When is a period considered late…?

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i would say after 5-7 days i would consider it late. But i think its a tricky thing to predict sometimes. My period religiously came at the beginning of the month for god knows how long, then suddenly arrived 3 weeks late on time and now starts in the middle of the month every month since then. 

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Your cycle sounds highly variable to me. Ranging between 25-29 days long on average. Therefore, you’d be late at 30 days. But with that much variance I wouldn’t stress until 33ish days after your last cycle. If you can’t atop stressing take a test.

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brideandblue :  so many things affect periods that I wouldn’t consider it “late” until it’s a week past when you would have expected it. Even then, there are so many different reasons why it could be late that it’s not worth getting super worked up about (easier said than done, I know). I’ve had late periods due to stress several times. Now that I am on a form of birth control that standardizes my period, that doesn’t happen anymore, but when I was having “natural” periods mine were usually predictable within a 3-4 day range, but there were several times when it was early or late outside that window. 

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The perfect 28 day cycle is somewhat of a myth.  Some people have that, but a lot don’t. A “normal” cycle can vary anywhere from 21 to 35 days long (according to Mayo Clinic).  You say your period is consistently 2-5 days “early,” (I assume basing this off the 28 day model), but what this really means is that your “normal” is actually 23-26 days.  A few days variance here and there is fine (based on advice from my gyno about similar issues I have had), but if you are worried I would see your doctor or bring it up at your next checkup.  If you are wondering for purposes of pregnancy prevention, PP is correct that “late” is generally considered 5-7 days after you normally expect to get your period.  Calculating lateness based on your normal 23-26 day cycle, I would say “late” is anything over 31 days for you.  Hope this helps! 

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Just chiming in to say your amount of variability is normal. My “normal” is anywhere from 29-37 days. My ovulation is very sensitive to the environment and my stress levels, apparently. 

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brideandblue :  Our bodies aren’t informed of the calendar.  My cycle is very regular (except about once every 2 years when it just goes haywire for a month or two), but it still varies between 35 and 37 days in length.

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I’m on a pretty regular 28 day cycle so 2ndays either way I consider early/late.

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In response your your question if your periods could be considered “irregular”, no it doesn’t sound like you have an irregular period at all if you know around what days you’re getting it. Irregular periods are periods that aren’t predictable, like going a few months without a periods or randomly having another period in a week or two. 

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