When does baby making turn into a science project?

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peekaboobs :  I have to say, NTNP (not trying, not preventing) which sounds like the place you are in right now was certainly the least stressful for me and most fun. We did that for almost a year and did end up getting pregnant toward the end (ended in MC unfortunately). We’re now in the science experience to TTC space where I’m using multiple different methods of tracking. Currently I am using the Ava bracelet, Tempdrop thermometer, oral thermometer, and tracking cervical mucous and cervical position. It’s definitely less fun, but at my age (just turned 35) I’m scared to go back to the NTNP way of doing things and I’m also pretty impatient! For whatever its worth, I would recommend NTNP as long as you can and as long as it is still fun! It’s a lot less stressful (for me, anyway) and as long as you’re having sex frequently enough it can still be effective :). 

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Busy bee

I was using period/ovulation tracking apps the first 6 months or so, however, those aren’t always accurate. I tracked my symptoms in those apps, but nothing crazy.

At 6 months, I started tracking my BBT and taking supplements.

At 12 months, we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. 

It’s been over 2 years now and we still aren’t pregnant despite timed intercourse, 4 failed IUIs, 2 egg retrievals, and 1 IVF transfer since.

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the first year we tried with just regular sex not knowing a damn thing about fertility.

The first half of the second year i started track with ovulation strips, then tried temping. But temping takes a lot of patience IMO and after awhile i got frustrated and went back to just ovulation strips. 

Half way through the second year we went to fertility clinic, took a few months of running tests, etc. then the first month we tried femara i got pregnant. 

So it took us two full years to get that positive test finally. 

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I started temping a year before we started TTC because I wanted to learn about my cycles and fertility signs so that when we started TTC it could be easier to know when to DTD. We got pregnant first cycle which ended in miscarriage, took a two month break then got pregnant right away again which was another miscarriage. Then we got pregnant on the second month after second miscarriage which was a success 🙂

It all depends on your personality but NTNP would stress me out more. 

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We were looking at a very narrow TTC period due to our jobs (we work for the government and are constantly being moved overseas and back to our home country). We wanted to time it exactly right so I went straight into temping and got pregnant the third month. We were very lucky. I’m pregnant with our second now, and got pregnant the first month we were sort of trying  (monitoring CM). 

If it had taken longer with our first I would have gone really hard core into timing sex correctly, because of our strict timeline. With our second I was dragging my feet because I was not looking forward to the first trimester, no sleep, etc, so I would have taken longer to start actively trying. It really just depends on how long you feel you have to conceive. You may find once you start you REALLY want to get pregnant and get more hands-on with the process. You’ll be surprised how you react once you first start testing! Good luck! 

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I bought some cheap ovulation strips off Amazon and used them right away. I was just curious. We weren’t regimented or anything. For our first we got pregnant the third month. For our second we got pregnant each cycle we tried but it took a few CPs and a MMC before we got one that stuck. We were lucky in that we really didn’t encounter any issues. I did however like having the ovulation data for tracking how far along the little bean should be instead of potentially being told I wasn’t as far along as I thought at the first US and wondering if anything was wrong.

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I’ve had similar thoughts. We just started our first month of NTNP; however, I’ve been temping and charting for over a year (after 10+ years on birth control). 

After a few conversations, it seems that we are full TTC. Personally, I think it all depends on what you are comfortable with. My Darling Husband is actually interesting in the data of charting and enjoys being “in the know”. 

We will see!


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When we first started ttc I used OPKs because my cycle is longer, and I wasn’t sure when I ovulated. It did get a little science-y and not that fun, but I did get pregnant within a few months.

We’re trying again now for a second child, but since I know around when I ovulate I just try to initiate around then a few times. It’s been much more relaxed IMO. I’ve gotten pregnant twice this way but both ended in mc unfortunately.

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We were NTNP and got pregnant on the second cycle, which ended 13 weeks later in miscarriage. After the miscarriage we waited for a month on medical advice (although now I wish I’d ignored this as the only benefit seems to be helping with dating). We then started NTNP again and haven’t got pregnant yet (it’s been 3 cycles).

To be honest, I’m finding it pretty hard. Even though we haven’t really been trying that long, we’re older and it was hard this month to realise it might take much longer to get pregnant again than it did the first time. With the miscarriage in the middle it’s already been 8 months 🙁

 I have to take a month off this month due to medication I’m taking, but if I’m not pregnant by August we will start TTC more scientifically. I was relaxed about NTNP initially, and it was fun, but the fun has already ended for me.

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Once we were determined to get pregnant (which was right away the first time around)… it still took us 9 tries.  We’re currently not actively TTC (NTNP) our second, and I’m still temping and looking out for fertile CM, but only because after 9 cycles of doing that, it’s hard not to… I like to know what’s going on with my cycles so AF isn’t a big surprise and I can understand if my FP and LPs are acceptable lengths for TTC later on.  I don’t plan on adding other things until we decide we’re ready to actively TTC.

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peekaboobs :  I used a period tracker from the start because mine are irregular.  Honestly it just helped me be a bit more aware of my body.  I didn’t know that most people can feel when they ovulate, I always just ignored that little cramp because we all get random aches and pains now and then. I also never noticed the increase in cervical mucous having a pattern.  Once I was more aware, it was easy enough to say we were going to step up the sex for a bit.  Luckily I didn’t really have difficulty conceiving, because life had enough holdups for us the first time around (like Mother-In-Law getting heart surgery while I was ovulating – we weren’t even in the same state).  The second time took longer – began in August, success in January – because quite honestly with lower libodos already, we didn’t have the time or energy to bother that much.  Plus we kept catching nasty colds or traveling right when I was ovulating.  Life again.

In my case, I’m not sure we ever would have done much more, though.  I think we’re too lazy to do all the tracking that I hear about on the bee and if it were a fertility issue, we simply wouldn’t have pressed it farther – personal beliefs about that, probably would have tried for adoption instead.

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We were NTNP for 6 months. I was afraid to make having a baby a ton of work. But by the 6th cycle and no luck I started temping/charting. About four months after that I started taking supplements and reading everything I could to help us concieve. I introduced OPKs at our one year mark and fell pregnant after 13 cycles. While the NTNP was fun and not stressful, I acutally enjoyed the science aspect of temping/charting. I am very type A and I am interested in knowing what my body was doing every month. Or if there was a curveball I could make a note to bring it up with my doctor. 

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I really wanted to conceive as quickly as possible so I started temping and using OPKs nearly a year before TTC, just to learn about my cycle and confirm I ovulate regularly. But I was worried that once we were trying, I’d overanalyze every temp and it would cause more stress, so the first month we started, I switched to only OPKs. But, after that first month’s BFNs I realized I’d rather have the extra information just in case it took a long time. I especially appreciated that temping would tell me when AF is coming (it would drop 2 days beforehand) because I wasted too many tests the first few months. 

It took us 6 months to get pregnant (though I’m still in the anxious waiting days of the first trimester so fingers crossed this is it). I’m not sure if charting actually helped me get pregnant faster since I had regular cycles that about lined up with what an app would guestimate for ovulation, but it felt good to know I was doing everything I could. It may have just been a coincidence, but we had been doing SMEP (every other day, then 3 days straight after +OPK) each month, then did strictly BD every other day the month we got pregnant. So I wouldn’t really have needed to be charting for the timing that ended up working. Good luck bee!!

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peekaboobs :  I think TTC tracking is different for different people. Some people hate it; other people find it interesting. I genuinely found it interesting to know what my body was doing and TTC helped me better appreciate what my body goes through every month and why. If you’re not feeling time crunched to get pregnant, there’s nothing wrong with just having frequent sex and not data tracking. Many, many people get pregnant without ever knowing what their BBT is, or peeing on little sticks 2x a day.

I was tracking CM as soon as I went off BC and added in OPKs at month 2 (which failed to catch my surge) and BBT at month 3. I did get pregnant that 3rd month, but it ended up in a miscarriage. I kept tracking all that and failed to get pregnant again naturally so my OB recommended I look into fertility treatments. I’m currently pregnant with my IVF baby after a year and a half of TTC.

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