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If you think you’d like strapless… go with a strapless bra.

And a pair of spanx longline shorts don’t hurt either.

When you have good foundation garments on you get a better picture of what a clean flat silhouette can look like on your body if you try on anything fitted / clingy (or fabric that shows every crease etc)

Hope this helps,


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@SimplyEuphoric:  I dressed as I normally do…jeans, sweater, bra and undies. I brought a strapless bra in case I might need it but I didn’t. I took my bra off completely when trying on my gowns. When I was trying them on the consultant would hand me in a dress, I would put it on a let her know when I needed her help with the zipping, tying, pinning…she would come back in a help me and then out I went to show it off. When I was done with one gown she came back in and unzipped or untied me, but left to let me get out of the gown myself. No one saw me in the nude at all. 

ETA: Getting new panties is a good idea…preferably seamless ones or thong cheekys. 

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I wore either spanx or full coverage seamless bikini bottoms every time I went.. The seamless ones definitely helped when trying on fitted dresses. Wear a strapless bra. Even if you plan on getting a dress with straps, all straps are different and it’s generally just easier to tell what it looks like without the straps. Only one of the stores I went to offered me a long line strapless bra, but I didn’t wear it anyways. Also, for clothing.. wear something that is easy to slip in and out of quickly. I would try a few on.. then have to put my clothes back on.. search through the racks and pull more.. take my clothes off again.. etc. at some of the stores. 

Most of the stores I went to had me put the dress on and then the consultant came in and laced/zipped me up. However, at the last store I went to (spur of the moment), the consultant was in there the entire time and I was not wearing a bra. A little awkward, but she was so professional and has seen it a million times before.

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Can’t stress the benefit of a nude or white strapless bra, even a low backed one if you have it.  Before I went dress shopping I just ran over to Target and they actually had a long-line strapless bra in my size on Clearance.  I got it just for dress shopping, but I ended up wearing it on my big day, it was so comfortable.  It’s worth a look.

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I am a bridal consultant so as a bridal consultant I will tell you what I suggest. I have worked at 2 different boutiques and I am always in the fitting room with the girls trying on the dresses. Some wedding dresses are very heavy so it would be really difficult to put on yourself. At the salon I work at my boss requires us to be in the fitting room to protect the condition of the sample dresses. I suggest a strapless bra and full underwear (no thongs) other then that just wear what you are comfortable in. I also offer the girls to remove their bra if they would like so they can see the way they look in the dress better if they are comfortable with that. As a bridal consultant we are doing our job and not paying any attention to your body so don’t fell nervous about that. I only suggest spanx if you plan to wear them on your wedding day. No need to see yourself in spanx under the dress if you don’t want to wear them on your big day. 




Hope this helps!


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I agree with the others re underwear, but the other thing I’d suggest is to put your hair up (a ponytail or bun will do) and spend a little more time on make up. Itll give you a better idea of the overall look. The first time I went dress shopping I got caught in the rain and when I looked in the mirror I saw a beautiful dress on someone with bedraggled hair and a shiny face – kind of ruined the effect

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Strap less bra and regular undies if you’re modest since the consultant usually helps you out (sometimes they provide you with a bustier). If you’re going to multiple bridal stores then you can wear a simple dress you can slip on and off or maybe even sweats to.be comfy.

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I wore jeans and a t-shirt. Brought a strapless bra just in case. Bring some high heels, you’ll get a better idea of the dress since most sample sizes are too long and you’ll stand differently. Like others suggested, whatever you do wear full coverage underwear! You said you are modest so I’m sure you would but seriously it grosses me out to think everybody’s booties have been on the dress! I tried dresses at two places, a fancier local place and David’s bridal. Both places the lady was in the room with me. The smaller store I stepped into the gowns bottom up and at David’s they go over your head down onto you. Either way you need a lot of help getting into it. I’m pretty modest too and I’ll admit I was a little shy at first at the smaller store because I was just in high heels a bra and undies but the girl was cool and made me feel less weird about it. At David’s you’re more covered because they give you a corset and petticoat to wear under everything so it was a little less awkward. You put on those by yourself and then a girl helps you into the dress. 

Wear your hair up and wear slip on shoes! 

At my dress fitting months later I wore black undies on accident and you could totally see them haha, so go for a light color or nude 🙂







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I wore nude strapless bra and briefs.  Both salons I went to the girl was in there with me the whole time unless she was running to grab a sash or more clips etc.  By the second salon, I was so used to being there in my undies that I had my dress off and just standing there waiting for her to set up the first dress for me. SHe laughed and said she could tell it wasn’t my first dress to try on.

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@SimplyEuphoric:  I brought a strapless bra with me but didn’t end up using it (still good to bring one though!).  The boutique I went to, the consultant was in the changing room with me, but they provided a slip and robe I could use for comfort if I needed to.  I left me regular bra on the whole time and if I liked the dress (as in not an immediate “heck no what was I thinking!” reaction-there were a few of those) I just tucked the straps down into the dress.  I went in with seamless boyshorts so I felt pretty comfortable with those and didn’t use the slip. 

Also, the consultant went out and grabbed more dresses for me based on what I was saying with the initial 12 we picked so I never had to get dressed/undressed multiple times.  That worked out better than planned, too – I bought one of the dresses she picked out!

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I just wore a regular bra and nude underwear. Some dresses I didn’t need a bra, but I am not well-endowed. I didn’t have any of the consultants in the dressing room with me. I would put it on and then walk out and they would zip/button it up. 

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I wore regular clothes and regular undergarments to every appointment. One time I wore leggings and just kept them on the whole time. My bridal consultant saw the boobs a few times. I had a strapless bra but it didn’t work with every dress. And she was in the room putting me in every dress I tried on. There was no way she would not have had a glimpse of them a few times even if my hand/arm tried to cover them. So I got over the shyness real quick and just remembered I would probably never see her again once my wedding is over with. I even joked about it “girl we are really getting personal, you done seen my boobies and everything!” And we both just laughed.

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@Andthepupmakes3:  Haha me too, I quickly got stranger-seeing-me-in-underwear fear! lol. I didn’t really care, it was easier to have them helping me into the gowns (heavy!  heavy!  and waaaay too long for me so I was forever tripping over them bottoms) – in fact the one place I went that didn’t have someone in there to help me I was kinda annoyed 😛  Of course they’ve seen it all before and it was easier to try dresses on without a bra.

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@SimplyEuphoric: I wore a strapless bra, as other bees have suggested. I also wore simple knickers, nothing frilly etc that would bunch up in a tight wedding dress.

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