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Wow. That IS pouring!

The good news is that you’re doing things right by working with HR and keeping things documented. I’m sorry all this is happening.

How long has she been your assistant?

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Sorry you’ve been having a stressful year. Sometimes all you can do is hang in there and wait for things to get better.

I relate to the when it rains it pours- this year has been one bad things after another. My fiance had 3 slipped disks and couldn’t work for a month. Since he went back to work, he’s had to work long hours so we don’t get as much time together. His aunt who raised him passed away in March. The day of her funeral, we found out my mom has stage 3 cancer. She is waiting until after the wedding to start chemo. He’s had a hard time dealing with his aunt passing away and ended up dropping out of the pharmacy tech training program he was in. My car died, so now we’re sharing his car. Things have been super busy for me at work. His best friend had a seziure, my grandmother is very ill, my dog’s pancreas stopped working and now she’s on a weird diet that makes her stink, and we just moved.

All we can do is hope things are better the second half of this year. At least we know that no matter what life throws our way, we will be there for each other and get through it together.

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hate to sound like your mom here, but be thankful you HAVE a job!  A lot of people don’t right now, and that is stressful stuff!

even so, I def understand how stressful/annoying coworkers can be.  seriously, these chicks you work with are major drains on you.  You sound like you are too nice.  Lay down the law with miss Stressed-out and late all the time.  Tell her to shape up and STOP enabling her by doing her work.  It sounds like she is one of those people who chronically has personal issues and she will use that to manipulate people and get out of doing her work.

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My god you need a bucket to stop the rain! or an umbrella. or better yet get some gumboots!

I have no words of advice but to hang in there! There is some sunshine around! 

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I agree….I don’t think I would be AS stressed as I am right now if I didn’t have an upcoming wedding too. Although in a way, it’s getting me by – although right now I’m not even as excited about the wedding as I am about being able to take A WEEK OFF OF WORK!!! I keep looking at the calendar and counting down….get through this week and then I just have four more work weeks to survive. I’m already telling people do NOT even think about contacting me with work issues during that week!!!

My job is being ultra demanding right now. I’ve put my foot down in some areas or it would be even worse but I’m still working 9, 10, 11 hour days, and I’m salaried so no overtime! At least a colleague that I respect a lot totally validated my stress level yesterday, saying that he knows that I’m dealing with some very difficult, demanding people. I told him that I’m getting married in a month and he laughed and said, “Yeah, so you’re a little stressed right now, aren’t you??” It’s temporary and somewhat coincidental that my workload went up a couple notches, and things should start to die down within a month or two. It’s also making me look really good to supervisors. But it’s REALLY hard to deal with on top of the wedding and other really stressful stuff that’s happened lately!

I can’t wait to run away, turn off my phone, change my voice mail so it says (nicely), “I’m getting married this week; if you’re calling about work, call someone else!” and get married!!!

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Ouch, I’m so sorry so much is going on in your world.  There doesn’t seem to be much you can do about the assistant.  Aside from following HR’s lead.  You need an assistant that’s there to assist, its not betrayal to ask her to fulfill her duties.  What I’d do about the friend, the one you were jealous of, is reach out, tell the truth an apologize.  Chances are she’s sensed something was up and she’s gone to the other person (the one who wrote the mean letter) to talk about it.  That person that wrote you the letter, where the things it contained valid?  It sounds pretty malicious, there were better ways to handle any problems she had with you.  I’d probably leave that alone, take the high road. 

I’ve always wondered if things all happen at once, or if what we’re dealing with just gets more difficult to handle as more things get thrown at you.  Who knows?  I do know that my coping mechanisms weaken when I have a lot on my mind.  

I really hope it starts to improve for ya.

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