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I wear mine all day, every day. I haven’t taken it off for more than a few minutes for cleaning since we got engaged in November. If I’m doing something dirty, I put gloves on instead of removing my ring.

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@mscuppycake:  There seems to be two schools of thought that I’ve heard about wearing your engagement ring.

  1. Treat your diamond ring like a symbol of your love.  Don’t value it for the gemstone but for the symbol and never take it off, even if you might do things that could damage the gemstone.
  2. Treat your diamond ring like a diamond ring.  Realize that there are times you shouldn’t wear your ring for whatever reason and take the ring off at those times.  Sure, the ring is a symbol, but it isn’t to be taken too literally.

I personally fall into the second group.  I never wear jewelry other than my ring and I find there are certainly instances doing charity work that I feel uncomfortable wearing the ring (not for fear of having it stolen, but because I feel bad going into a place where people need help and wearing a diamond – just doesn’t seem cool).  I also take it off when I sleep, shower, wash anything, cook, put lotion on, write, go in the pool – you get the drift.  I did make sure that I always have somewhere secure to put it in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and in my purse and I make sure that I always put it in one of those four places if I am taking it off.  I’d be worried of losing it if I just put it anywhere.

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The only times I take it off are when I’m having it cleaned or re-dipped. Basically, it’s on 24/7 and it’s going to stay that way the rest of my life.

I waited a long time for this ring and I want to enjoy every sparkly minute. Haha!


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@mscuppycake:  i wear my Engagement ring 24/7 unless i’m at the jewelers for my 6 month inspection  caz FH bought a lifetime warranty on my engagement ring it covers everything but the ring being lost. so i dont take any chances i leave my ring on my finger. other then that i clean mine with soap/water and a toothbrush while its on my hand. i know its nuts but i personaly dont like to take it off at all ever. my ring is diamonds and white gold. as long as its gold/silver you have nothing to worry about. now with some gemstone rings some stones are sensitive to water if there made of a softer gem.

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I take it off for handwashing dishes, showering, hair products, lotioning/sanitizing. 

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@mscuppycake:  Fiance proposed while we were on vacation at the beach. I was super excited. I woke up the next morning looking at my sparkly, beautiful ring, and he goes, “Ok babe, hand it over!” I was like WHAT?!

He didn’t want me wearing:

  • in the shower
  • to the beach
  • in the pool

I choose not to wear it while:

  • cooking where my hands will be touching certain foods (like making meatballs or baking cookies)
  • I’m doing some heavy duty cleaning (like with strong products or where I’m really scrubbing)
  • sleeping! Well, I try not to wear it to bed – sometimes I forget, but I do try not to

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I’m one of the ones that’s horrible with my jewelry care. I wear mine all the time, 24/7. I think I’d be a lot more careful with it if I didn’t have a wonderful warranty/care package that includes unlimited cleanings, redipping, etc.

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I take mine off for sleeping/showering/working out pretty much anything that could damage the delicate micro pave setting. I had loose diamonds 2x and finally the jeweler asked if i was wearing it in bed and she said the prongs were probably getting snagged on my pillow

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  • Wedding: December 2012

For the most part I wear ALL 3 of my Rings 24/7… Bed, Shower, Washing my Hair, Doing the Dishes etc.  Actually for the most part soap & water will do it no harm… nothing that a regular cleaning can’t bring back to a gorgeous sparkle.

This is my second marriage (First circa 1980) and I was married for over 20 years, almost NEVER took my Bridal Set off, so I can assure you that Diamonds, and “most” settings can take the wear & tear.

However, this time, I did choose to add a 3rd Plain Wedding Ring into the mix… so that IF there was something I was doing where I thought the Diamonds might be in jeopardy, I’d still be able to wear a Wedding Ring (let me tell you that one’s finger feels most empty without a ring when you’ve been wearing one on it for eons)

So with my Plain WBand, I now can wear it without worries if I am… doing Home Renovations – Painting – Gardening – Deep Cleaning – Cooking Baking using my barehands (Kneading Dough, etc) – Working Out – Snorkelling / Scuba Diving – or travelling to “sketchy” places… like on Vacation

Honestly, IMO getting an Extra Wedding Band was one of the best decisions I made in the process, as it means I can wear an “Actual Wedding Band” (it was blessed / used in our Ceremony) and never worry… and in most of the world a plain band is the norm, so it doesn’t ever attract any unncessary attention, while all the while clearly putting out the message “I AM A MARRIED WOMAN”

Hope this helps,

PS… I understand the concept of “Stand In Rings” when a Man Proposes, and the Couple awaits their chosen ERing… BUT I do not for the record understand “Stunt Doubles”… rings that gals wear in place of their ERings, that look similar to their actual rings just made up in CZs etc.  What is the point?  I mean any “bad guy” is still gonna see “glittery ring”… NO ONE trust me is ever gonna stop and ask you at gun-point if the ring is real, they are just gonna demand you hand it over !!

By having a Plain WBand, I have none of these concerns.


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I don’t have mine yet…but I want to say I’ll never take it off but my fingers swell in the mornings, so I’ll probably leave it off at night. Lotion in rings annoys me too…but I might just moisturize around it lol

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I never take mine off.  no wait, I lie.. I take it off on the rare occasions I’m painting, of if i’m making meetballs or some sort of dough where I have to get myhands good and in.  I’d also think about taking it off if I was going to go swimming in winter (which I wouldnt normally, lol)

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I take mine off before sleeping, showering, cooking, washing dishes, swimming, and working on my car. 

Sometimes I even take it off for a minute when I take the trash out.

To avoid losing it, I only ever take it off in the same room: my bedroom. It stays in one place: my jewelry box.

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  • Wedding: June 2013

I wear mine all the time, I almost never take it off. I think my husband would be very offended if I didn’t wear it all the time! 

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I take mine off in the shower, whenever I’m doing anything with lotions or hair supplies, and when I go to the gym. Oh, and if I’m elbow deep cooking or cleaning anything.


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I take my ring off when I shower, do my hair and makeup, and when I do kitchen duties like washing dishes and cooking. 

Other than that it is on ALL THE TIME! no matter what. granted, I haven’t been to a lake since getting engaged, but I have taken it off everytime I have gone to the pool! Just to be on the safe side! =]

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