(Closed) When did you stop taking BC before TTC? and Why?

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Helper bee

I went off BC in March but wasn’t planning on TTC for a few years. My prescription ran out and I decided to see what my body would do and we have been natural family planning (ish) since!

We are planning to TTC in January, though in early January we are going to an area with Zika, but are planning on staying in the resort. If we happen to get bit by mosquitoes we will put off TTC of course. 

So I’ll have been off BC for 10 months to a year before TTC.

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BiGGraphics22 :  I went off birth control after my wedding to start TTC immediately. It took nearly 5 months for me to have a period, and then another several months for my newly returned cycle to become reasonably regular again – all in all, close to a year before my body functioned the way it did pre-BC. In the meantime, my skin was horrible (I didn’t even break out as a teenager)! This doesn’t happen to everyone, of course, but it does happen. 

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Yeah, I wouldn’t bother with stopping months before UNLESS I was comfortable getting pregnant then or using condoms.  You can get pregnant within a few weeks of stopping BCP.  The pills are out of your system within days.  It might just take some people ~3 cycles for their bodies to regulate and catch up.  My cycles were regular as soon as I quit the pill, and I was on it for 16 years.  And yes, I got pregnant right away.  So personally I won’t go off unless I am ready to be pregnant immediately.  If you want to make sure your cycles are ready to go then you can go off it early, just either be prepared for a pregnancy or use protection.

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Busy bee

Same as lots of the PPs… I stopped taking BC a few months before TTC because 1. I was sick of being on BC and 2. Wanted to track and see how my periods would regulate.

I had a friend that was off BC for like 2 weeks and is now happily pregnant!

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Bumble bee
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I had my IUD removed a month before we started trying and in that month we used condoms as BC.  I wanted to give my cycles time to regulate and my OB said that it could happen quickly or it might take a few months.  Luckily I got my period soon after my IUD was removed and it was regular the next month (the third month was when we conceived).

I’d say definitely wait until you’re ready to get pregnant since it could happen sooner than you think.  I know someone who removed her IUD about 6 months before her wedding thinking that they would start trying right away after the wedding.  She had heard that it would take a while to ge the hormones out of your system but ended up getting pregnant within weeks of getting it removed.

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Honey bee

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BiGGraphics22 :  I am having my IUD removed 3 months before trying. I have not had a period in over 10 years and know nothing about my cycles. Therefore, I am taking the time to let my body regulate and to understand it better. 

My OBGYN recommended waiting 4-5 weeks before trying to let it clear my system. So clearly, some doctors give different adivce (which might also depend on what type of BC you are on). 

Also, I can’t just stop taking my birth control, I have to schedule an appointment to have it removed. My doctor books up month in advance, and is really busy at the end of the year. So that played a factor into my choice to remove early.

For some women, their bodies go back to normal right away. For others, it takes a few months to get their periods or for their cycles to normalize (that is not a myth).

I know I could get pregnant once it is removed, but we would be fine if that did happen. So it’s just a personal choice I guess.

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BiGGraphics22 :  I stopped BC pills when we were ready to start TTC. My doctor had told me that they prefer people to wait 3 months between stopping BC and starting TTC because it made it easier to date the pregnancy more accurately, but that there was absolutely no harm in not waiting at all. In my case, I ended up pregnant shortly before the 3 months were up and the only effect it had was that I needed to have an earlier ultrasound in order to date the pregnancy.

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I had my IUD removed when it expired, and that was 3 years ago. We just started TTC this year, but I didn’t want to have another inserted and was not interested in going on any other BC. We were NTNP.

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BiGGraphics22 :  I just stopped my birth control last week. But not for reasons of TTC. I’ve been having killer headaches lately. And just a month ago I switched up my cycle so I wouldn’t be on my period during our vacation. Since then I keep getting migraines. I was in the hospital last week with the worst I’ve ever had. I decided that maybe my birth control was causing this so I took my patch off. We don’t plan on TTC for another 6 months or so but I figured maybe by then my cycle will be regulated by then. In the mean time we are taking other precautionary measures of preventing pregnancy. I did talk to my OB about when I should stop birth control and she said about a month or so before we want to try and allow myself to have a period off birth control.

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Busy bee
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I tested with a low AMH (one of the hormones they test for fertility) and in learning about that learned that long term pill use can actually shut your ovaries down and shrink them by half. This is totally reversible and doesn’t happen to everyone but it’s a definite possibility. I think the average time to bounce back is a few months but it can take six months to a year. So while lots of women get pregnant immediately after coming off BC, and some women’s cycles are regular right away, know that there could be a time lag. 

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My doc just told me recently that it’s not harmful to start trying immediately, but that waiting 1 month off of BC pills may be helpful. He mentioned something about letting the natural lining build up and that there can be a higher risk of miscarriage if you get pregnant that first month. 

Any bees know if that’s true?

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I didnt stop my BC priot to TTC, but I really wish I did. If I could go back in time I would have gotten off BC 3 months prior to starting to TTC, so that I could let my cyles regulate, and become more farmiliar with temping and charting.

I’m on month 5 of TTC and while I’m sick of waiting, I am glad I didnt get a BFP on month 1 or 2 of trying, becuase I would have never had the chance to temp, chart, and learn about my cycle. I barely knew what ovulation was before TTC, so I just think having an undersanding of how a womans cycle works is important. I have friends with kids who have no idea how their cycle works becuase they got pregnant on the first try, without even really having to ‘try’.

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