When do you consider a name to be too popular?

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  • poll: When do you consider a name to be too popular?

    Anything within the top 10 is too popular

    Anything within the top 50 is too popular

    Anything within the top 100 is too popular

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    I don’t think so! People are using more unique names nowadays that even being in the top 100 doesn’t mean an enormous amount of people will have that name. More so than top 100 lists, I would look at your particular area. You mentioned you looked at your particular province, but how many people have you met with the name Violet? Do you know many people that have named their baby Violet recently? One of my favorite girl names was always Reagan, but even though it isn’t super high on the most popular baby names list, it has become crazy popular in my area. I know at least four people that named their baby Reagan last year alone. 

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    The trend is important, too. I would generally say top 100. But if a name went from 700 to 250 in the last two years, I wouldn’t use it because it’s becoming too popular.

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    I wouldn’t want to be in top 50 I think, but honestly it doesn’t weigh on my mind too much. My son’s name is Andrew and I can’t tell you where that is on the charts or if it’s in the top 100 or not. I just loved the name when I was pregnant. 

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    @ AllieBee12   I don’t think anything in the top 100 is off limits! The top 10 maybe, but the other 90 names are fair game. The top 100 names actually only account for a very small percentage of babies born that year and many of them are never heard in my area. I only know two Violets personally , one is a 90 year old woman and the other is my niece (Violet Pauline). Violet is a beautiful name and fits my niece to a T. Like PP mentioned, Reagan is currently having a surge of popularity and has become increasingly popular in my area so I would look into YOUR area to make a decision! 

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    I don’t think so. I went through this same struggle naming our baby, husband wanted a name that’s been in the top ten the past few years.

    I just made so to give her a middle name that would make for easy nicknames.

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    I think my name was around #17 the year I was born, but I’ve still only ever met a couple other people with my name and I never had any others in my classes growing up. I think top 10 is going to be where you’re really getting multiples in the same class and such. I also agree with PP about the trend though. If a celebrity uses a name or there is a popular TV show with a cool name, it can start to skyrocket. 

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    For me, I consider a name too popular if I hear it in my daily life referring to multiple people. For example, I know more Brandons than I have fingers for. At one time, me, my sister, and my cousin were all dating Brandons and had all three at the family Christmas party. That’s a name that was too popular.

    Baby names that I hear too much of right now are Finley, Jackson (so many of them..), Nora, Addelyn (so many alternate spellings), Oliver, Everett, and Joscelyn, and that’s just off the top of my head. I also worked in a daycare for over a year, which quickly tells you what names are popular.

    I think you are safe with Violet though! I haven’t seen or heard of any baby or adult named that (at least in my area). Typically the names I hear too much of are the “new” ones, where Violet has been around a while, or old revivals, which I don’t know of any grandma’s or great-grandmas named Violet. So I think you’re good 🙂

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    Just name your kid what you want.  The top 10 now is not as common (by sheer number) as the top 10 was in the 70s or 80s due to so many people now trying for unique names or unique spellings.  #1 name today will have less actual children with that name than the #1 name in the 80s did.  Top 10 names are fine with me as long as they are nice names.  If anything, I hate the “trendy” names that never existed before but then suddenly zoom up in popularity.  Always common popular names (William), old revivals (such as Violet), are all fine by me and I would use those.  My daughter’s name is similar to Violet (older name, went down, popular again) and my sons has always been top 10-20 (like William).  I usually like more classic names and I like Violet.  The majority of names end up “dated” at some point (until some are revived again) outside of the classic top names that always seem to be popular over time (Catherine, William, Elizabeth, James, Andrew, etc).

    I do know one Violet (I have a 3 year old and 1 year old) but haven’t seen it in any of our classrooms/friend groups other than the 1 kid.

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    @ AllieBee12   When there is a casino named it: 

    Image result for the aria casino

    My poor daughter. It USED to be super unusual. 

    My name was pretty uncommon when I was growing up, too but Autumn hit 65th in the last couple years. 

    I liked having a unique name, but I think it shouldn’t be the primary motive in making a decision. You run the risk of choosing something so offbeat they get flack for that, or no one can pronounce it properly. 

    I’d just choose something you love. Violet isn’t that common, and it’s lovely and dignified.

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    @ AllieBee12   Top 100 was still to common for me, but generally speaking I think it’s fine to avoid multiples in the classroom. Our naming criteria was classic, easily pronounced and spelled (because out last name isn’t), and not in the top 500 from the social security name list for the past several years. 

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    There are regional trends that make the overall popularity meaningless. For example, I named one son a name that was in the 90s of the top 100 and he still ended up with two other boys with the same name in his elementary classroom, not just his class. It’s an Old Testament name and where I was living at the time that made a difference. He survived, is in college now, and likes his name. Don’t stress out too much over this. 

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    We wanted to avoid the top 100. It helped that we didn’t love any names there anyway. But my guess is that if we had, we would’ve just gone for it anyway (especially if it was outside the top 10/20). I think you should go for Violet if it’s a name you really love for your LO! When you know, you know 😊

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    @ AllieBee12   We chose not to use Top 100 names.  I am a Jamie and every class I was in always had multiple Jamie’s.  We tried to go for uncommon names but not strange.  We ended up with Mallory and Brenna.

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    Fi and I haven’t started TTC or talked baby names, but I always thought I’d try to avoid top 100 names, but I’m in love with Fmil’s middle name, Eleanor, and it’s the 77th most popular girl name in my state, overall for the US it’s 56th most popular name, or something like that. I still love it and would totally name a baby girl Eleanor if the opportunity arose. Tbh, I think it depends on how much you like the name vs it’s popularity.

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