When do you think we will be able to have large weddings again? (U.S.)

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  • poll: When do you think we'll be able to have large weddings again (without masks / pre-pandemic style)

    July-September 2021

    October-December 2021

    January-March 2022

    No earlier than summer of 2022

    Winter 2022

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    Honey bee

    Based on guidelines or comforts of everyone invited?

    I think guidelines will loosen up by 2022, but I don’t think large gatherings will feel normal for guests for another 2-3 years.

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    Helper bee

    Like absolutely no thought of covid in your mind? Past 2022. I think some circles may disregard precautions sooner (or already have), but I think in general terms it won’t be soon.

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    Blushing bee

    2024.  Previous pandemics in human history have usually lasted several years.  On the positive side, our development of effective vaccines means that we have the potential of ending this pandemic earlier.  On the negative side, there is a very resistive attitude toward taking precautions against the virus, and a reluctance by too many people toward getting vaccinated (also, a more laissez-faire attitude will allow for the continued formation of variants, which will in turn delay the end of this pandemic because the vaccines will have to constantly be re-tooled).

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    Bumble bee

    My guess is spring 2024 when we get to party like it’s 2019. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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    Sugar bee

    I’m thinking next summer. There has been so much good news about COVID lately so I’m feeling optimistic. COVID has been trending massively downward on all metrics (cases, positive test rate, hospitalization, and death rate) in the U.S. since early January–and the vaccination rate is steadily picking up steam. Also, a super promising study just came out showing the Pfizer vaccine is 89% effective at preventing INFECTION, which means it helps reduce transmission, which is huge: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-02-21/pfizer-biontech-shot-stops-covid-s-spread-israeli-study-shows

    I think by this summer things are going to look a lot better, but we still won’t be able to vaccinate children for an unknown period of time, and you never know what the variants are going to do. But I remain hopeful that by next summer we really will be back to normal, more or less.

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    I think summer 2022. I do think that life will begin to look very normal on a small scale by late this summer. Like Emily said, we’ve gotten so much good news. I really do think that we’ll be able to comfortably do family get togethers, eat at restaurants, and probably only wear masks in large stores/on planes/etc by fall. Winter may be a bit tougher (but hopefully not!), but come next summer, I really do think that the combination of time and vaccines will mean that things like weddings and concerts are both safe and FEEL safe.

    The “feeling safe” bit will be the hardest, I think. I’ve had covid and I got my first vaccine. The overwhelming statistics show that I’m as immune as I can possibly be. I still feel very weird hugging my in-laws, and I haven’t been indoors without a mask, even in places that don’t require it. It’s weird, and I suspect a lot of us will struggle with some low-level anxiety as we transition back to normal. 

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    Blushing bee

    I’m in Canada but I’m not optimistic anymore about planning my wedding for summer 2022. We haven’t booked anything yet. I don’t want a “covid wedding” and I don’t want to have to change plans so we will wait it out.

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    If you’re talking about the 150+ people packed into a ballroom type wedding, it’s going to be 2024.  While the US numbers may be trending down nicely, this is a global pandemic and there are over 150 countries that haven’t started vaccinating people at all. That means transmission will remain high there, which creates plenty of opportunity for mutation.  The virus needs to be eradicated everywhere before we can lift *all* restrictions (which is why the US is pledging $2 billion in global covid funding).

    I would imagine by next fall, though, a moderately large group could gather indoors and only need to wear masks for dancing or mingling with strangers.

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    Honey bee
    • Wedding: August 2012

    I agree with several more years, unfortunately. Yes, we have more people vaccinated, but now we have all these new strains, several of which there is belief may be vaccine-resistant. 

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    Busy bee

    I think lots of people are still expecting there to be an on/off switch with covid where one day we’ll oficially announce its over and we can go back to normal. But the reality is it’ll go more slowly than that. Right after 9/11 there was lots of anxiety and resctictions around flying. Even though the anxiey eventually died down, we never fully went back to pre-9/11 life. So, while I think lots of restrictions will be lifted soon, there are some things that may never go back to how there were, at least not for many years. Maybe people will be more likely to have 100 people at a wedding instead of 200+, and maybe seats will remain more spaced out then it used to be. We may not even notice the changes after awhile, it’ll just become the norm.

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    I picked “no earlier than summer 2022” … I just read an article that said we will have to wear masks into 2022, I also believe that they will know a lot more about the longevity of the vaccine by then and if they need to tweak it or if we would have to get a booster on top of what is already being given. The issue is self entitled people that live in the US, if most people would have followed the quarantine orders and been wearing masks this whole time, we would have been able to curb the mutations a lot better, as it is right now it’s just going to keep mutating. It is also pretty mind blowing that once the numbers start to trickle down, they are so quick to open things back up (Im looking at you indoor dining)… it’s like we finally start to show progress, then allowed to be more exposed again, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense…. I know the restaurants are in need of business, but I know for ourselves we have ordered take out A LOT (treat yo’self) and even delivery! so if everyone did that instead of boycotting restaurants until they can go sit in one then it might look a lot different. 

    I whole heartedly believe if we had a different person of power when covid hit in the US,  things would clear up a lot sooner, but unfortunately we are in the thick of it, and I think it’s gonna be awhile.

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    I think the parties will be back by this fall.

     Vaccines will be available for most of the Americans who want them, which will be more than enough to convince mayors/ governors to reopen.  

    Convention centers, restaurants, caterers, theaters, etc probably won’t survive another year of closure.  Landlords and banks who are holding the bag for rentals, mortgages and empty buildings are going to be hitting a year of non-payment soon, even though landlords are expected to pay property tax (and sometimes, utilities and upkeep).  Real estate interests are a big part of any city’s donor class.

    Schools will reopen, because keeping kids out of class for 2 years is a good way to end your political career.  Businesses will reopen for the same reason.

    Soon, media coverage that supported closing to protect the most physically vulnerable will switch to reopening to protect the most socially/ economically vulnerable.  I think you’re already seeing the start w the increased coverage of women (and women of color) taking the brunt of job losses.  When the bankruptcy and foreclosure/ eviction numbers start showing the depth of the she-cession and minority owned business closure, there will be substantial pressure on elected officials to treat reopening as a social justice issue. 

    If schools and businesses reopen, parties will come back with them. 

    (None of this reflects my personal feelings… I’m just reflecting on media, and connecting dots.  Without significant financial support, it will be impossible to keep the closures in place for longer. I doubt the political will for $2trillion bills every 6 months exists.)

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    Helper bee

    My guess is that you could have a moderately sized wedding by summer 2022, though there may be some precautions still in place. Not like a 200 person indoor wedding, but maybe 50-100 outdoor. 

    It might be technically possible to have a totally normal one by then or before then, but I don’t think it will be safe. 

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    @wonderwedding:  Good point on 9/11. Life has never gone back to “pre” 9/11 days, we’ve just adapted to that new normal. 

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