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  1. My grandma convinced me that if I didn’t wash my face, I’d take on the appearnce of a klingon (yes, I’m talking about the aliens from star trek)
  2. I also believed that if I swallowed seeds of any kind, they would grow in my belly.
  3. I thought that I could talk to animals, I mean like really having conversations with them, doctor dolittle style.
  4. That I was a real life kid spy (I blame this on the movie Harriet the Spy).  I seriously used to climb trees, in my raincoat, and stare into my neighbors windows with binoculars.
  5. I used to want dimples so bad! I believed that if I sucked my cheeks in for extended periods of time, they would get stuck that way and I’d get dimples.
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We had a fireman’s pole outside our bedroom window. The 4 of us kids thought my mom’s miscarried babies (which we thought were girls) were buried under the pole. To this day, we’re convinced our dad told us that at one point. 

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When I was little I didn’t know that lions were big cats. I always thought that they were weird dogs.

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I used to get strep throat all the time when I was little so the doctor wanted me to get my tonsils removed but I refused to let my parents make the appt for surgery because I thought my tonsils were how women had babies. I thought my tonsils were my ovaries. Needless to say, I had to have my tonsils removed when I was 23 and it was pure hell!

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I was once told that eating olives would make my boobs bigger. 

said my aunt whom had a ten thousand dollar boob job. 


However, during a length of like……ten Years….I ate an absurd number of Olives. 



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– I used to think the teachers lived in the school.
– I used to think the moon was following us home, and it used to sleep in the backyard.
– My godmother’s son told me once that there were people in the streetlights working them so that we knew when to go home for dinner.
– My mum told us when we were kids that there was a weight detector in the car seats that could tell us if someone hadn’t put their seatbelt on. The car couldn’t move until we were all strapped in.
– She also told us that we had to lean back when going up a hill and lean forward when going down one to help the car move. Corners was an exception.
– I have no idea where this came from, but I believed for about 3 years that there were see through men who sacrificed their lives to clean our windshield. Little did I know there was a button you could press to spray water. I thought the water was their blood…
– My Pa used to tell me if my elbows were on the table while I was eating the little wooden men would come out of the table and gnaw them off. I used to put food on my elbows so they would fill up on food and not come after my elbows. Wtf.

I was such a strange kid.

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I used to think that all lions were males and tigers were the females.

When I was around 5 or 6 I was convinced that people would continually grow old, then young again. My dad smoked a pipe and we had a painting of an old sea captain, with a pipe. I thought it was my Dad when he looked old.

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prettylittlemrs:  The seatbelt thing is most likely true! I had a car like that. Of course we grew up without seatbelts. They were the 1st thing you cut out of your new car when you purchased it. When the seatbelt law came into effect, many of us had to have our cars retrofitted with belts and newer cars coming out on the market had all sorts of unusual ways to ensure you wore the belt. On some cars, the seatbelts ran on a track around the door and would physically assault your body and strap you in. Others, like you mentioned, would not start the engine unless the seatbelts were snapped. The seat KNEW when someone was in it (by weight I guess) so that’s actually true! Even now, my car will give me a neverending beep if I have a heavy box or something in the passenger seat and no seatbelt.

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When I was 5 my mom was being baptized by our creepy old preacher (he wasn’t really that creepy he was just old & super boring. It was a tiny country baptist church with really old church members. lol) and I thought he was drowning her. I started yelling at my dad for letting the mean old man drown my mom. Then I ran up to the preacher and started hitting him telling him to let my mommy go. I thought he was sacrificing her or something like she had sinned too much. My brother still thinks thats the funnies story ever! He said it was the most interesting thing to ever happen in that church. I never looked at Brother Wayne the same way again. I seriously thought he was drowning people who sinned. Haha

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I thought that every clerk in any store had to be multi-lingual, in case anyone came into the store who didn’t speak English.

I also believed that people who drowned went circling down a drain!

My mom always watched the Lawrence Welk show, and I thought the accordian player Myron Floren could see me, because every time I smiled at the screen, he smiled. It never occurred to me that he smiled every 15 seconds anyway.

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Before I knew what a mortgage was, I thought that when people “bought a house,” they literally went in with $300,000 in a big suitcase and paid up front. I couldn’t imagine how anyone ever saved enough.

Also, when I was very tiny, we had those colorful letter-shaped magnets on our refrigerator and I thought they were candy. Long story short, my father had to give me the Heimlich maneuver.

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I also was told that eating bread crusts would make your hair curly!

We (and all of my friends/family) had washing machines and dryers in our homes. I always wondered why people would go to a coin laundry, because I thought you washed your coins (dirty pennies and the like) there! I didn’t realize it was for clothes.

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Once I realized that sex existed, I thought men and women had to lie with their heads in opposite directions so the penis could go in. Somehow, my childhood understanding of sex did not include the concept of erections.

I thought that if you didn’t hold your breath going past graveyards, evil spirits would get into you.

I thought that witches came out at midnight, so I got really nervous if I woke up between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. 


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My girl cousin believed that a condom is something you use to keep the penis warm after sex. 

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