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Busy bee

It varies for everyone, but you might not have any side effects whatsoever after going off the pill. I had none, and in fact my PMS improved dramatically. I’d go off now. It’s been seven months for me and my cycles aren’t regular yet, so you might as well give yourself plenty of time just in case. 

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Busy bee
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For me, it was dependent on if it would matter if we made a mistake. Any time this year is ok, after September is ideal. If we have a whoops before then it doesn’t matter, but we’d prefer to move house first. Is there a reason you’re waiting to TTC? 

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Buzzing bee

Everyone reacts really differently to being on/off hormones so it’s difficult to say. I went off the pill shortly after my wedding last summer. I’d been on it for ~12 years, and honestly very little changed coming off it. My periods resumed right away. They had been predictable down to the time of day when I was on the pill, and off the pill they’ve been “regular” according to my cycle tracker app, but my cycle has ranged from 25-30 days. No mood changes. For some people periods can take a cycle or two to regulate, though. 

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Do you remember how regular your periods were before you went on the pill? Mine were regular before and regulated immediately after. I didn’t experience any notable hormonal changes either. It’s not the case for everyone of course, but you could go off as soon as you get back from your May vacation since that still gives you a few months to regulate before TTC. If you remember having long or irregular cycles though, you might want to get off now just to see what happens, and start tracking your cycles and use another form of birth control in the meantime.

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In your situation, where you really have a time you don’t want to have a baby, I would say wait to go off until you’d actually be okay getting pregnant. Although some people’s cycles need time to regulate, for many people including me and lots of women I know we were immediately fertile. The other option is to go off sooner and use condoms. But don’t assume you will need time to regulate…

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Based on fertility friends predictions/temping and charting, I started ovulating right away after coming off the pill. But I know this is not a universal experience. I have been off the pill for almost a year just using condoms and tracking and have so far managed to prevent any pregnancies. As for hormonal changes, my skin was horrific for about 10 months after coming off the pill and is only just (somewhat..) settling down now, but otherwise no mood changes etc.

So in your case, I would probably come off now and use condoms and charting until ready to TTC. 

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Busy bee

I would say get off as soon as you could live with an unplanned pregnancy. I didn’t get a period until 6 months after the pill but my sister got hers back right away. So you just honestly never know. I got my IUD out and had an anovulatory cycle first confirmed by temping but now ovulated my second cycle off of it. We aren’t “trying” until the holidays this year but are okay if it happens sooner. Therefore we are just doing NFP/Ava bracelet and withdrawal. We’ll see how it goes. LOL eta: I always had regular periods before the BCP and had no reason to suspect It would take 6 months. This was also the case for my best friend. Side note is that I also lost hair from pill withdrawal. 

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I was on birth control for 15 plus years. my cycles were all over the place while on birth control I got off it December 2018 and January 2019 I got pregnant lol. we weren’t planning on having a baby until a few months from now but it happened a lot sooner than I thought, so I definitely agree with others; don’t stop birth control unless you’re ready for a baby right away. Everyone is different, but if you’re not ready for a baby now I would say stay on birth control or stop taking it and use condoms/pull out method in the mean time. 

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I got off the pill in Dec after 12 years of consistent usage. Aside from breakouts I had no negative side effects and my periods started 4 weeks later in January, fell pregnant in feb. 

Its a totally different experience from person to person so I’d say you need to ask “if I fall pregnant immediately would that be ok?” Just as much as you’re considering the possibility that it takes a while. 

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Helper bee
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I was on the pill for 11 years. Like you, my husband and I plan to TTC July/Aug of this year! I actually went off the pill in December 2018. I went on it 11 years ago for extremely irregular periods so I didn’t really know what would happen when I stopped birth control so I decided to go off early hoping that because I’m older now and not as thin my periods might be more regular, luckily that’s the case. We are using condoms until we are ready to TTC. 


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I was on the pill for ~7 years.  Darling Husband and I planned to start TTC in Fall 2018. I went off BC around late May with the idea that it would take my body some time to regulate.  I had few side effects when I went off the pill, but did get pregnant in July and am due on tax day!  We weren’t good at using condoms.  I recommend stopping BC as soon as you can deal with an unplanned pregnancy, so probably around early August. It would also probably be okay to go off now and use condoms until August.  Just make sure you use them.  I wouldn’t worry too much about the hormonal effects.  

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It’s going to be one of those situations where it depends.  I wasn’t on it nearly as long you but I stopped because I didn’t like putting it in my body after 3 years. I had no hormone changes and nothing felt different so it could be that way for you too. My period came back on time like clockwork just like it was before BC. But then again I’m also not very hormonal even on my period as far as mood changes or anything. I just experience increase higher sex drive when it’s my fertile time but otherwise don’t have noticeable hormone chnages. I’d stop now if I were you just to get in a normal routine in case your cycle needs time to regulate. 

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I’ve been off the pull for four cycles now, they haven’t been perfectly regular (range 28-38 days) but I am ovulating so my body works at least.

My periods are lighter and shorter than when I was on birth control (12 years)  so that’s great! 

If you don’t mind using condoms in the meantime go off now, if not then just wait.

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