(Closed) When do you plan on going on mat leave?

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I only have up to 8 weeks of leave and I want as much of that to be with the baby as possible, so I plan to work right up to the end. I told my supervisor he’ll know I’m going on leave when I’m running out the door to the hospital or my water breaks at my desk. Who knows how I’ll feel in the last month though…

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Another US Bee here, so maternity leave laws are REALLY different…

but I worked PAST my due date.  Under FMLA I am entitled to take 6 weeks of recovery and 6 weeks of bonding time, for a total of 12 weeks.  However, I only had enough PTO to take about 5 weeks and still be paid full time.

My due date came and went so I just kept coming to work!  That extra 4 days were on the next pay period, so I accrued a few more hours of PTO… every day I worked was an extra day to stay home with LO and still be paid 🙂

I went into labor on a Saturday, and I had taken that Friday off (my boss all but told me to please not come back since I looked miserable!)

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when I was PG with Dear Daughter, I worked pretty much up until I gave birth! I ended up being induced at exaactly 40 weeks (it was on a monday) and I worked that friday before. I didn’t really feel that I needed time before hand, I was pretty much prepared all around for her to come at any point. I wasn’t entitled to FMLA (I had started the job in January right after I found out I was pregnant) but I was eligible for short-term-disability which gave me 6weeks for vaginal, 8weeks for c-section of pay at a certain percentage. Granted the pay wasn’t near as what I was used to but it was much better than nothing! I enjoyed having 8weeks off with her, when it came time to go back to work it was pretty rough for me. I of course missed staring at her little crinkle up face every minute of the day but I still had quite alot of pain from my c-section incision so working was quite a challange, I wish I had gotten more time off to recover.

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I’m going at around 33 weeks–similar maternity laws here in the UK. I decided to go a earlier because I think I’ll be miserable lugging around a twin belly by then (I’m already really uncomfortable sitting in my chair for any length of time at 27.5 weeks), and I want my body to keep these little girls in as long as possible. 

From what I’ve heard from friends, it’s nice to take a bit of time off beforehand, especially if you’ve got a strong nesting instinct and want to use the time for last-minute preparations, napping,  cooking some freezer-ready meals… you get the idea.

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I’m due on Sunday and my last day is Friday.  I have an office job so I just sit in a chair all day, plus my pregnancy has been extremely healthy.  I could see taking off earlier if you had a job that forced you to stand all day or something like that.  Or if you weren’t feeling well… that type of thing.

I’m also in the US where maternity laws are different.  I get 6 weeks of disability pay and I saved up 20 days worth of PTO.  I plan to take 11 weeks off of work (alot of which will be unpaid).

Everyone’s situation is different.  If I had a year of maternity leave available, I would probably start my leave early as well.  But I probably wouldn’t start earlier than 37 weeks because I personally wouldn’t feel the need to.

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So far the plan is for me to stop around 37 weeks. I work night shift as a nurse, and it’s getting harder and harder to work the night shift lately. We are also going to be moving TWICE between now and this September (long story) so I really just need to take some time off before to not only prepare for baby, but get all our stuff packed to move. 

I get 12 weeks off (all unpaid, unfortunately) but I’m going back part time when I go back to work, so hopefully that will make the transition a little easier.

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I plan on leaving work at 36/37 weeks. I am not sure if I will come back or not. But I’m leaning towards not. All of my time off will be unpaid which stinks but we are saving now so we can afford it then. 

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Busy bee
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I’m 36 weeks and my last day is Monday (I’ll be 36 1/2 weeks then).  I’m basically done, mentally.  I *could* keep working (I’m not all that uncomfortable, but my feet do swell and I do go to the bathroom every hour on the hour—sometimes every 45 minutes!), but I just don’t feel very productive. 


I’ll be taking off until the 3rd week of November.  I live in the US, so only the first 6 weeks has a small stipend of money, and the rest is unpaid…but I’ve been saving up the past 9 months to make it happen, and I’m really looking forward to staying home with LO for her first 4 months of life.

If you have an entire year off—go ahead and leave at 36-37 weeks!  You won’t be very productive past that point anyway, and you’ll still get to stay home until your LO is 11 months old.  Sounds good to me!

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I’ll have been at my job for two years by the time I deliver so I’ll have one week paid vacation that I can use. We don’t have PTO or sick leave so I’ve been banking some hours at work to use during my leave. If my Fiance doesn’t get a job, at this point it looks like I’ll only be able to take, SIGH, four weeks off. So I will be trying to work up until baby comes :/

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I’m not pregnant but when I do get pregnant I plan on taking maternity leave as late as possible. I’m in Canada so I get a full year and I want to spend as much of that with the baby as possible!

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I’m planning on working until the end. I can easily waddle to the midwives accross the street. That’s one of the benefits of working at a University Medical Center. Pretty much everyone at my office has kids so they’ve all gone through the procedure. I rather be at work when I go into labor than at home, which is about 20 minutes away.

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I only get 6 weeks so i am working up until the bitter end!!  

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If I had Canadian benefits, I would most definitely be taking off a couple weeks early – just to get things ready, relax, etc. But, since I am a US bee, I plan to work as much as I can up until this little one decides to make an entrance into the world (I’m hoping that if needed the last couple of weeks can be a mix of in office and from home) – I had to do a lot of finagling and figuring out so that I could be home for 4 months (and then transistion back to part time and then 4 days a week) so I wouldn’t want to “give up” any of that time with the baby by taking much off beforehand. Though truthfully, I’d love to just be done right now (and I’m only 29 weeks! – but it’s the summer and I typically feel like that right about now anyways) 🙂

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I’m Canadian as well and planning to take 3 weeks off before the due date.  I’ve been advised that towards the end you become uncomfortable.  I commute using the Go Train and anticipate that the walk to/from the station on both ends will be quite taxing when I’m in the last few weeks, and that’s not even considering trying to get through a full work day.

I’d check your HR policies – I get family days which I can use during that time and they will also allow me to use my sick days so I don’t need to technically start the maternity leave until the baby is born.  I know every company is different but it’s worthwhile to investigate your options.

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