(Closed) When to upgrade e-ring?

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I think it’s totally up to you! I don’t want an upgrade, but that’s because I’m a sentimental sap. πŸ˜› 

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I don’t *plan* on ever upgrading. I love my e-ring and it’s just big enough for me but not too ginormous. This is the ring he gave me, picked out for me it will always be my engagement ring and I will always wear it. It will always have that specialness in my heart. =D

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I don’t NEED an upgrade…I’m not heavily hinting that on our 5 year he should double the size of the stone or anything…but I would absolutly take an upgrade if he gave me one…I’d like it if it included my current stone tho!

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I don’t think I want an upgrade for a while if at all.  I would just say that you should make sure that you can afford to pay for it outright and not finance it!

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I think all situations and couples are different and for yall, I see nothing wrong with wanting to upgrade one day. I mean, you admit you love it because it’s your ering but budget also played a big role. A lot of couples start small and upgrade and that’s perfectly fine. I just hate the ones that are so rude about wanting a bigger ring and demanding it.

I voted that I wouldn’t want another but who knows! Really the only thing that would make me get another is that the center stone diamond in my ring is a family heirloom and we plan on giving it to one of our children one day for their ering/wedding ring so I don’t know if it will be just the diamond or the ring. I guess we’ll see!

Do what you and your hubs feel is right! As far as when, hmm now that’s one I don’t know how to answer. I guess maybe yall could start saving little by little and when the savings is enough for maybe a down payment or a big chunk towards an upgrade, if not all, then maybe then?? I don’t know! Sorry!

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If you decide to upgrade, I think any time is a good time, if you both agree. You could always have the stones from this one set in a different ring to wear on your other hand.

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It’s totally up to you. For us, upgrading the ring is so far down on the priority list that we’ll probably never get to it… and thats okay! We’d rather put that money towards other things. But other people have other priorities… just figure out what yours are and go from there πŸ™‚


Btw: My ring looks a lot like yours, but with channel settings on either side. Needless to say, I believe you have a gorgeous ring just the way it is πŸ™‚

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I don’t know if I’ll ever want to upgrade mine, I love my ring it is absolutely perfect for me.  But I understand wanting to.  When my parents got married, they were right out of school and my dad took all the money he had and bought my mom her ring.  It was only about .25 tcw.  So for their 20th anniversary he bought her a new ring.  I think it was a little longer than she wanted to wait, but they started having kids fairly quickly and life caught up with them.

If you want to upgrade in the next few years and can afford to, then go for it.

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My husband has hinted around in the past that he’d like to upgrade. My center stone is a near perfect emerald cut diamond just under a carat. I think it’s perfect. I would NOT want to change it for the world. When he has mentioned it, I just remind him that I don’t want an upgrade, but there’s plenty of other jewelry that he should feel free to gift me!

I think the engagement ring should tell a story about where you were in your life at the time your husband proposed, but that’s just my view. If it’s something you’ve both decided you want to do, go for it when it feels right for both of you. I know a girl who’s younger than me and has upgraded three times.

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My fiance has talked about upgrading mine…Like you I have a delicate ring, but mine is a 1/3 carat princess cut solitare. I love it. I have small hands and short fingers so I knew I wouldn’t want something huge. Plus there is always the fact that I don’t really wear any other jewelry and am not really a jewelry person to begin with.

I think he was thinking of giving me an upgrade when we have a baby. It would be neat to make the diamond on my ring now into a necklace or something we could give our baby (if it is a she, that is…lol)

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I love my ring and my wedding set and helped choose them. They’re very delicate as well, but that’s only because it’s the only thing that looks good on my fingers.

I wouldn’t want to upgrade because I will always want to wear this one (I’m very sentimental!) and I wouldn’t have enough fingers to wear them all!

However, one day I’ll be pregnant and my fingers will most likely swell and I won’t be able to wear what I have now. I refuse to be ringless! So that day, we’ll go pick out a nice ring for me to wear during pregnencies and “bigger” times. Nothing too extravagant, really, but I’ll always have a ring on my finger! Plus, I will deserve a ring when I’m pregnant!!

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This is a very good question.

My fiance went back to school, and is w/o a job right now, so we didn’t get a real ring.  We had discussed it, and I told him that I was okay with getting something that wasn’t real.  Rather than him going into debt over it… there are a lot of rings that are pretty convincing, and no one knows that it isn’t real.

So we got a wedding band with real diamonds.. really really on sale.  After the wedding I will wear that.  Then we will decide if I want to get a real ring to replace the e-ring or if I just want to have fun rings to stack with the wedding band.

I really like the idea of other gemstones too, so I don’t know now.

I love my e-ring, and I’ll never get rid of it.  To me it’s the ring that I wore thru-out my engagement, and I’ll keep it forever.  If only for the sentiment.

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Well… I’ll try to answer both questions…. 

1) When should you upgrade? Well… beyond the obvious “whenever you want” because if that was an answer you were looking for you wouldn’t have asked ;)… I’d say to wait a bit longer. First, a year or two in does seem kind of fast to change rings… and also are you really THAT able to buy a bigger ring at this point? The longer you wait, the better chance you’ll have of getting a ring you’ll be thrilled with for a lifetime and that you won’t have to upgrade AGAIN! So if I were you I would probably wait to the 5 year mark at least. Your ring is beautiful and maybe you can wear it as a right hand ring after your husband buys you another? 

2) Would I upgrade? I don’t see a problem with it but my Fiance is not a fan. He thinks its materialistic (and I guess it kind of is). If we ever had enough money that he wanted to buy me expensive jewelry he’d rather buy me something like earrings than a ring to replace the one I’ve already got… and I’m totally okay with his viewpoint. I love my ring, it is beautiful and I’m thrilled with it. The only way I would feel comfortable upgrading is if we kept the original stone. Like maybe if he got a bigger center stone for my setting and then we put the original stone in a pendant necklace? That way my stone could eventually be passed down to a child for their ring maybe… I think that would be kind of nice πŸ™‚ But whatevs. I think IF I upgraded ever it wouldn’t be until well after the 10 year mark. 

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