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The earliest I have heard of testing coming out positive is 9 days after conception.  Since your cycle is so long, I think you could start testing before your missed period, since the “test after missed period” rule is going off of a “normal” 28 day cycle.  On the other hand, I think repeatedly testing with negative outcomes could be really disappointing.  I think it would be discouraging to continuously see that negative test; I might want to wait until past day 46 just because getting a period would be less disappointing than taking multiple tests. 

I guess it’s really just personal preference.  But if you just got off bc, and have no idea when you were ovulating/when the conception might have taken place, I would probably wait until day 46 of this cycle, just to minimize the disappoint of a negative test.  Good luck! 

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I agree with Mrs. Spring – testing too much can just get you down.  If you know when you were ovulating (??) then you might want to test 14 days after that.  In addition to being frustrating to keep getting negative tests, many people have early pregnancies which go away quickly because the fertilized egg doesn’t implant.  If you don’t test, then you would most likely just get a normal period and never know.  If you do test and then get your period, it can be hard to know you lost the pregnancy…..

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I agree with Mrs. Spring as well.  She put it so eloquently regarding the disappointment and feelings surrounding a negative pregnancy test.  I would wait until it had been long enough from a missed period, in this case day 46 if it had not come yet, in order to take the test.  That way you would not worry if the test was negative that you took it too early and want to keep retesting just in case.

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Agree with the others, if you have an idea of when you ovulated, you can take early detection tests as early as 9 days post-ovulation.  From the galleries on fertilityfriend, it looks like the lines are most obvious around 14 days.

If you don’t know when/if you ovulated, the most reasonable course of action is probably to wait the 46 days, plus or minus a few.  If I were in your shoes, I’d probably start testing around 40 days.  You could always use dollar store tests to keep it cheaper.

But since I am in the first month of TTC too, I totally sympathize with wanting to test now! πŸ™‚  I charted and used OPK, so I’m pretty sure of when I ovulated.  This month, I will wait until 11 dpo (which will be CD27) and use an early result test.  If it’s negative, I’ll probably test every other day until I get a positive or my period.

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The first month of trying was the hardest – after that it became much less of a big deal, at least to us.  I agree with Mrs. Spring abotu waiting.  Also, have you thought about charting your temperature?  I started doing it the first month I came off birth control and it really helped answer those kinds of questions for me – did I ovulate, how long should I wait, is my period really late or just long cycle, etc.  I have never had regular cycles and I like the temperature charting.  I got a basal body thermometer for like 15 bucks and I chart it on an app in my ipod. πŸ™‚  It is kind of fun.

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I agree too many tests could become really disappointing. I would say give it a month, from any day you choose, the day after you last tried or two days after. If you still haven’t had your period take a test. 

I hope this helps!!

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Actually tender breasts and dizziness are hallmark signs of early pregnancy (I had them when I was pregnant in my fist couple of weeks). So, I would say test – most tests can detect a day or two after you would normally be late, which is usually around a week into pregnancy. So, you’d likely be able to tell with a test if you are already having some symptoms. Good luck!!!!

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My cycle was extremely long when I came off birth control too.  60 days.   45 days.  55 days.  So frustrating πŸ™‚  I was temping but to me they looked all over the place the first couple months – I couldn’t really pinpoint ovulation.

Like some other ladies have mentioned I did not want to get into a crazy cycle of testing ALL the time and being disappointed.  Plus spending so much money on tests!  I did discover the dollar store tests so that helped πŸ™‚

I decided that I was NOT going to test unless I had clear sypmtoms – which for me was expecting my breasts to get sore (cause you always hear about that one – turns out that wasn’t one of my symptoms!) and being really tired.  (Or if I went well past the extra long cycle (60 days) without a sign of LaVerne (my (somewhat) monthy friend).

Eventually (like 6 months later) I could tell my ovulation date from temping and guesstimate the date I should test from that.  The month we found out I jumped the gun (neg) – but then I waited another week to test which is when we got the BFP – then I waited another week and tested again just to make sure it still came out Positive πŸ™‚  (Most women do this the next day!  I’m just weird!)

Good Luck!

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I really have no clue just wanted to chime in with hugs! I’ve been off BC since Jan and this will be the first month we will offically start trying. Tomorrow is when I will take my first ovulation test, but my charting has been a breeze (so greatful) bc my period was still exactly 28 days for the last 2 full cycles off. When in doubt, call your gyno. She may have some good advice, but I would definetly recommend charting since your periods are so long, who really knows when you are actually ovulating, thus fertile. This may be too much Too Much Information, lol, but you can chart your basal body temp, cervical mucous and symptoms. As far as your symptoms, everyone is different. Also Too Much Information, when I am actually ovulating, I have a lot of pregnancy symptoms, weirdo! My boobs become engorged and almost painful. Hubs loves it but man, have no clue how I am going to feel once I am prego. A good site for charting is fertility friend.

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I sometimes get sharp pains in my boobs too. And the times I got them were before. So most def not pregnant, for me at least.

I’ve always thought it was weird form of gas. Hahah. Like when you drink Coke too fast and it gets stuck in your tubes and somehow gives you sharp boob pains. Haha.

But I’m no doctor!

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I had decided to only test if I was going to drink or take some kind of medicine.  Having said that, I was pretty symptomatic several days before my expected period and was not on any kind of birth control, as we had decided to use NFP.

I’m wishing you good baby dust!

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I think all the ladies have said it best. I don’t really know when the best time to test is other than a few days after your missed period even though some tests out there can determine if you are preggie up to 5 days before your missed pd.

I tested twice, first being negative but it was too early and honestly I was just curious. The second time I tested was because I had major cramping the day before and I was expecting my period but when I took a look at the calendar ( I was on a normal 28 day cycle), I realized I was already a week late. So I took the test. The hubs didn’t even know I was testing until I called him with the great news.

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