each of these has come and gone.

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What really started it was looking for engagement rings together. We had talked about getting engaged before, but actually loking through sites and learning about different rings made it seem so close! We finally picked out the jewler for my e-ring so now I will try to patiently wait πŸ™‚ 

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Got engaged after 7 years and was getting a tad “waiting crazy” around 5 years after all my friends got married 

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I was never the little girl who dreamed of getting married. Even with my highschool boyfriend I never really thought about it, and didn’t even really feel comfortable saying I love you.  After being with my college boyfriend for 2 yrs I really started looking at rings and telling him I wanted to get married. I felt very impatient for some reason. That relationship failed horribly, my mom and everyone in my life knew he was not a good guy so I am glad we did not marry. I dated another guy during the last years of college and he was really nice, I started thinking about wanting to get married to him after about 1.5 yrs or 2 yrs as well and we discussed it and both thought we wanted to get married to eachother. I had to move across the country for grad school and he couldn’t come so we broke up. Now I am with a third boyfriend and we have been together for over a year now and we both are talking about getting married again. I again am feeling very excited about the idea and impatient like I want it to happen asap. But I also look back and realize I have felt this way about two other guys…one of whom would have been a huge mistake to marry. Bout in between meeting the guys I don’t feel impatient, it is only after the first 1.5-2 yrs rolls by that I start thinking about it a lot.

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Don’t get me wrong,  I am still very happy with the state of our relationship and don’t really care what my title is as long as i’m him. I will say however that I got a bit goofy about all when he first took me to the jewelry store to look at rings. Im not like giddy excited about the possbility or upset at missed opportunities because we haven’t gone to the store I want to go to yet, that wont be until december.

But I joined the waiting list after we went browsing which was a dud trip.

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I went waiting crazy in my last relationship but I’m not in this one. 

– With my ex fiancé he had promised marriage would be in our future and said  explicitly many times that it would be very soon and that he was saving for a ring. Then 2 years went by and then 3. I’d planned the wedding (with his enthusiastic encouragement) and all that was missing was a proposal. He was adamant that there had to be a traditional official proposal. And that didn’t happen. And he hadn’t even saved anything for the ring that was so very important to him. I felt misled by the wait and it drove me crazy. And I still wanted children and couldn’t afford to wait on fertility treatments. 

With my current partner, there’s no deception, no working me up into a lather with talking about our wedding and no empty promises. We are happy every single day just being together. He’s expressed to me through words and actions that I am the one for him and he is completely committed to me for life. He’s not sure there needs to be a ‘next step.’ I want to marry him, but I’m happy being his partner for life with or without marriage. I just like jewelry and party planning and girl talk so I hang around here and play around on Pintrest. 

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Hey Bees! I’ve been lurking on the boards for a few weeks and finally decided to join πŸ™‚

I might be a tad “waiting crazy”? At least that’s what my BF and friends like to tease me about! We’ve been together for almost 7.5 years, lived together for 3 years. Our close friends are mostly engaged or married (although they’re all at least 2 years older than me), and they’re all excited for when it’ll happen for us too πŸ™‚ I’m pretty certain he will propose before my birthday next April, but until then, I’ll be scatching that itch with my secret Pinterest boards and hanging out around here πŸ˜› it’s nice to know I’m not the only ‘crazy’ one!

My BF knows my ‘timeline’ and I may or may not have a few potential wedding dates planned for 2016 and 2017 (preferably 2016, but I want at least a year to plan!!). I’ve been looking into wedding dress styles and venues lately, and pretty much know what I want my e-ring to look like. We’ve only gone ring shopping once, in 2013! πŸ™ He’s recently mentioned that he has $$$ set aside for the e-ring, although he absolutely refuses to even step in any jewelry stores when we’re at the mall! >< We’ve also been looking at houses on and off over the past year, so I know it’s just a matter of time! Anyway, sorry for the rambling, but that’s my story and I’m just doing my best to not get too impatient with him. I definitely don’t want him to feel like he’s being rushed and just let him do things on his own time. I’m sure he’ll have something amazing planned (hopefully soon!) πŸ˜€

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