(Closed) When did you stop having roommates?

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I got my first 1br apartment (no roommates) when I was about 25. I was making around $50k a year and my rent was about $1000 per month. It was totally worth it! If I lived in a higher cost of living area I would have probably stuck it out with roommates for longer though.

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Age 18-19 I had my first and only flatmate (an older live-in landlord recommended via my scholarship). I lived alone before that from age 16-18 (before that I lived at home with my family) and ever since that one age 18-19 I lived alone until I moved in together with my Darling Husband. As lovely and nice as my live-in landlord was (going as far as to lend me his summer cottage on the coast if I wanted a weekend away, and him regularly going away leaving me the run of the flat) I really discovered I hated sharing and just worked and saved up money ASAP to move to my own place. 

In all the flats I’ve had I always prioritised location first and compromised on size and standard. 


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I live in a very expensive city (Sydney) but fortunately I never had to have roommates. When I started working full time at 21, I moved into a granny flat by myself, paying $1000/month. People my age who moved into apartments with bedrooms and stuff tended to have roommates, though. 

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akshali2000 :  I moved back home for just under a year after I finished undergrad and then moved into my own apartment. I never had roommates post-college. My sanity was worth the extra couple hundred dollars a month. I absolutely LOVED living alone – I actually miss it sometimes (even though I love my husband) until a bug needs to be killed. I don’t miss having to do that myself hahaha. 

eta: my single girl apartments were all in Boston so not cheap, but I prioritized privacy over space and fanciness so I found some decent deals. My friends with roommates definitely had newer apartments than I did/ 

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akshali2000 :  I actually started out without roomates and had one in my mid twenties. The experience almost killed me. As far as cost was concerned,  it was still affordable for me not to have a roommate and totally worth it, though I was living paycheck to paycheck. 

As far as renting furniture goes, I  found renting a furnished apartment will pay for the furniture many times over- never worth it to me.

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The year after I graduated college (23-24) I lived with a girl who turned out to be super sketchy. As in: she stole from me. After that situation I vowed to never have a roommate again. It was expensive (lived in Chicago) but it was soooo worth it! As far as furniture and stuff, I just bought Craigsist/cheap stuff in the beginning. And I had my furniture from my parents’ house that I took with me (bed, dresser, nightstand). I didn’t buy a couch from an actual store until I was 28. 

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I really need my personal space.  I only had a roommate freshman year of college.  After that, I’ve always been on my own.  I loved having my own apartment before I got married.  It was more expensive, but worth it to me. (I live in a bigger city, but not crazy expensive like DC or SF)

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I was 21 the last time I lived with housemates. Since then, I’ve either lived with my parents, my husband or by myself.

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akshali2000 :  I had a roommate until I was about 27.  I also lived in a high cola area but was lucky that by that time I could afford it. I tried to hang on as long as I could manage to save the money bc when I moved out my rent went up by about 70%. 

Id say that I’d rather have roommate stress than money stress, so just hang in there if you can’t afford it. 

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i lived with room mates till i was probably 23/24 (So 4-5 years). But roommates suck and i was deseprate to live in my own place, however living in an area where the rent is sky high, i couldnt afford anything decent. So i bit the bullet and moved into one of the sh*ttiest studio apartments in one of the worst areas…. Even though it wasnt great i was thrilled to finally be on my own, didnt last long though once my bf (now DH) and I decided to move in together about 6 months later into his nicer house. 

Once i had the experience of living by myself though i could never go back to living with a bunch of random roommates. 

As far as affording it especially if your young i would make sure you had a backup plan in regards to money, make sure you have quite a savings built up just in case of any surprise deposits or accidents. I think the rule is from what i can remember is to not spend more then 20-30% of your monthly income on rent. Anymore then that you’ll go broke. (Even though lots of people these days dont follow this) 

my one big piece of advice is to try your hardest at getting into a semi decent safe area. This is something i ignored when i first moved out on my own and i kinda paid the price, i had drug dealers as neighbors, and an abusive alcoholic couple living above me…. Lets just say i didnt get a ton of sleep living in my apartment, and lots of shaddy randoms hanging out by my front door. 

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hikingbride :  This!  I had roommates through college and law school, then decided to live on my own for a year before my now husband and I moved in together.  I live in a high COL area too, so I moved to the burbs and found a decent place for $1900.  It was tight budget-wise, but I’m really glad that I got to live on my own before being married.  My mom always told me her biggest regret was moving straight from home to living with my dad (she lived at home for college), and I took that to heart.  Definitely recommend!

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I had roommates through college and 1 year after college.  I then moved in with my Darling Husband right before I turned 23.  While I had great roommate experiences, I quickly enjoyed living with just my partner.  While you still have to be considerate of your partner, it is quite different than always being considerate of roommates.   If I had not moved in with him I would have probably started looking for a place to live on my own.  It would have been expensive, but I was ready for my own space. 

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Until 22 when I finished grad school 😉

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The last time I had a roommate was freshman year in college.  I lived alone every year after that (worked in res life, so got my own room for the rest of college).  I LOVED living alone.  Always have.  For kitchen supplies I would go garage saling with my mom and find a set of bowls for $2 and a table for $3.50 and a TV stand for $1.  I still have all of those actually.  Some things I have replaced, others I have not.  It has been a gradual thing for me.  Literally all my furniture has been either IKEA or garage sale.  When I moved out into my first place after college I found a ton of great garage sale finds, but also bought a set of chairs at IKEA as well as a small shelf.  I have since purchased a comfy chair, larger book shelves, and a dresser from IKEA, and other kitchen items.

Take things gradually.  Think of the necessities that you don’t have already.  Do you have plates, bowls, cups, silverware for your kitchen?  Do you have some mixing bowls and a few pans?  There’s tons of stuff you can use with a basic set of pans and some mixing bowls.  When my husband and I moved in together we both had fairly complete kitchens PLUS we were getting kitchen stuff for our wedding, so we ended up giving a lot of the old garage sale stuff away, and some of the cheaper stuff that we had purchased at Target or IKEA.  When we gave stuff away we offered it to younger family members first who were just moving out on their own.

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I stopped having roommates after I graduated from college. I was probably around 23 at the time. Since then I lived alone until my Darling Husband and I moved in together roughly 3.5 years ago (I’m 31 now). Like others I liked living alone – I do enjoy living with Darling Husband more than a roommate, though. 

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