(Closed) When did/will you stop taking BC?

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  • poll: When did/will you stop taking BC?
    After the wedding - TTC on honeymoon : (9 votes)
    18 %
    One month before we started TTC : (20 votes)
    39 %
    2-3 months before we started TTC : (8 votes)
    16 %
    At least 6 months before TTC : (14 votes)
    27 %
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    We stopped when we found out that I was pregnant even though I was on the pill!  Lol! 

    Sorry I am not more help.  We used a diaphragm after our Dirty Delete was born, so when we thought we’d like another, we didn’t use it.  I would stop bc at least a month or two before TTC.  Just use other forms of protection if you don’t want to get pregnant before the wedding.

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    I stopped taking BC when I let my prescription run out by being irresponsible. I had every intention of going back on it but I noticed in the time that I wasn’t taking it I seemed to have more energy and less headaches so I just decided not to go off completely. We just use condoms now and when we get married we’ll go the natural family planning route.

    EDIT: To your second post, things were actually better for me off of it. My period isnt as light but I’m fine with that. My friend on the other hand had an opposite reaction and had horrible cramps and breakouts.

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    it’s tricky since you want to start on the honeymoon, but i would stay on BC until after the wedding. you don’t want your period on your wedding day, nor do you want any break outs. it’s easier to go with the known value.

    if we were ready to ttc, i would stop taking BC right after the wedding, even if that meant waiting a couple of weeks to ttc.

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    I was on BCP/Depo/BCP for about 9 or 10 years,  I wsa scared when I went off it too, but it was fine.  I stopped taking it on Aug 31 (last pill) and got pregnant in late October.  I did break out, but I dont know if that was from the lack of pill or the pregnancy, and it was nothing to write home about.  Im talking 2-3 pimples total.  The mood swings, those were pregnancy related I think, but Im not positive.  I know Mrs Dumpling (aka Mandy at OMG Im a mom) was just a few days late putting in her NuvaRing and she got pregnant,  Id wait until the wedding if you are worred about that stuff

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    I was on Nuvaring and as soon as I stopped taking it, my hormones shot through the roof and I was incredibly horny. I couldnt stop wanting it. I didnt break out or have mood swings, I just wanted to never leave the bed lol. I also had more energy and I was a little more emotional than I have been. But it is different for everyone…

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    We aren’t TTC but I did stop for a little while last year. I did break out a lot, but it also turned out that I had PCOS. Just to be on the safe side, I would wait to stop until two weeks or so before the wedding. When we’re ready TTC, I will wait to get off BC until right when we want to start. I know at least one person who got pregnant right off the pill without any issues on their first try.

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    if you have cysts the bc may be slowing them, rather than making them worse. i’m on the nuvaring to help prevent cysts and regulate my periods. when i’ve stopped bc before, the first month wasn’t as bad as the second (i guess maybe that’s how long it takes my body to get rid of all of the hormones). what would be my 2nd and 3rd periods off bc i usually break out and am not the happiest camper. it’s hard to know how someone will be coming off of it, some people seems to barely notice anything, some people have a lot of changes. sorry, wish i had a better answer! 

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    I thought birth control helped with cysts. I’ve only had cysts when not on the pill. In fact, I was put on the pill in my early 20’s due to having ovarian cysts and it helped get rid of them.

    As far as going off the pill, I waited until after our honeymoon because I didn’t want to have my period during the wedding/honeymoon and also due to possible withdrawl symptoms. I had them and pretty bad for a few weeks! I had mood swings (crying spells), a little dizziness and I think that was it. I didn’t have any acne problems.

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    Check out some of the older posts in the babies section.  A lot of us have had issues with breaking out post BC and I think on average it started about a month after stopping.

    I stopped during honeymoon and have been off for 6 months now.  My face is out of control!  I don’t even know my skin anymore : (.  And my cycles still aren’t regular.  (I was on low estrogen BC for 11 years)

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    i think you should stop now and begin charting your cycle. use condoms until then, its really not that bad!

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    I stopped taking the pill a couple months before TTC

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    I’d definitely wait until after the wedding. Since you’ve been on birth control so long, you don’t know how your body may react. I went off birth control for a few months, and went from having a clear face, to having serious, serious breakouts. It was awful. Don’t risk it before the wedding!

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