(Closed) When did you tell your boss?

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It depends on your job, really. I work in a lab developing antibioics, which means human pathogens and compounds not tested for their side effects are a daily part of my routine. So, if you are pregnant they want you to tell them right away so they can give you more administrative work to limit risk. If you have a desk job, i’d wait till 3 months or so unless you feel super sick all the time!

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Would it be wrong not to tell anything until the boss sees the bump? I’d like to see my boss struggle to bring this up (hmm are you preggers or just fattening up? ) lol!

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I didn’t tell until almost 20 weeks.  I figured it was nobody’s business unless I was missing work or having problems…

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My manager got promoted to the manager position and found out she was pregnant days later…. She told our district manager right away, it was just a funny situation, how they both happened at the same time.

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I didn’t say anything until 6 weeks, and that was because my boss asked me if I was okay because I was spending so much time in the bathroom! I told her, she told one other supervisor, and then it stayed under wraps with the rest of the office until probably 14-15 weeks.

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I think it depends on your job! Mine requires extensive travel so I told the person I work with the most early around 8 weeks (although he has 3 kids and had figured it out already!) and others at 12 week.  Primarily I need them to help me find more local work because even now extensive travel is just exhausting.  If you have a job that requires a lot of manual labor or other things that are harder during pregnancy and you feel like you have good job security, I say earlier is better so others can cut you some slack!

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I’m in a unique situation because I would for a 3 person company.  It’s been just the 3 of us for 8 years now and my boss is like family.  Plus I was super sick early on.  I think I told my boss around 6 or 7 weeks.  I started working from home a lot around that time… it’s just nicer to get sick at home then out and about 🙂

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I always wonder about this for when it happens to me. I work at a law firm and I am my boss’ only employee besides other attorneys.. I am the only one here .. so I wonder about what they will think when I have a DR.s appointment every month.. lol. so i dont know how i would go about it?!!

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My boss figured it out almost right away; I think I was at 6 weeks when she asked if I was pregnant.  I was really sick in the beginning, though, and my boss was super supportive.  🙂  Plus, we didn’t tell anyone else at work until the second trimester.

From an HR standpoint, I do think it’s important to give your boss adequate time to prepare (20 weeks is fine, but 30 weeks is a too close).  Plus, you’ll want to start planning maternity leave in the second trimester, and you’ll probably need to talk to your boss about the company policy, returning to work, who will do your work while you’re gone, etc…

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I actually had to tell my boss just shy of 7 weeks because I had a scare and needed to go to the doc immediately so it was hard to explain to the boss that I had to leave work early and not returning when I looked totally normal. As expected, he was excited and practically shooed me out the door. Because of his past experience he didn’t me to take any risks.

Preferably, I would have wanted to tell him after 12 weeks. I would have had no choice as I was starting to show and he sits right next to me. I know I wouldn’t have been able to wait too long as it is just him and I that run the department so both of us cannot be out at the same time. It was just easier to discuss my maternity leave and get things situated sooner. Oh and only a few short weeks later, he announced that his wife was preggie too.

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I told work at 12 weeks, since some people I believe had started guessing, but I made sure to tell my family first even though it was not a surprise to my boss when I told him.  I didn’t want work to know before my family. Luckily I have a desk job so there was no risk involved with holding onto the secret, but I might have told earlier if I had felt very sick but I only missed one day. I also would have told earlier if I had had some type of scare like you did Roddybride.

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I’m not pregnant or planning to be for some time, but here’s a funny story:

I grew up in a really little town in Oregon, where my dad was the primary small animal veterinarian for the area. I worked for him all throughout middle school, high school and my first two years of college, along with usually two or three other women who were vet techs, receptionists or both. Anyway, when I was in high school, two long time workers both moved away, and my dad had to hire some new employees. 

Of the three people he hired that year, all three of them discovered they were pregnant within a week of working. They all told him immediately, and all three worked there well into their pregnancy, had their babies and came right back to work after a couple of months. 

My poor dad gets teased all the time about the amount of estrogen in his office already, so this was a funny turn of events. And, even more so, one of those three women still work for him, and she and another new hire this year — who also became pregnant very soon after beginning to work for him — just had their babies this last month within two hours of each other.

We say it must be something in the water. 

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Wow, this is a good thread.  I don’t know when I would do it.

Do you think there is a difference if your boss is a man and a woman? Or whether they are single or married. 

Not that I think, anything bad about my boss but he is single and I would think he would have a different view of it, let’s say if he was married.

Hmmm, well he and I have both mentioned about babies, after my wedding. (kinda a sort of jokingly?)  That I’m going to wait 2 years before having them. So I’m sure he does think about it. I’m sure he wouldn’t be shocked but I’m not sure what he really thinks of it. He would proably have to think about hiring a temp to replace me while I’m on leave. 


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