(Closed) When did you start to show?

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  • poll: When did you get your bump?
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    Week 9-10 : (2 votes)
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    Week 11-12 : (4 votes)
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    Week 13-14 : (7 votes)
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    Week 15-16 : (6 votes)
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    After week 16 : (22 votes)
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    I started bloated and it just evolved into the bump! : (3 votes)
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    Hmmm I was bloated very early on, had to unbutton my pants at work and started wearing the bella band around week 10…

    I am usually a pant size 4 and size small tops, so I felt it was very, very obvious from the get go. However, no one noticed until around week 18 really. After I told them.

    We were on a vacation at the beach at week 16 and people were surprised to learn I was expecting (and it’s not like I could use clothing to hide it).

    But everyone is different and our bumps all grow differently. At 29 weeks, I constantly get comments on how my bump is so small, is the baby healthy, bla blah blah…

    I read that if you have very strong abs to begin with, it may have an impact on how big your bump gets; and if I remember correctly, you work out a lot, so I suspect you will be like me and won’t be showing a lot.

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    With bothe of mine I didn’t start showing until about 16 weeks. With my second I had a little bit earlier showing, but I wasn’t very big with either of mine.

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    I’m 7 weeks (almost 8) now, and my bloating (from before 4 weeks!) is finally gone.  Hang in there lady.

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    I am really interested in these responses, too!

    I’m 5’2 and wear a size 2petite (and XS up top) and wondering when I’ll look like I have a bump.

    At the rate I’m eating, I’ll be gaining plenty of other weight in the first trimester so maybe the bump won’t be noticeable. Embarassed  I’m still working out, but definitely snacking every hour to keep nausea at bay.

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    I had an overnight growth spurt between 11-13 weeks. Then at 14 weeks, I felt very noticeable. 

    I voted for 13-14 weeks before no one else would have been able to tell it was a baby bump except my husband who sees me naked every day. I started wearing flowier or looser fitting shirts and it wasn’t noticeable at all.

    You probably saw my 11wk picture in the spring babies thread, but I think I was bigger than “average”

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    @Goldilocks1107: There will be a lot of adjustments to your workout routine, trust me! I used to be a Pilates/spinning/karate/P90x/running kinda girl… worked out 5-6 days for at least 1hour

    I gave up running early on because it was uncomfortable; and Pilates/P90x as well. I still do some abs work, but not lying down and very gentle.

    My workout regime is now 4-5 times a week, 30 minutes of elliptical followed by 15 minutes of strength training, typically. Sometimes I’ll go to a spin class, or an aerobics class (which are becoming hard to follow), but mostly elliptical.

    Given the situation, I’m quite happy with my shape. BUT I don’t know if you’ll be able to stay in your pants for very long though! I worked the bella bands for a while, but as soon as I discovered the comfort of maternity pants, there was no going back!

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    I’m 13 weeks, and I think I’m starting to show.  Hubs thinks so too… but the rest of the world would never notice.  So I guess it depends on what you mean by “showing”.  My tummy is definitely on the advance, but it’s still going to be a while before most people will recognize me as being pregnant. 

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    I kept thinking that I had a bump, but it was just bloat until about 18 or 19 weeks.  After that, it took off!  And I really started to look pregnant at the 21 week mark.  Now there’s no stopping it! haha

    I could tell the difference between the bloat and the bump when I would lay flat on my back.  The bump would stay sticking up, where the bloat would kind of fall to the side (if that makes sense).  Also, if I layed on my stomach, it felt like I was laying on a water balloon. 

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    With my first I didnt start showing until about 25ish weeks I was very active before and during working out 2-3 hours 4 times a week. I was a size 1 in pants and small or XS in tops

    But with my second I wasnt as active but still active and I started showing about 18 weeks. But at around 15 weeks I kept getting comments about how good I looked Probably from all the weight I lost from throwing up lol…

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    Darling Husband and I both felt like it was VERY obvious even at 9 wks, I suppose because we both knew that my waist is…er, was… pretty narrow. Because of that, starting some time around 8 wks, I started wearing lots of scarves, shift dresses (they work surprisingly well), flowy tops, jackets & sweaters to hide my belly until we got to 13 wks.  Turns out by doing so, 2 of my co-workers noticed that I was wearing clothes that hid my belly and made (an accurate) assumption. The only other person who guessed was the receptionist, since she knew when I was out for a dr appt. Anyway– once I announced, everyone else at work kept saying “But you don’t even look pregnant!”– even when I was wearing form-fitting maternity clothes (which are designed to accentuate the bump). So, in my experience, I say it’s a crap shoot. 

    I didn’t look obviously pregnant (as in, when you looked at me, you’d think I was pregnant, not that maybe I was a little thick around the middle/gaining weight) until 18 or 19 wks. That’s when co-workers and volunteers started saying “OH! You are pregnant! You’re starting to get a bump!”

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    i was in pretty good shape before i got pregnant. 5’7 or so, about 145 lbs and a size 4 or 6. for the past 4 weeks i have been exhausted and havent worked out at all, and i have noticed a difference in how i look. below my upper abs, my stomach has this hard poochy blob that is kind of gross. i am 8 weeks. my husband says he can notice it through my shirts.

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