When did you start to show?

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  • poll: When did you start to show?
    immediately: 8-12 weeks : (9 votes)
    18 %
    12-15 weeks : (8 votes)
    16 %
    15-18 weeks : (11 votes)
    22 %
    18-24 weeks : (18 votes)
    36 %
    24 weeks + : (4 votes)
    8 %
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    Bee Keeper

    For my first I was pretty much halfway before I started showing anything like a pregnancy bump.  With my second I felt like it was super obvious at 12 weeks, but I think I started showing at around 15 weeks iwth my second. 

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    Blushing bee

    I’m 15 weeks tomorrow and I’m still wearing most of my normal clothes, but definitely can’t button my jeans anymore lol I’ve used a rubber band to keep them closed for now to try to hold off on maternity pants and have been living in leggings and comfy shorts 🙂 I do have about 3 maternity shirts, but they are really comfy and worked before I had any pudgyness in the belly area lol I do plan on going shopping this weekend and possibly buying a pair of maternity capris and shorts that will hopefully get my through the summer.  Once my belly gets more pronounced I’m sure I’ll buy more shirts and dresses also.

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    fromatoz :  I was SO bloated (partly as an after effect of IVF) that I wore maternity pants around week 10. Then the bloat calmed down and I wore regular pants again for a few weeks before going back to maternity around 16 or 17. 

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    12w3d with #1 and my lower abdomen is just starting to poke out in a way that makes me look like I had too many donuts. All my normal clothes fit fine, though jeans feel a little tight after a meal. I’ve started wearing more sack-like tops to hide the pudge, but def nowhere near needing full-on mat clothes yet. I’m super curious about when I’ll have a legit bump and really need maternity clothes!

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    Buzzing bee
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    I didn’t vote because I wasn’t sure what you were asking in the poll – “showing”, or full-on requiring maternity clothes only.

    I had to give up my jeans pretty early, like 8-9 weeks, and I had a lot more more roundness in the midsection. I think a lot of it was bloating, not a legit baby bump. But I consider that showing. I started wearing maternity jeggings around then and no regrets!! They are super comfy. 

    But I’m 18.5 weeks now and I can still wear non-maternity leggings, skirts, yoga pants, running tights, and shirts. I’m not wearing maternity clothes by necessity, unless I want to wear jeans.


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    My jeans were definitely very tight at 12 weeks.  By 13, I was wearing them unbuttoned, and I gave into maternity pants by 15 I think.  At 18/19, I cant wear my jeans anymore, leggings are stretchy enough, and I can still hid it or emphasize it depending on what I wear.

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    Probably somewhere from 12 to 18 weeks. 

    My advice is invest now and be comfortable. Also, a pregnancy pillow will save you in your final months. I thought I didn’t need one, I was so very wrong. 

    I’m 35 weeks, the past two months have been nothing but maxi dresses. I can wear maternity jeans still but the waist hits where the baby lays and she hates it and makes her opinion known. She doesn’t like having anything pressing against her at all.

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    I actually lost weight in the beginning because I was so nauseous. But I still had a lot of early pregnancy bloat. No one would’ve ever guessed I was pregnant then though. Around 12 weeks is when I started wearing this belly band thing. That way I could still wear my normal pants but I didn’t have to button them. 

    I think I felt it was obvious I was pregnant around 16-17 weeks, and that’s when I started wearing some maternity clothes. But I think random people didn’t start putting it together until closer to 20 weeks. Then it felt like all of a sudden I had a cute little baby bump! Then that exploded and I was ginormous. Ha! 

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    Bumble bee

    I have to second KittyYogi 100%.  I had to forego my pre-pregnancy jeans almost right away.  As soon as I started bloating, they were just so uncomfortable.  I can still button them but they’re super unflattering now and definitely not worth the torture.  I’m 18 weeks tomorrow and I still haven’t gotten any maternity clothes.  I’m definitely more round but the chub that I already had pre-pregnancy is pushed outward lol so I don’t have a very defined bump.

    I’ve had to get pretty creative with my wardrobe now that it’s getting warmer and I can’t wear leggings every day.  I’ve been pulling out all my strechy dresses and strechy pants but still go through several changes before settling on something mediocre and leaving the house lol.  

    I’m still in that really awful in-between phase, where I just look like I’ve gained a few pounds and kind of get the side-eye from people who don’t know that I’m pregnant.  What’s fun about this point is that people who don’t know I’m pregnant and find out always gasp and tell me how small I am for being almost half way through lolol!

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    pinkshoes :  I do this too some days I feel like getting a feel for the “real” bump and other days I’m terrified and try to hide it lol.

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    #1, by 15 weeks it was more comfortable to wear maternity clothes.  and probably 18w i was starting to really show.

    #2, i started wearing maternity pants at 10w.  popped out sooner.

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    Blushing bee
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    I started to show about the same time with both pregnancies, although with #1 it was a gradual progression between 16-20 weeks to get to an obvious “yup, pregnant” look. With #2, I went from “hmm… too many cookies?” at 17 weeks to “definitely pregnant” at 18 weeks.

    I was able to get away with non-maternity yoga and pyjama pants for my entire pregnancy with #1, but I’m carrying a lot lower this time and basically haven’t been able to wear anything non-maternity on my lower half since I started showing.

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    Didn’t show until the very beginning of my third trimester, and never bought maternity clothes (but that’s probably bc I live in ponte pants). I had a weird pregnancy, though… I was under my pre-pregnancy weight until the very last few weeks despite having a normal BMI, which required extra ultrasounds to make sure the little munchkin was growing ok (he was and ended up well over 7 lbs somehow!). While I’m probably not that helpful a data point, I know from my panicked googling sessions that there are ladies out there with similar experiences.

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