(Closed) When to go off birth control pills?

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I have not been on that particular pill, but I was on Ortho Cyclen/Tri-Cyclen for 8+ years. I stopped taking it in April, used condoms until July, conceived in August. So I recommend giving your body a few months to adjust but you shouldn’t need much more than that.

Also, pre-pill my periods were pretty regular but very heavy and painful. They were much shorter and lighter when I went off the pill and I thought that might mean I’d have trouble getting pregnant but that was not the case.

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Well there’s no way to know if you’ll have fertility problems, but I would say about it’s 6 months average from stopping the pill to getting pregnant (completely anecdotal, I have no idea what it really is). So to have a baby in 2014 you would need to get pregnant between March 2013 and March 2014. So you could go off the pill now, but that could still give you a baby in 2013!

Please double check, my math totally could be wrong there…

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i had been on the pill for years, i would say a good five years. i went off and my periods were still regular. as for ttc, i was off the pill for a year before we got pregnant. but that being said everyone is different (i know, doesnt really help) my cousin has been on the pill for some time as well, she just got married and came off the pill and her period are all over the place. if you want to have a baby by a certain age and if not you arent going to have any, i would say go off sooner. people who are on the pill for years takes longer than someone who was on for a year. good luck !

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@Edelweiss:  I gave myself about 1 year at least I think. But I would have been fine if we had had an opps before we were actively TTC. I came off so early as I had long irregular cycles before I was on the pill and wanted to see how bad they were off the pills. Good luck! 

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I think it comes down to what you are comfortable with.  I don’t think there is any research that shows that women who have been taking BC for years take longer to conceive, but for a couple with no fertility issues I think a year is about average. 

For us, we did not want to use a back up method of BC and so I didn’t come off of the pill until we were ready to conceive (just this month!), but of course keeping in mind that it could take some time.  I have been on BC for 15 years and have no idea if my cycles will be regular or not.  The only thing I remember about them is that they were completely long and painful, so I wasn’t really interested in being off of BC just for the sake of charting.  I hope I am like @iheartnerds and they are better post-pill! 

If you do not want to conceive right away but want to get a feeling for what your cycles will do first, you can come off of BC and use a condom or other method.  Most doctors actually recommended that you take a few months to get a feeling for what your cycle will do, but there’s nothing physically wrong with getting pregnant out of the gate!

Good luck!

ETA:  I’d like to add the suggestion that one of the BEST things to do is talk your doctor about your questions, of course!! Smile

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I’d give yourself at LEAST 6 months.  BC suppresses your bodies ability to process folate and B12.  Both of those are very important in pregnancy, and it takes your body a while after stopping birth control to get those levels up to where they should be for pregnancy – especially if you have an MTHFR mutation like me (and many people do, but since it’s not tested for that often, many don’t know it).

On top of that, I’d say that it sounds like you might have PCOS.  I too had irregular and very heavy periods before BC.  BC ended up completely unbalancing the tentative hormonal balance that I had going on and I spent 17 months figuring out what was wrong (I wasn’t having ANY cycles due ultimately to PCOS and insulin resistance) and correcting the problems.  Hopefully you don’t have to deal with what I did, but just to let you know what can happen.

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@Edelweiss:  I think when you do come off just be ready either way because you may get pregnant on the first cycle or you may not….. If you do not want to have a baby until 2014, I wouldn’t come off birth control until April 2013 at the earliest…. unless you plan to use other protection measures to prevent it from happening.

I was on birth control for 15+ years non stop to include the depo and the pill (Levora). I recently came off the end of April…… had the withdrawal bleed, and then my first cycle in May….cycles were normal except I had a 24 day cycle vs 28. By June, I was pregnant.

So you just never know.. Good luck to you!!!!!

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I was on the pill for about 17 years before I went off and got pregnant.  I went off the pill at the beginning of August and got pregnant in December.  If you want to give birth in 2014 I would go off the pill in early 2012 to allow your time body some time to regulate.  I would also highly recommend reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

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I would pay a visit to my gynocologist and explore my options with him/her and see what he/she says. Some women take up to one year until they become pregnant. Some more. I wouldn’t give myself a time frame and make getting pregnant chore. I think you and your husband should enjoy each other and if you get pregnant, great. Stress makes becoming pregnant more difficult so don’t put so much pressure on getting pregnant. Hope that helps a bit.

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I will say that my fertility doc told me that the month you come off BCP you’re often very fertile b/c your body has been supressed for so long.  That’s why when we were TTC he’d put me on BCP to induce a period.  Just food for thought!


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