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Honey bee
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My ring hardly ever comes off. I take mine off when I’m showering, putting on lotion or using hair products, cooking (especially with things like meat and dough), cleaning (if I’m using any cleaning products), or bathing my dogs. I also left if off when FH and I went to the beach. I have pave stones in my band and I worry about them falling out.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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@Corgi-cariad:  Lol I feel the same way. I am excited to have started my yellow diamond collection hehehe. And I am such a dork, I even ordered a loupe to examine it up close. Yeah, I have issues.

It’s an old mine brilliant cut. So an antique cushion. It is so sparkly and throws big flashes of light too.

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@This Time Round:  BUT I do not for the record understand “Stunt Doubles”…

I think the idea is that since they are fake, it doesn’t matter if someone stole them and/or they got banged up or lost. Some ladies feel naked without their ring but don’t want to take the risk of wearing it all the time, thus the stunt double.

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Busy bee

I take mine off when I get home from work and put it on when I’m about to leave. I also take it off if I’m putting on lotion. I’m sure it upset my Fiance since he very thoughtfully got half eternity channel set ring so I wouldn’t get it caught on anything but I’d rather take it off then have to say ‘Honey, that lovely ring you bought it is damaged/lost/broken.’ I’m weird.

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Bumble bee
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@mscuppycake:  I think it’s personal choice. I always wear my engagement ring to work, or when I’m out for the day/night, but as soon as I get inside, I take my ring off. If I happen to go back out later on in the night to run a quick errand (e.g. to put gas in my car), I don’t put my engagement ring on. I feel I’m a bit more cautious with mine because of the pave diamonds on the setting, and the fact that those could fall off if I’m not careful.  My friend on the other hand, wears her engagement ring 24/7, even to sleep and shower.


I must admit, prior to me getting engaged I would see my sister wearing just her wedding band, rather than both her e-ring and wedding band, and when I saw that, I constantly said “I waited 7 and a half years for this ring, I’m never taking my engagement ring off” I’m glad she hasn’t reminded me of my once defiant stance  



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Helper bee
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@mscuppycake:  I have a beautiful ring that I have only taken off to have cleaned or sized. I wear it always!  Feel naked without it. I did make sure my ring was sized well though so I wouldn’t lose it.

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Bumble bee
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I take mine off when I go to bed – (when I first got it I read somewhere that the blankets can catch on the prongs and loosen them over time), when I shower or am cooking with my hands (dough, meat, etc.). Also take my rings off when I am swimming as they are slightly loose as it is. 

Also, chlorine can damage gold so I would not wear it into a pool or hot tub – http://www.diehlsjewelers.com/blog/2011/10/05/hot-tubs-and-jewelry.html


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Helper bee
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@elley2012:  Exactly! It’s like something is missing, Lol

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Bumble bee
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I take mine off for swimming, sleeping, showers, cleaning, washing dishes, and one of my jobs (sports massage, which involves a lot of cream which would gunk up the ring). Honestly, it would probably be fine in all of those scenarios but I’m paranoid!

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Sugar bee

@mscuppycake:  I take my ring off for cooking, eating (if it’s something messy), dish washing, cleaning, any sort of dirty work or moving things, hand washing, showering, putting on lotion or perfume, getting dressed, swimming, and sleeping.

Damn. I keep having to edit because I forgot something! I take it off a lot! I take it off for changing clothes or dressing because one day I went to put a shirt on and one of the prongs got caught in a thread inside the shirt. So I take it off whenever it will get dirty or possibly damaged.




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TO @canarydiamond:  Re – Reply # 63, you said

BUT I do not for the record understand “Stunt Doubles”…

I think the idea is that since they are fake, it doesn’t matter if someone  stole them and/or they got banged up or lost. Some ladies feel naked without  their ring but don’t want to take the risk of wearing it all the time, thus the  stunt double
Ya, I got that part… but seriously WHY would anyone WANT to intentionally wear something that looks like a Diamond to protect a Diamond ?
More so if it is a BIG Ring…
Doesn’t make any sense, like I said, if wearing your Diamond is a concern to you for safety reasons (being stolen) then a Stunt Double presents exactly the same scenario… attracting the wrong kind of attention, whether it means someone breaks into your Hotel Room, or holds you up at Gun Point.
You don’t get that type of attention when you wear a plain WBand like I’ve chosen

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Helper bee
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it really depends on the material of your ring.  but honestly, most metals will be ok in lakes and pools. etc.   you need to make sure the ring is the correct size so that it won’t just slip right off while you’re swimming.   i pretty much leave both my e-ring and wedding band on 24/7.  however, i have lots of micro pave on the sides, so i do often take it off when i’m cooking, bathing, or putting on lotions/sunblocks.  i try not to get the gunk in between the stones, but i also keep an old toothbrush next to the sink to clean it off every so often.  

i lose things all the time too.  just make sure your ring fits you very well, and also when you do take it off, have a specific place to put it.  we keep small rammekins by all the sinks so that i have a place to stick mine when i do take it off. oh and make sure you have insurance too, just in case!

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