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You could always call your doctor just to see when they would see you.  However, if you’re temping and charting other fertility signs (cervical mucus, cervical position) and timing BD well (every day when you have fertile CM), I would think you could make an appointment if you’re worried (I’m reading TCOYF and it says you could get checked after 4-6 months if you’re charting everything).


At the same time, I wouldn’t worry too much.  Like you said, you’ve been stressed with moving and stuff the last few months.  Maybe just relax and keep trying for a few months now that things have calmed down and just see what happens?  And don’t worry about your husband being clueless about charting stuff – I feel like most guys think that they have super sperm and all you need to do is pull the goalie and they’ll knock you up Tongue Out


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When I had my first prenatal planning appointment my doctor said if I was not pregnant after 6 months to come back in and we would discuss further options. I never made it that far, but I don’t think it would unusual to see a doctor at around that time frame. Good luck!

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I am 28, almost 29 so right around the same age as you.  I went to the doctor just to ask about TTC before we started and she told me not to come back unless we tried “naturally” for 12 months.  Around here, they will not refer you to a fertility specialist until a year has passed, unless you are of “advanced age” (I think around mid-thirties).

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I am 29, 30 in June. We are on our 10th cycle TTC. We decided to give it 6 months of TTC before talking to a doc. At 6 months I had blood work and Darling Husband had a SA. On cycle 9 I had a HSG. I am pretty certain AF will be here on Thursday. So cycle 11 I will be starting Clomid. It really depends on what your doctor says. I think it’s great that you are charting. Have your charts indicated O? Good luck!

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I think it depends on how well your doctor is willing to work with you or not, some doctors like to wait at least a year to send you to have any kind of tests.  You can start with your primary physician and ask to do a simple blood work to check everything, not only on you but also your Darling Husband.  You know, just the normal stuff like cholesterol and sugar levels and all of that stuff.  Try calling your doctor and see what else they can do for you or maybe they can start with your Darling Husband having a simple SA done. 

I’ve been TTC now for 8 cycles/8 months and at Cycle 6 my doctor sent me to have CD3 blook work, pelvic and transvaginal ultrasound, HSG, and CD10 blood work.  I passed with flying colors, so now its DH’s turn to have his SA done and blood work as well.

It never gets easier, I can assure you, that even though you dont think you are obsessing or putting pressure on yourself, you actually are with every BFN you get or everytime AF shows.  Im there, believe me, its painful.  Your Darling Husband might not understand it now, my Darling Husband didn’t either on our first cycles trying, but once he realizes it really isnt that easy as it seems,he might get more involved and will try to understand this “stuff”.

My Darling Husband is so involved now that he even takes my temperature ;)))

GL hun, and we are all here for you ;)))))))

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I’m on cycle 9. I have been charting on and off and the last 4 cycles religiously, and I’m still not KU. From my charts everything seems to be working. I made an appt with my gyn in May. Maybe it will be an OB appt….but I’m not holding out hope.

I think its appropriate to give it at least until 6 months especially if you’ve been stressed out lately. But if you have the money and resources, its not going to hurt to go in. Its just if its taken longer there might be more of a pattern there to indicate whats going on.

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I would just contact your doctor. When my mom’s good friend was having trouble, they told her that because she was 30, she only needed to be trying for 6 months before they would start help. 

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